Adventures of two captains

By-Paul Amrod and Ellias Aghili

First Chapter
(From darkness to the light)


Gape at the nebula, that milky galaxy
while revering its celestial majesty.
Heavenly bodies and stars in flux, so hefty and vast,
redolent of memories and heralding the past.

Galaxies made of light, they gleam
with a sheaf of stars from heavens like a dream.
However later while at the mercy of murky darkness,
they sustain still luminous nonetheless sometimes starless.

Like our indigenous home, the idle Earth,
full of grandeur and superfluous wealth.
Nevertheless becoming doubtlessly lean
filled with puny plebeians so selfishly mean.

We passed then the Valar’s fruit,
Hailed Euterpe and her flute
Generous light honored us with Alms,
Bode of peace with the sign of palms.

Captain Orion and Protégé A
in their spaceship then flew away.
Entering into a realm so bright
after a long adventurous night.

Travelling faster than the speed of sound
Whipping winds stir cosmic dust to astound
the inhabitors of this mystic realm
who conjure the two captains at the helm.

Navigating through a surging comet’s tail
We prophesize that they will prevail
amidst the birth of a brilliant star
which lightens quite spectacular.

Orientating themselves with each parameter
Studying the maps of ancient astronomers
to give them guidance through uncharted space
searching the resources of our birthplace.

One day they will enter a parallel universe
Reciting an ode to then inverse
the rendezvous with sacred Urania
gifting us with deep euphoria.

Casting our sails to the echoes of quasars
Capturing the view of the quaint and stellular
Keeping our starship cruising forward
with a pulsar’s presence so stalwart.

Amidst the light we sail.
These stars will never fail!
In an outstanding outer space
they glittered with charm and grace.

So distant and fragile the captains feel.
Amidst an obscure starlight unreal
which comes from a remote galaxy.
Inborn is all its divine mystery.

Captain Orion, with a sagely look
Said: “By hook or crook
we must find where we are!
It’s like we’re amidst a galactic spar!”

Captain Orion, the greatest of all
who made the darkness descend and fall
with his younger protégé Captain A
are pursuing to navigate their way.

Earlier on Orion after receiving a call
from Ysá land during a momentous squall
did once order his mutinous crew to go!
Cruelty against heroes is such a pitiful woe.

The quest of Captain Orion,
as a native token Taurian,
is to strive and travel through heavenly seas
toward the aliens called Pleiadians.

With their beautiful ornamentation
they will guide our illustrious Captains
giving them a gentle orientation
through their cosmic voice again.

Traveling spiritually through consciousness
they bring us wisdom through time’s dimension.
Raising our perception with benevolence,
a solace so humane, visible in suspension.

Through their sympathetic demeanor
they conjure the selfless love of ourselves.
Elevating our self-esteem and keener
we become elevated as they surely foretell
the Captains’ belief of where they dwell.

Entering the protection of the Council of Five
the Emerther and Egarot do arrive
to further the gallant voyagers of the Milky way
to reach their destinies without dismay.

Yes! The Council of the famous five,
where many light angels do strive
was so generous and glorious,
full of life and victorious.

The Emerther and Egarot so kind,
(Bravery and generosity they bind)
joined to help us find our way.
So subtly our course they displayed.

Orion, the glorious so proud
saw two cosmic friends in a crowd.
Greeted them with a decorum
amidst an aliens’ forum.

So with their help we could move on
Our mysterious quest had now begun
We did peruse a personal map
not to fall into any evil trap.

Ysá land, in the remotest realms
covered with ancient elms,
was highly difficult to find.
Beyond the power of the human mind

So the Emerther reminded us of a man
who was a member of a celestial clan
who lived in Brandesion, the city of lore
kempt and civilized, creator of the claymore.

The Scottish Gaelic two-handed sword
was to protect all in the thirty year war.
Now it has been literally transformed
which through radio waves demands
obedience to a spirit that warms.

The captains then continued their travels
through the depths of outer space.
With the guidance of the Emerther
they hoped to see this spirit’s face
who would greet the mighty voyageurs.

Like an alignment of Juno and Mars
the trajectory was never off course.
Embodying the essence of Brandesion
were the shining lights of colored neon
as brilliant as Captain Orion’s voice.

Captain A was steadfast navigating
through a vacuum with such gravity
sending him jumping and gyrating
forward through light years to the city
of the Egarot waiting since eons
for their debarkation with humble dignity.

Sending a message with the Morse code
Reciting a marvelously epic ode
Ascertaining the communication far beyond
to describe their marvelous episode.

O’ Brandesion, domicile of the heavenly deeds
Haven of angels where they can find their needs
Where they can perceive a precious light
in the deepest darkness, in the depths of night.

There, Selene is praised by the moon,
Eos shows the way through the galaxy’s gloom.
This starts above the dome of the azure sky
Birds called Bennus towards them did fly.

