We are not here for your sacred protection.
We are simply waiting for the next insurrection.
The incidental information will be our next dissertation.
We are not content with the double standard we propagate.
We have gone much deeper than this silly Watergate.
The monumental disaster of our own making
will awaken no one , thus it is for our taking.
Injustices are our welcomed and token motto.
Whomever questions this will be singing vibrato.
In case your mind is free and your speech articulate
we will lie and riddle and twist your words and context.
Our exuberant idiocy is for sure a pleasure to see.
We force our reality although it is a complete hypocrisy.
Don’t wither or tither about your wondrous expectations.
The matter at hand is our properness and accreditation.
It may be that a wizard is fumbling and then found by Toto
but it is your certain crumbling as the piccolo plays staccato.
How you all pray that this futility at play needn’t find its way.
We mustn’t cause a ruckus when only the old hippies start to fidget.
They are literally no factor as we proceed forward as great actors.
Please be patient until this process becomes ultimately clear.
You may not realize it but we will be sitting in the rear
of no magic blue bus so don’t start a fuss however so dear.
All in all your freedom was a concept that never truly functioned.
Your tiny little world is there for our immediate consumption.
If you dare to journalize our secrets we will surely be indiscreet
and leave you lying for the vultures somewhere on a city street.