As September came the migrating birds simply chirped and chatted.
The firmament was a sparkling azure,
crystal clear and vegetation
thrived with wasps buzzing around a heliotrope bouquet.
The harvest has begun and the hay wagon is filled with expectation
nevertheless the barbeque is stewing
and our party guests are voracious and avid.
The Sagittarian display of a half-moon
with Saturn and Mars is Nature’s exposé
of a novel of romance with nostalgic dreams of Spring.
The succulent garden is matted
with an overgrowth of goldenrod announcing
the coming of the goddess Demeter.
The waters of the rivers and lakes are warmed
and trickling over our bodies
as we swim in the Virgo sun
still browning us with its gleaming rays
which reawaken the obnoxiously pesky skeeters
with their annoying trumpet brigade.
Nonetheless the evening crickets
are singing their melody in the roddy
bushes beneath the porch where we swing languidly
as life could not be sweeter.
As the thaw of late winter finally acclaimed
the inception of rebirth and elation
we enthusiastically planted our primroses,
crocuses and now lastly our matricaria
enthralling us with a pleasurable herblike aroma
which pleased Pumpkin Peter.
Gathering these days and nights
of prosperous temperatures the gourdes and turnips
flourish amazingly decorating the landscape
with gorgeousness for the bacchanalia.
Incessantly dazzling atmospheres engender our lust
and exude our fellowships
evoking the tapping on shoulders
and the shaking of hands with boisterous hysteria.
The enjoyment of the lengthened season
has crawled under our skin with inebriation
indescribably sumptuous guiding us
to a wondrous thoughtlessness as passion drips.
Frolicking with the fairy through the early twilight
lifts our souls with tintinnabulations
animating expressions of lavishness profuse in exuberance
as a kiss astounds our lips.
The timelessness captures us as each hour disappears
in a stream of incidental utopia
fantasizing our environment beyond commonplace reality
with its crooks and paraphernalia.
The radiance of the coming fall
has been lost in a labyrinth seducing amnesia
to pleasantly wash away the troublesome
and tedious moments without shelter.
The incredible wisps of breezes which refuse to chill
caress our smiling faces with sensations
of an unending summer as we long for nothing,
contented and consumed without welter.
The grizzly crawls through its habitat
waiting for the first frost in a frenzy of insomnia
stupefied with the replenishment of merriment
as it awaits its idleness and hibernation.
Pan dances through fields of dandelions and poppy,
with bravura, blowing his cornucopia
acknowledging the rarity of the patience of Autumnus
and the corn mother of the elder.
So as the meteorologist sits dumbfounded
over the lack of crispness and precipitation
we lay on a beach whistling softly
pitching horseshoes through poetically scenic solaria.