In my earlier poems I presented the importance of intuition and instinct. Both of these virtues are found in the sixth sense in conjunction with all forms of creativity and emotionality. When we avoid our sixth sense perhaps we will become trapped in a daily routine which realizes forms of frustration and releases the poisons of stress. Each strength one possesses can by amplified with the integration and awareness of this secretively inspiring force.

Invariably eminent we imply our unconditional dedication
sending impostors peering into a void.
The vacuum is creating a pulsing force
indicative of a swirling belt of asteroids.
Instances of a mysterious nebula’s intercourse
initiates an interstellar magnification
as we are assembling the beloved paragons so overjoyed.
Realms of condoning masterminds
have redeveloped conciliating sympathy
amidst a collective haven quite kind.
Rejecting all forms of apathy we’re devoid
of hazardous unruly stigmatizations.
Irrevocably stoic with crystal consistence
applying the natural scientific bind
impeccably heroic with our abstinence.
The subtle perceptive ability brings awareness
awakening the basic principles of spirituality.
The universal mind and intellect in validity
is the flawless perception of sentiments.
Reciting the chants of ancient minds
will expand our state of deeper reverence.
Illustrating our hidden quality of fairness
we emulate the consciousness of presence.
Once spurring the extrasensory extension we employed
our mystical waves to deepen our experience.
Introspective pensiveness evokes our minds
to search inevitably for telepathy.
With the antennas of extraterrestrials
we sensitively spawn our essentials.
Capacitating creational streams
enveloping the dreams of the intertwined.
A pragmatic secretive and symbolic sense
will elusively deduct our given credentials
assuming that seductive powers gleam
like a lighthouse through a foggy steam.
Harken to the virginal palpitations
ensuing the properties of empathy.
Emotionalism in coalition with rationalism
evokes an internal prophecy
bringing insinuations with accuracy.
Impugning ignorance discouraging fallibility
preserving the dignity of one’s ability.
Impressively irreproachable we stand pluralistic
considering each opinionative calculation
while relieving the sole existing prevalence.
Thrashing through the conformism
bringing precedence to the coloristic
endeavoring improvisational agility.
Engendering an environment with symbolism
we inventively enact a cosmos quite futuristic.
Returning to our relaxedly pensive existence
we practice our newly-found exclusivity.