Germinating an eternal expansion of continually pulsing diversification
we will splendidly irradiate a luxuriant and sumptuous landscape.
An extravagant illustration of interweaving motifs will enhance an evolving
progression of intertwining affections caressing a captivating escape.
Amongst a trickling shower of flower pedals the butterfly’s meditations
will unveil the cocoon’s inner tranquility manifesting a revolving
stairwell commencing a repercussive analogy unmasking his hidden secret.
A harlequin promptly reappears with a spotlight and a tear absolving
the callousness chaperoning a crystal healing for our faithful servant.
Our clown then spins a sonnet and showers the crowd with etiquette
invoking laughter with his absurdity while posing to be diligent.
The sublime and earnest approach a nebulous vapor which transshapes
a blooming celestial image dissipating it through its original glorification.
Enticingly supplicating an amorous embrace we whittle an ornamentation
upon an blissful rainbow outpouring influxes converging in gratification.
Deriving the intricacy of the most elegant we will witness our resurgence
through a looking glass portraying subtle sketches insinuating the solving
of a riddle imposed upon an innovational version of vastness and space.
Lithographic impressions further imaginativeness to expedite a showcase
of insurmountable beauty rendering a harmonious inception of relations.
Coalescing enrichment a color palette emanates an exuberant fertility
enacting a pleasurable rendition of visual adventures as a prerequisite.
Alluding colorfully vibrant compliments we reproduce hidden overtones to resonate
in polymodal chromaticism reflecting in echoes upon the ears of the commonplace.
Deep in the valley with a glimmering moon we then chisel upon a tabloid
a fugue of figures, tinkering with balances and concocting a new brilliancy.
Grinning precociously we smile smugly and wave to the stars so overjoyed.
Instantaneously the reawakening of robust ingeniousness is recalling
a meditation of interacting waves of perception augmenting our constancy.
With a contemplative clairvoyance we usurp the fourth dimension lit
with oversight and clarity proceeding reservedly and forthright
toward our personal relevance and inner confidence received with gentility.