Hordes moved there from the highlands
with Gaelic heritages, from those heavenly lands.
Claymore for protection and knowledge for salvation
were the symbols of that celestial nation.

In the magical hall of the town
dwelled the owner of the crown.
All the Brandesions at his command
he knew an ideal way to the Ysá Land.

Meeting him wasn’t a facile grind
since the hall was cursed by a demon disinclined.
The captains needed a secure approach
to reach the hall and not to encroach.

Eos who brought the sparking dawn
shed light upon the story to clean
away the nocturnal mystery
where our captains had gone
and direct them to their destiny.

He directed them to Brandesion
the celestial city of the Egarot
with the rising of the Milky Way
proclaiming an Earthly holiday.
This showed the journey wasn’t for naught.

Captain Orion receives Pleiadians waves
to enlighten his inborn human conscious.
His counterpart the younger Captain A
is supporting his efforts so bounteous
gifting him as his dedicated protégé.

Then entering this forbidden hall
being shepherded by the Emerther,
beholding a miraculous flair,
he received and became enthralled
with his oversight and capability.

With the assistance of the Council of Five
helping Orion’s deductive powers to revive
and to articulate his sacred message
from Pleaides through a prism,
he explained the power of his will to survive.

The Council of Five with their sublime light
us they did most carefully protect.
They could signify the way through the darkest night
Expertise of their positions, majestic and perfect

In the heart of this blasted hall
that was famed for its unkemptness and filth
lied the reason for the angels who did fall.
Nevertheless for the emission of light, it was truly bliss.

Inside the sacred hall a conniving fiend
was around the sanctity and hungrily coiled.
From the darkness he was raised and weaned,
thus most viciously the light he readily spoiled.

Captain Orion so brave and sharp,
deciphered the messages from the seven sisters.
While that demon played his diabolical harp
to call his friends and ministers.

For he was so distant and far
(The demon I actually mean)
His harp’s sound came from a remote star
The sound was annoyingly ear-piercing but clean.

Captain Orion said: “It’s about his eyes
which are nourished by the Devil!”
“He can observe all throughout the skies”
“He owns a celestial seal and pounds a gavel. “

All began entering this forbidden hall
guided by the Emerther’s knowledge.
Then they soon were faced with a door so tall
covered with poisoned plants and sedge.

A cannibalistic alien race named the Dorsay
has existed for nearly four billion years.
Unfortunately they have always created dismay
consuming other aliens causing many tears.

They have nearly no interest in engendering peace
Constantly waging another conflict or disastrous war
Uninterested in some mediation to help them please
the other races, constantly bullying without rapport.

Therefore the devilish harp player swore
to heed their testament and further fear.
Despicably inhabiting the Brandesion hall
by destroying consonance with a sneer.

With the assistance of the Egarot
beseeching the legions of Pleiadians
to bless the Emerther to transmit
their waves of wisdom to the Taurian
brings success to their mission and transit.
Especially responsive was Captain Orion
receiving the ultimate form of evolution.
Taking the hands of his trustworthy protégé
to prepare us for an internal revolution
revealing the purpose of personal revelation.

Talking about the Dorsay the words are weak
Descendants of Belial from infernal hell
The light of galaxies made them sick,
so from heaven they ultimately fell.

Nevertheless plighted to kill the peace
and purely the beautiful Nature and terrene.
Making wars that never did cease
with contentions that are utterly obscene.

Amongst the Dorsay was this harpist,
A demon that calls to death
Many people were on his list
from whom he wanted to take the breath.

The Hall of Brandesion, a timeless place so bright
was the source of inspiration for all.
However now the demons of Dorsay in a fight
caused the great hall to fall.

The Captains needed to meet the King
who was held hostage in the hall.
However around the chamber was a ring
that covered the interior wall.

So from the exterior came a call
distorting the harpists as he sung.
Repeating the phrases of the small
whom he always whipped and slung.

Cynical masters of the abuse of power
sadistically fashioned as their wars increased.
Destroying the legions of the Emerther
until the cries came from the wailing beast.

Shortly before the Dorsay turned their twist
the Greys with their compassion came.
While the Dorsay simply continued to devour
the only persons who could truly assist
were calling the harpist by his infamous name.

When he was summoned by the forces above
his plucking became erratic and helplessly insane.
The immaculate spirits would begin to confuse
the impious harpist with an impolite shove
and certified him as the pagan Asmodeus.

Then the triumph could come to Orion
The cascading baptism began this hour
Releasing the messages from Pleiadian’s powers
and returning the hall to the Brandesions.

The archangels of the Nicene’s creed
gave them all graces with humility.
Rendered the wicked as a helpless breed
and healed them from their selfish iniquity.

In the name of the king and light
dwellers of the great hall said,
“After a magnificent fight
there is peace, since Asmodeus is dead.”

