Contemplating to uncover the unruffled purity
originating within we summon the resources radiating cosmic waves
returning us winged on a prayer to our soulful abode.
Once the solace of our internal comforts is attained the third eye
through our chakras enhances our rebirth as a proverb we engrave.
The aphorism, we proclaim, arouses reflections of the times of old
stretching our consciousness to hence behold the substance of reality.
Expediting the surrendering of senses, arousing superbness amongst the brave,
inaugurating a phase of introspection imposing an impetus to intensify
this ravishing bewilderment of our fastidious descriptions and sensitivity.
A meditative atmosphere nourishes us guiding our remarkable clarity
prognosticating a favorable prospective counseling us as we crave
the ultimate wisdom of self-realization achieving a supernal evolution.
Galactic images appear while adventuring through our imaginations to purify
the awareness of inherit aptitudes spurring the ingenuity of decisive conclusions.
Perceiving the flowing current of reassurance one may inevitably mystify
the approach evoking a deepened insight and individualism will be saved.
Actualizing a personal interpretation indulging in the fancy of sentimentality
will escort a magnificence displaying the cultivation of sound solutions.
Formulating one’s logic is as fascinating as conceptions which magnify
the veritable then transporting our foresight as we are entering an inner revolution.
Accepting our existence with appreciation beckoning axioms to pave
a path brightening the symposium of spirits to reenact the singularity
of each being who wanders amongst us searching for their invaluable constitution.
Instantaneously the miracle of self-awareness reinforces our conviction
of propriety and reconciliation with oneself as our previous mishaps we forgave.
Petitioning the prophets with an anxious and heartrendering plea we gave
unselfishly seeking the immaterial conceding our importance for benediction.
The quest has been successfully accomplished yielding my voice to appraise
the utter courage one needs to explore this wondrous world and its possibilities.
Engaging in pensive inquiry fascinated by the resources we can paraphrase
deciphering our beauteous universe so eclectically marvelous in its versatility.
Proving our respective distinctiveness will further our enterprising diction
developing a domain where we manifest our particular tasks and notions.
Submerging into profounder thoughts a pictorial exposition of immortality
supervenes enthralling our perspicacity with astoundment and chromaticity.
Portrayals of dancing demigods, alluringly heavenly gardens and planetary oceans
we will witness through our indigo lunette drifting by slowly like an evening’s haze.
Understanding purpose, enraptured in calmness, we revere our subtle motions.
Invoking for peace and everlasting joy we journey further with this opportunity
to gather remembrances of euphoria while we transshape our bounteous bouquets.