During fifteen years of spiraling injustices
and the defiance of civil liberties
we stand before a gaping hole
and peering inwardly we see a tragedy.
With the misuse of our gullible nature
we have been bamboozled.
Keeping the wool over our eyes will suppress
a surprise of amazing dimensions.
Notwithstanding an actor’s dishonesty
we have fallen victims to our naivety.
Asking for justice is as old-fashioned
as Grandma Moses’ countrified doodles.
However the horrendously acquisitive amount
of snootiness somehow received our attention.
Victims of a corporate system as calloused
as ice has perpetrated already
the bulldog’s muzzle we wear helplessly
unaware of the necessity for descent.
Our three branches of a supposed government
do the bidding of an ideological
disaster which closes the book
before any wisdom is learned in consent.
Posing as a sheep in wolf’s clothing
is a speaker, with his choice of an eloquent
and desirous message, executing  a
cataclysmic destruction of our citizenry.
We succumb to false patriotism to forfeit
our freedom of one and half centuries
fearfully trembling to his false message
of an unconstitutional wizardry.
Dominance of our consciousness has
fracked our environment to an ecological
catastrophe inflicting damage on our
Mother Nature with obvious intent.
Half a million protesters flooded the streets
of Manhattan nevertheless steady
were they not, for the demonstration
was manipulated by a concerted entity.
With the absence of an agenda and no purpose at hand
the entire process was illogical
disappearing into the annals of corruption
meaninglessly becoming a human menagerie.
The expenditure of our hard-earned funds
was machinated with a cynical
maneuver befuddling a man who glanced
over his shoulder at the severity
of the senselessness of our alliances
droning civilians with laughs so diabolical.
The incredible list of unfathomable
falsehoods have decimated our trust
leaving our susceptibility wounded
and bleeding amongst the fields of rust
oxidizing the believability of the magicians
of corruptibility resulting in insanity.
Our occupation of foreign cultures
resembles the behavior of an ignorant vulture
circling over its prey being paid unceasingly
for its absolutely impossible atrocities.
Crying for compensation is a thinking
populous which spits venom and disgust
raising its fist with nonviolence threatening
the order and schemes to disrupt.
The cartoonish chapter of our finest fighters,
who perform torture and misery,
are now fencing side by side with demons
we claimed fascistically our enemy.
The indiscriminant rampage of imperialism
has been praised by sport events
singing nationalistic hymns with a cap
over the heart. Hence this has become academical.
Witnessing the lambs ignoring our climate’s
dilemma is absolutely unacceptable
and throwing water in their faces
would be an option simply to wake them up.
Harken the words that our sung
to the tune of our children and grandchildren
who deserve to enjoy this gorgeous planet
which is being plundered without reason.
We must salvage our surroundings
of earthly pleasures with our civil legacy
of disobedience and passive resistance
awakening the conscious of men.
Ceasing war and stilling fears
and giving cheer is a recipe for a botanical
paradise saving our enlightenment
from barbarianism and disturbing fallacy.
The voices of us all in unison will plea
for humanism, dignity and decency
reflecting our similarity of purpose
with our pursuit of happiness most angelical.