I am always fascinated observing toddlers as they encounter each other. The instinctive reaction is one full of honor, respect and acceptance. Therefore the loss of innocence is a repelling force removing us from our inheritance as earthlings. We possess a very deep wisdom at the commencement of our existence. It is truly disheartening to witness how the status quo slowly but surely annihilates this gift of a deeper recognition of each other. This poem initiates contemplating on this very factor. Through introspection and ethereal meditation we can reunite the spirit and our instincts. Therefore we can return to a deeper enlightened path leading to this wisdom.

The Wisdom of Naivety

The blending of the camouflaging collages
have reinterpreted the consensus of visual perceptions.
Synchronizing a redeveloping image
we conscientiously develop our creative exceptions
protecting each essence in its virginity.
Naivety reigns as the unblemished truth
bringing forth a blossom about to dislodge
in astral flight through an endless divinity.
Mysterious illuminations shed
a multicolored spontaneity and virtuality.
Excitingly boisterous however inobnoxious
a presumptuous reviving youth
performs his antics illustrating a lustrous montage.
Each gifted and inspired prophet has said
within each soul lies a new conception
to nurture a wondering spirit’s curiosity.
Within the embryonic phases of all ages
abides a hidden puristic and natural inception
stretching through an intrinsic dignity
enacting an emollient solace.
The selfless trust of spiritual wisdom
relieves all beings from delirium
emboldening the passion of the ancient sages.
Blessings ornament this token reverence
giving birth to an unfolding symposium
uplifting an elegance before us.
As the solitary poet depicts a chronicle
his obvious sincerity is reflected upon his pages
responding to a childish purity with a promise
proclaiming this state of mind as remarkable.
We disperse a myriad of durability
inextricably married in affinity
extemporizing a glorious unity.
Irrevocably essential is its completion
unassuming with an agreeable complexion.
The prosperous alignment of heavenly bodies
awakes the slumbering giants.
Wiping their eyes refreshed and ready to embody
the instinctive harmlessness and modest triumphs.
Wandering through the playgrounds with reference
to simply games the towering loose connection
with the commonplace array of dandelions.
Bouncing balls and playing catch and the affection
of losing timeless moments in a secret beauty.
Through an infant’s angelic eyes we witness
the purity of tenderness and its overwhelming innocence.