We need a saviour to remind us of our holiness.
Who holds on until the storm subsides
giving us strength to stop this carelessness.

Give our hearts to the commonplace.
Give our minds to the human race.
In this futile era we need another warmer face.

Help us see our brilliancy.
Don’t let every day dull our willfulness.
Get the drift of our token dream and
deliver us from fear and guide us to courageousness.

Every day we watch the heavens
seeing the new dimension.
Gift us with warmth and cherished reflections.

Help us hear what we want to explain and
keep us set for the next rejoicing refrain.

Spare us from penible platitudes.
Help us to gain a happy attitude.
I want to sing and take wing and praise the Lord!

Help us to find the lost chord
for we have stumbled and
weakly blundered so
shake with thunder everything.

Give us wonderful ways to render
all in harmony and blessings
to reenact our feelings caressing
the lovely children so tender.

Save us with this sumptuous song
which rings so true in pure delight.
Let us glow while we love in light
to throng again as all hearts do overflow.