The Philosophy Of My Music

For whatever reason composers still feel they must test the boundaries of human perception. I feel as a post-modern or neo-impressionist uninterested in testing the limits of my listeners.

Also I truly wonder, as a man nurtured in the jazz scene of New York City why the reestablishment of chord progressions has not been reconsidered. Many musicians have turned to ethnical roots for inspiration, which I have always found important; the magic of mixing cultural values.

I, as a composer from the Big Apple have always had an open mind for all experiments in music. However many experiments leave a hungered public starving for expressions, intellectually satisfied however spiritually frustrated.

My biggest wish is to rediscover the point in music where many various new directions began and ended. Also to place the blinded acceptance of two musical directions during the 1920ties, as the only solution, in question.

Leonard Bernstein had said that their will be a new music coming blending rock, jazz and classical. Well before no one else decided to start, I have. Of course even without Afro-American elements, there are many individual possibilities for a new concert-oriented music outside a nonharmonic approach.

© Copyright by Paul Amrod