I feel lazy let’s go truckin‘ down to Saint Louis
Shake a boot and dance up storms bein’ Delta Born
Hey we’re crazy truckin’ along
With ripples and sunshine
We’re sippin’ some good wine
From underneath and below
Castin’ our tiny lil’ shadow
Toodle-oo truckin’
and Buckaroo buckin’
Slew Foot Sue to the sky!
Happy mornings risin’
After some moonlit glidin’
Blue boot flew on the fly!
Cast the sail for Moby the whale
and ease down slow
keepin’ it soft and mellow.
I feel lazy let’s go truckin‘ down to New Orleans
Take a dime and heads or tale
Drinkin’ up some pale ale
Like a jack rabbit truckin’ along
Be it Cajun or Creole
Speakin’ French with a real soul
Yes, Basin Street
feels oh so sweet
under my strollin’ feet.
Merry as a dolphin’s dreamboat
Skippin’ and dippin’ a cream float
High disguises and a curled mustache
Flyin’ and divin’ from highboards
Finding and riving the lost chord
Small Delilah with her long eye lash
Toodle-oo truckin’ along
Singin’ an upside down song
Meetin’ at the junction with sweet Slew’s Flash
It’s a splash! Gotta dash to my radio.
I feel lazy let’s go truckin‘ down to Chattanooga
Hear the choo-choo mosyin’ down
Checkin’ that clickity-clack sound
White lightnin’ and moonshine
Jack Daniel was the real find
With some Nashville blues real slow
for my tame Mammy and Daddio.
Weary as the captain of a sunken ship
Must have been a jerky and drunken trip
We’ll handle the crisis like a real champ
Snappin’ my fingers to some high jive
Thumbin’ my way for a hot drive
Delilah’s a tramp but she sure can vamp.
Stirrin’ up with some hot sauce
Smokin’ cigars like a gangster boss
Twinklin’ the ivories like a rascally scamp.
Boogie the bass with a fine groove
Mozart would of course not disapprove
Keepin’ all of our funky Rhythm and Blues
hidden in our moccasins or Blue Suede Shoes.