Paul Amrod

received his musical education at the world-renowned Juilliard School. In 1980 after a seven year tour through the New Yorker Jazz scene and as the opening band for such acts as Janis Joplin, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, NRBQ, he returned to Juilliard and closed out with a Masters Degree, majoring in Composition.

In New York he was involved in writing arrangements for A&M Records and was a Studio pianist for Columbia Records. In his earlier days he sang in choirs under the direction of Leornard Bernstein.

Paul has been living in Germany for over 30 years.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod trifft Brecht

Es muss nicht Kurt Weill oder Paul Dessau sein, um Bert Brecht zum Klingen zu bringen. Der in Konstanz lebende New Yorker Pianist Paul Amrod hat Gedichte neu vertont und präsentiert sie am Klavier in einem 60-minütigen Liederabend „Jazzt den Bertolt“.

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