Now a party will be held
for these heavenly deeds.
Yes! for the two captains who compelled
the demons to leave as selflessness did succeed.

For the glory of light and the Lord
who in this misfortune did marvelously help.
In the beginning was the Word,
“God almighty”, the Brandesions did loudly yelp!

Captain Orion and Young Protégé A
were called to the Brandesion hall
to meet the King on this victorious day
after this despicable demon’s fall.

King ” Brett”, the owner of the Holy Map
who was now free of the devilish leash
and free of the demonic trap
Said: “Gentlemen, please tell me your wish”.

Captain Orion was overwhelmed with joy
as King Brett anointed him as heroic.
The young and boisterous Captain A
shed a tear of gladness with the King’s rhetoric.

Because of his belief in wisdom they destroyed
the foolhardy tribe of cannibals, the Dorsay.
Being humble before the gracious Brandesion King
they uttered their modest wish at hand.
Wishing only acceptance and the resonance of strings
to help them to discover the Ysá land.

Then King Brett offered Orion his Holy Map
to help his ventures through the universe.
Speaking his laudations like a thunder clap
to stir adoration amongst the Brandesion.
They then returned to the hall and lights of neon
joining in celebration as peace was preserved.

Captain A was so moved he began to sing
Improvising lyrics which became a verse
Dancing with the natives he then took wing
Springing with somersaults and in reverse
King Brett and Orion enthusiastically clapped
The festival was roaring like a wasp’s sting.
Captain Orion then stepped again in his starship
Waving to the Brandesions as he took flight
Proceeding to Ysá land as a mysterious trip
Secure with a Holy Map the darkness to traverse
leading him safely through the pitch black night.

Gramercy to Brett the Mikado
was thankful for his altruism to them.
His Holy Map was so pivotal for tomorrow.
It shines in the darkness like a gem

Mapa dos Santos written by a knight
who from cosmically redshift stars
of rose served the expansion of light
but deceased recently in the celestial wars.

His legacy was this delineation
of an entirely magnificent world.
This map was the definite determination
of all galaxies created by the Lord.

In the greenest part of the map near the elder wood,
the holy light gave love and life
to the tree of evil and good
where Jesus played his fife.

Is the Ysá land
the condo of the green lights?
Is it the realm of heroes who did stand
against the gloomiest and darkest of nights?

Rage set in at the death of this knight
who help chart these heavenly paths.
The futility of bestial means in the aftermath
of his sacrifice did intensify his might.

Courageously communal and cooperative
he inspired Orion who condemned this wrath.
Then all acclaimed this mission as superlative
for Captain A performed as his diplomat.

Surging forward into a timeless vacuum
to drift into the bygones with Semjase.
A forthright Pleiadian so soft and pensive
equipped with a time machine to resume
the usage of the fourth dimension.

Then they ventured into their fantasy
to unravel the essence of the assumed.
Resolving the mysteries of our memory
Witnessing the fables of our history
Entering through the sliding doors
Revealing hidden secrets forevermore

Sending phrases of a congenial nature
Implanting good thoughts so keen and pure
to assist their journey to centuries past.
To discover impostors and their lies at last
As the two captains purged new space
the interstellar echoes did erase
doubt and strengthened their self-belief.
Settling their souls with a great relief

So many thanks to Semjase for her hand
In that timeless void is this strange and special land
Harmony of silence so weird and wild
reminded them of Brandesion now reconciled.

Moving forward while reading the Holy Map
they needed a device that could help them into a gap
of silent space however it was massively hard
as it cracked through the imperial boulevards.

The map in their possession could hold
many secrets like a piece of magical gold.
Still after a while Captain Orion said:
“The hidden dangers are highly widespread”

So right they were
in the middle of “Nusquam”.
For those who don’t know the term,
Nusquam, where all light lacks luster.
Everything is shadowed and is highly infirm!

There were dark holes near the Lord of Silence
So aggressive, always thirsty for defiance
His people and he amidst the mist of “Riancee”
lulled his wife and his demonic fiancé.

Notwithstanding of this dismal affair
Orion courageously held his course.
Reflecting the negative gamma rays
who wished to deceive him into trustfulness?

Of course it was the despicable Lord of Silence
whose trickery was from an evil alliance.
Through the parameters revealed the source
of the danger they must comprehensibly beware.

Surging forward with an exuberant lustfulness
they came to an interplanetary cluster
which helped them towards another science
to repel the sinister Lord with wisdom and force.

Remembering Juno the gorgeous asteroid
the two captains once again did muster
the heroics of the Pleiadians who did endorse
to circumvent the problem and wisely avoid
the confrontation with Riancee and pure reliance.

Once again they learned from Semjase
who gave them stern attention.
Relieving them with a hideaway
in the guise of the fourth dimension.

