The Last of the Great Strippers

You’ve heard of Jack the Ripper
You’ve heard of the Big Dipper
Well I’m the last of the great Strippers
You hear what I’m sayin’?
I tease a gang of croneys
I give them false bologna
I know it’s just a phoney routine
I drop my shoulder.
Seems the days are over
When girls knew the art
Don’t give all away from the start.
I’ll tell ya honey!
Use your intuition
Just lead them along
Keep them guessin’ baby
Make them think it’s maybe.
So first you touch the zipper
But hold back on the trigger
And then you kick off your slippers
Real slow, don’t give it away now.
Everything is foreplay
Saving is the best way
Move your lips in fashion
Holding back your passion
Suck a little whiskey
Make ‘em think you’re tipsy
Wear some long eyelashes
Give ‘em sexy passes
Then you’ll give suggestions
that you’ll take them all home
and their fantasies start runnin’ wild!
Yes I’m quite a swinger
Turn ya ‘round my finger.
When I start my action
I get a big reaction
I am the biggest attraction ’round!
See how it happens?
I circle my scarf and whistle
Swivel my hips and jiggle
Then I start to giggle like a child.
I throw off my frilly garters
Get ‘em to hoot and holler
Then they’ll throw their dollars at my feet.
I turn then and drop my blouse
And slowly I turn around
Surely they’ll get the picture that it’s comin’ soon!
I twist ‘em with insinuation
Make ‘em half-crazy with anticipation.
Yes I’m quite a swinger
Turn ya ‘round my finger.
Once again I am your lover
who hides beneath the covers.
I lose my charming discretion
and teach you one more lesson.