Holding the Sceptre and brother of God he prophesized
enlightenment for our future with a deep sobriety.
Left with anguish in his brow as he testified
as witness of the deepest sorrow as his mother left society.
Warning us of ungodly deeds keeping faith and patience
Healing our tempers to be guided in justice
Giving our pleading hearts the feast of charity
awakened with unselfishness and healing us with abstinence.
Hark! The peaceful doves are cooing in clarity
purging the war mongers and disarming the soldiers.
Singing Psalms of heavenly praise
while watching the hot flames smoulder.
Glowing like a torch are the souls which live
so that men will give a chance to man.
Snowing gentle and magical flakes
God will show His mercy shedding crystal tears.
Taking all the rampant fears deep inside His bosom
Dreading no romance will scorch His gentle plan
He has left mankind alone without a close companion.
So we start our journey back home lost amidst a storm
Still we watch the lighthouse beaming
anticipating we will reach a warm and gentle touch
of our lover lost and abandoned in the wind.
Gusting through our bones while drifting
the snows and misleading humanity to an evil hand.
Through Jude we are inspired to persevere
Never giving in to a senseless temptation
and bringing our senses to a revelation.
Hallow these precious and beloved thoughts
for a dream cannot solve these chastising woes.
Only with a sacrifice of selflessness with they disappear.
Jude we cherish your philosophy and wish you back again
Helpless we stand in bitter pain and wished you never left
All the pack of dogs having given no heed to your prophesy
and have turned the greed to mastery of the fallen angel’s misery.
How we wish for your safe return before our Earth will burn.
Bring the faith to believe in life with a saintly attitude
reciting the beatitudes and deeply revering your homilies.