Exalting Our Earthly Surroundings

Incipient sentiments of an alluring nature have tantalized our surroundings.
Sweeping passions have enveloped the unassuming as the morning awakes.

Crystal phrases begin to express a reflective silence as the Alphorn is sounding
initiating a pensive peace as the mist is rising over meadows of goldenrod.

The echoing refrains of a summer fading slowly into the recluse of autumn
will haunt us as the whimpering willows fade creating a mysterious façade.

Illuminations resting on a distant hill have given an impression, so opaque
yet irresistibly curious exuding their elusive waves as a melody we hum.

The evolving atmospheric reflections arouse the imaginative pathways
developing nuances of sensitive canticles resonating through the cascades.

Heeding to ingenious limericks we muster the means solemnly astounding
the skeptical as they ponder their hypotheses amidst a troubadour’s serenade.

Filling in the lines of the missing link we pause and circumvent against all odds
the ramifications of absurdity reinstating balance with a spirit rebounding.

The reciprocity is congenial to a prosperous domain blessing us to persuade
the infidels to disclaim their lack of honor as dignity becomes their exposé.

The divinity of simple rapport will mentor our internal awareness to nod
us toward a flawless path in confirmation of our essence as it ultimately pervades.

As we photograph this instance we imbed the image of our self-assurance
exciting the components of plenitude as our self-image is joyously resounding.

We will conjure the elements of beloved billowing proclamations petitioning God
to acknowledge our humble thankfulness for the wonders of our deliverance.

As we personify the angelic the tributes exceed all expectations as it overshades
our modest intentions exhilarating the heavens in glorious choruses of remembrance.

Sanctifying the simple-minded we assert the opinion of selflessness as we promenade
forthright revealing the ambitions of our mission exalting the Earth since its founding.