Ideals, fantasies and creative binges stir an autumnal landscape.
The calabash tree and the prismatic pumpkins glorify the scenery
enveloping the maple’s foliage with an imaginative escape.
The dwarfs and pixies trance through sugar plums as the greenery
chromatically transforms scintillating a tinted arrangement of marigolds.
The blossoming goldenrod stimulates the dying wasp as the drapes
of summer are being drawn as the rainbows angelically unfold.
The disposition of the vintner enthralls the congregation to reshape
the vineyards with scarecrows and witch’s brooms quite leisurely.
Atypical archetypes blend the sorcerer’s resources in a manifold
of crescent moons instantly associated with skeletons who meagerly
intensify their quest toward the harvest goddess whom they extol.
The ghostly swamp exudes a mysterious fog emerging to shape
an atmospheric similarity to the hallowed eve of goblins and ghouls.
Persephone awakes the golden roots of the fickle fashion in pursuit
of the garland’s decor embroidering the deity’s crest and memoirs.
Insistent sensualism will persevere, emboldening awareness’ attributes
to recess in a solace and recluse augmenting a pensive reservoir.
Enhancing the perpetual motion is the dance of a leprechaun expressively
overwhelming as it pirouettes and twirls forth as chimeras once were foretold.
Sanctimonious ceremonial procedures annoy the unpretentious recruits
which aflame their passions and magnify resistance extensively.
The horns of plenty will fanfare through the meadows to adorn and behold
this treasurable moment of balance reassuring this cycle as we eagerly
sow the soil of our labors returning to our essence as we give vitality a salute.
Saint Michael will overlook our commotion to reassure us secretly
of our sacred continence and progressive creativeness as we enfold.
The mistletoe has kept the spirit of persistence awake amidst a winter’s thievery
bestowing us all with a fundamental imaginary proliferation and a lifelong cause.
Reconstituting the embryonic enlightenment we stimulate tantalizingly
the primal desire of nativity beautifying the bouquet of our repertoire.