Azure hues at twilight are imminently rising
transforming to melting lavenders and pink.
Every clock suddenly reverses rushing
toward the quiescence of yesteryears.
There is a hush in the early hours to interlink
the thoughts pensively turning austere
as the precarious mood is crushing
the courage to continue to overthink.
The probability we won’t interfere
is perchance the obvious solution
despite the waterfalls which are gushing
out flooding our sensitive biosphere.
The appearance on the western horizon
of ominous clouds forces us to rethink.
Could the recent inclement tendencies
warrant a reevaluation of our troposphere?
The badgering hurricanes bring dissolution
reacting to our inevitable dependency
on the oils which are here to anoint
us as children and inhabitants of this planet.
We transform the humus to granite
to fortify our efforts potentially.
Inviting a consensus of clemency
which initializes a seductive magnet
alluring a contemplative eventuality.
Hoping for a convincing leverage
to alleviate the misuse of totality.
The extraterrestrials wish to appoint
a council of five to help us to manage
with finding a balance and resolution.
Written on the dark side of the moon
are messages imploring our cooperation.
Hideous drones complement our misery
expanding the misuse of automation
using technology like utter buffoons.
Consciousness will begin to point
at the firmament over Babylon
where mankind began civilization.
The ruthlessness of military actions,
looming as thoughtlessness, disappoints
the hopeful furthering their faith to disappear.
In spite of these developments we conjoint
our efforts as the fewest of the sincere.
Amidst a forest where the fairies have gone
the unrest is not brewing and there is silence.
Stillness exists however there lurks suspense.
It’s as still as the twilight before dawn
whispering softly its yarns and yawns
awaiting the ultimate disastrous appearance.
As the blustering winds begin to warn
the apocalyptic trumpets we majestically hear
as the horsemen will be withdrawn.
The doomsday is shortly here as the musketeers
arrive with three-cornered hats over their ears
instinctively aware and awake in comparison.
Nevertheless they scream “Sacrebleu”
as a fleet of deathly planes comes into view.
Directionlessly weaving their horrific paths
throwing bombs like blithering psychopaths.
We have reached Illuminati’s culmination
with their wish of populous decimation.
As the weaker do pray we beckon on judgement day.
Notwithstanding a war of this gruesome proportion
we beseech the seraph the evil dragon to slay.
Condemnation is the morality of the almighty
who failed us with passive recommendations.
As the “day after” lies in rubble we erect an epitaph
dismissing ourselves without rapport impolitely.
Easing through the outer dimensions in behalf
of the pitiful souls of today and yesterday
we joined hand in hand and began to laugh.
The forces of the fascistic have frightfully
impeded our fulfillment delivering disarray.
Our mission advances through a different phase
as we say an abrupt farewell so delightfully.