We are all victims of the evil politic
The power is in the hands of a band of lunatics
The articulated dissent is a form of conspiracy
Although the logic is obvious, we live in tyranny
Establishing our pleasurable environment
Don’t upset the apple cart with your comments.
Cynically they call upon fear and warfare
Keeping the status quo triangularly square
Scoffing the chance for true individuality
As the statesman compromise our dignity
Winding through the abandoned Garden of Eve
Greeting Lilith as she seductively conceives
Giving the impression we once lived in Aden
As the pansies spread their cloths for maidens
Directionless however purposely willing
To circumvent the innocent with their killings
Pledging allegiance to the greed of mongers
the henchmen will never satiate hunger.
Criticizing the golden boys of perfect finances
leaving us homeless, ruining our chances
Creating havoc with their pandemonium
Destabilizing structure with their chaotic forum
Instigating hatred with the wave of the wand
Reaching over borders to the horizons beyond
Leaving the revelations for a true fairy tale
Sickening the princess until she is weak and pale
Awakening the issues of superfluous nonsense
Confusing the prophets with their resilience
Giving birth to the seeds which surely flourish
the aching heart as our souls we do nourish.
We stand against the wind and will not compromise
our futures to hypocrites fouling with lies
Reciting a compassionate verse to heaven
Healing our sisters and faithful brethren
Paying respect to the wandering refugee
as he struggles against the lack of empathy.
Deploring the weapons and the death machine
Imploring the anthem of peace to intervene
Wearing the motto of tolerance on our sleeve
Hoping that multiculturalism is what we receive
Never loosing heed to our Master’s simplicity
Love your neighbor in utmost sincerity
The torment of the central earthling’s dilemma
Is softened underneath an angelic umbrella
Confidentially keeping our internal recluse
Listening to a mellow strain of blues
Evaporating the politicians quaint iniquity
with a smile so genuine filled with virtuality.