As the fanfares resonated proclaiming a fatherless birth of deity
the cherubim hovered in tranquility murmuring quiescent undertones.
Through ingenious parables the ethnic mosaic attains synergy
prompting mutual aspirations illustriously embellishing our environment.
Grasping the cordial concepts the despicable will crudely manipulate
eventually fabricating institutions usurping our innocence to overthrow
the significance of the deity’s acclamations and generous profundity.
His glorious patronage will lend guidance and orientation to assimilate
the wonders of perseverance as we encounter our deserved amelioration.
Evading the simplification we encompass knowledge and enlightenment
devising the superlative reflecting our inheritance of openness and veracity.
The enigma of secrecy will whisper benevolently the buoyant overtones
of intimacy as the Holy Spirit through tongues engenders glorification.
As the open heart bleeds compassion our tribulations will surely rest
redeeming the dusk to a celestial starlit paradise as we congregate.
The dogma of conviction will evaporate into a tolerance stunningly
propitious evolving coexistence to an individualistic auspicious unity.
The fig tree blossoms to bear us fruit as Nature will fully accommodate
the spiritual commitment to realize its paramount potential and enrichment.
The scriptures endow the kingdom as the seed is planted in our conscious
bestowing the rainbow the rains and rays of broadened beautification
delivering the prophecies securing our steadfastness and preserving our futurity.
The uttering of reticent passages has been concealed and will reiterate
the consequence of mankind as our constancy is in search of the trinity.
As the luck of humanity received a deafening blow the echoes, so cumbrous
reverberated the landscape to its unrecognizable calloused indifference.
The reconciliation is the resurrection of our innate principles which perpetrate
each waking hour overlooking our evolution as divine graces assimilate.
Surmounting death and ascending to the right throne we humbly coronate
our messiah whose apologue is resounding throughout the heavens in perpetuity.
Therefore the last procession of dignity for our Christmas child, Corpus Christi.