Teenagers are Nature’s revolutionaries
Like a guilty green-eyed cat who’s eaten the pink canary
Shocking the proper and prudent
With their monkey business and horseplay
They’ll be sitting claiming the contrary
Laughing in a shaggy and reckless way
Arousing the wild and visionary
Influencing some radical students
by scaring the old folks anyway.
Finding the whimpering willow’s tune
Sun bathing under a paper moon
Hanging in melancholic moods despairingly
waiting for Godot most daringly.
Inventing a newfangled movement
Singing out rhythms quite blaringly
Distorting their voices with helium balloons
Destroying some windows into splintered glass
Scattered about like tattered trash
Pointing emphatically towards something new
with every rotation of the screw.
Claiming bravely this is contemporary
Upsetting the system as an imaginary
utopia comes into view.
Holding on to a secret memo
Taking part of an antiwar demo
Running down a complicated state of affairs
Chewing a toothpick in a rocking chair
Turmoil and some real frustration
can backfire into a hateful nightmare.
Screaming forthright for acceptance
Never reaching their expectations
Furthering the concept of extravagance
Making the most of the nightly air
Mystifying their personal circumstance
to evoke their inevitable satisfaction.
Implementing a bizarre resolve
Begging us to become involved
Swinging a jug of the darkest moonshine
Complimenting their unavoidable significance
Teenagers are Nature’s revolutionaries
Promiscuous and with passions so involuntary
lost in a rambunctious fashion as they intertwine
under the sheets caught in exuberance.
The shadows may be crawling on the wall
which left with a silhouette we can’t define.
Chewing a mouth full of bubblegum
Looking nasty with a downward thumb
Exasperating the common cause
Writing funny phrases which they underline
Spraying graffiti on a subway train
The lack of attention seems to reign
The sense of reason is burdensome
confusing the normality and this entertains
their smirking faces and we succumb
to their wishes as they undermine
our authority and disturb the sublime.
Weakening a stalwart boisterous stance
Racking our nerves till were almost insane
Breathing deeply is our only chance
to nurture their aching and cumbersome
search for a life over the borderline.
Once they feel a sincere recognition
their minds awake to a greater romance.
Then their genius within arrives
with an excellent disposition
charming as the day is long
helping mankind to survive.
Inflaming inspiration with the maximum
of wondrous theories and propositions
teaching with a sage’s depth and relevance.
With the courage of the intrepid Jeanne d’Arc
filling us with confidence and gratification.
Moving us to sing a troubadour’s song
Whistling with the bluebirds and meadow-lark
We’ve gained the wisdom of adolescence
we hence reconcile and show our adoration.