Astral spirits languidly descend in opulent motion appeasing the gracious
enthralling a manifestation of enraptured excellence with beatitudes
surrounding each immortal transient unspoken hero with their tenacious
invocations en route through spiraling enveloping magnitudes.

Breathtaking pictorial fantasies have postulated the incredulous
mirage as it gallivants amazing the dispositions of our wandering elders.

Coaxingly seductive the sensual swaggering sumptuous princess
indulges in a ritualistic transfiguration of pessimistic attitudes.

Lasciviously panting she enlivens the consciousness of a lonely mistress
undividedly dedicated to a harmonious emotional revelry of her splendors.

Chariots of beguiling spirits are recrudescing through multitudes
of scintillating comets multicolored in their impassioned luminous
and rhapsodic symphony enchanting the provocative to surrender.

Alignments of Juno and Mars are animating the chivalrous archangels to extrude
the ominous relentlessly purifying the daemonic and sanctifying our recluse.

The simulating currents of empyrean prerogatives entrance our quiescence
inducing a sublime solace nourishing the famished souls and alleviating their distress.

In conjunction with harmonious declarations the sensual insinuative latitude
perseveres and enthralls the cognizance of an endeavoring presence.

Deliverance from conformism into a prism of picturesque eclecticism is profuse
in its aspirations uplifting the whimpering woesome child
to the pinnacle of his essence.

Receiving blessings he chants endless hymns of adoration, exaltation and gratitude
with his bestowals in complete humbleness and
admiration of the hallowed and omniscient.

Unfathomed from the earthly demagogue the child continues to pursue to engender
his compatriots with ancient divinity and profound acknowledgments.

Embalming fragrances embrace the fascinating sorceress
as she continually exceeds her pinnacle
attaining a perpetual motion encircling the princess
as she plays the great pretender.

Overwhelming sequences of symmetrical passages
embark a maiden voyage of intercosmic magnificence
electrifying impulses of celestial significance
bringing mellow and irresistible expressions.

Sending out heartfelt sympathetic messages
to provoke an oncoming ausipicious impression
exhilerating the arousal of a forbidden promiscuosness
animating a ritualistic fertility rite for the sages.

In concordance with the spontaneous chatelaine
the courteous escape their immediate temperance
while evoking the reception of a glorious redemption and internal acceptance.