Proceeding through an imaginative escape
with the warping of time through a mysterious void.
Forward through a black hole’s landscape
about to enter a parallel world completely overjoyed.
Just before exiting the cursed space
of Riancee, the satanic existence of black lace
overwhelmed their time and place.
Suddenly fear covered Captain A’s face.

It was he who in a lore
was cursed to his essential core.
Then he could not utter a sound or talk
nor see a vision, run or walk.

However he avoided being killed or dispersed.
Even the minds of readers of this verse
should be consciously aware
of Roserria, who’s always lurks in grief and despair.

Rosseria is the servant of the Lord of Silence
Full of venom, hate and defiance
Leader of the Riancee’s world
who ruled with a pic of ice.
Father of the dead dreams and vice

“In God we trust, so don’t be afraid
“He will help us to pass through this raid!”
said the wise and expert Orion Captain
with a sacred, holy and stronger passion.

Suddenly the familiar sound of a flute
blown by Israfil, “whose heart strings
were as sweet as a lute”
rang in harmony and angels began to sing.
Riancee against her wish became luminous that night.
No darkness could stand amidst this holy light!

Captain Orion’s benevolence and healing soul
returned Captain A’s senses as he deeply extoled
the compassionate gestures of his gallant mentor
giving his assistant rewards and splendor.
Casting the infernal condemnations
into the darkness from once it came
Piercing the armor of Rosseria
Releasing the dynamic fumes to inflame
the evil structure of this corporate nation.

Once we incite a magnificent Gloria
we commence to travel again.
With the help of sweet Semjase
we look into the past of the last amen
through her time machine’s robust decree.

Unveiling the lost and well-kept secret
held in a safe under lock and key.
Keeping the mystery from all descendants
always prepared our enemies a dismal abyss and misery.

Nevertheless the two Captains approached their goal
fearless of Riancee and goodness soon extends
their trip through every black hole’s sphere.
Disappearing from today into yesteryears

Into the truths of our self-control
Being diligent about the final end
Clear about our destination
Glistening faces of fine rapport
will greet us with their salutations.

Our alliance with the Pleiadians
will chaperone our gracious voyage
to ring in success amongst our legions
as the gentle spirits greet the seasons
with an earthly beauty and Nature’s montage.

End of chapter one
Chapter two
Guardians of light
Captain A has been on many a trip
with many friends, navigators and many ships.
Yet have you ever heard about the Black Star,
Orion’s ship, vanquisher of the celestial wars?

With ten extensive stories
with silver and golden floors. See
it was impeccably designed
by Orion’s imaginative mind.

Black Star is made of beatific woods
of the sycamore tree, from the neighborhoods
where once lived a Cherokee tribe
It gave people a congenial vibe.

The more we think about that big blue marble
during the remote times of joy and warble
our hearts are crying and woesomely ache.
What happened to terra firma, for Lord’s sake!

Let’s return to the galaxy for now
since Earth has been dismantled somehow
by the selfish acts of unscrupulous men.
God, please bring the peace back, Amen.

Our two captains were playing chess
thinking more and talking less
sitting in the tenth floor of the ship
continuing their adventurous trip.

Indeed the twosome was surely benign
notwithstanding the problems at home.
Capturing the marvels of worlds combined
Remembering their childhood’s wish to roam
Wishing for solutions as a welcome sign

Listening to the trilling of a forest’s bird
Enjoying pictures of Nature’s foliage
As the checkmate was often heard
The frustration never took the upper hand
As they forged their course to Ysá land

Taught by an extraterrestrial entourage
to exhibit the perfection of Black Star
with micromagnetic piercing lasers
to repel negative forces with camouflage.
Trying to be invisible with no holds barred
Orion has a method with transparency
which opens each avenue in the galaxy.

Eventually the leisure was interrupted
with a realm of aggressive foolhardy Dorsay
With no better way of being disrupted
for an unruly sport decided Captain A
to expose obviously they were so corrupted.

With contempt, horror and a tantrum of rage
they sprouted horns and threatened to disengage
floating like gases in their treachery.
However Orion took them out in disarray
while at the helm of Black Star today.

He continued casting lasers with a great barrage
destroying the Dorsay’s onslaught with victory.
So the tempers were calmed with sufficiency
calling upon the Pleiadian’s Holy Sage
to herald in the concepts of a golden age.

While each light is so bright,
no one is truly lost in a blackened night.
Still some like the Dorsays are black.
From their birth they prone to attack

Nothing against brilliance can stand
and for some it’s a bit hard to understand
this gorgeous and consuming light.
That’s why against it some ET’s will fight.

Black star, with the guardians and might
explore the galaxies, pursuing their flight,
all in all and hand in hand ,
to reach the house of luminous green , the Ysá Land.

Pleiadians for many years helped the guardians
Their voice was like resounding accordions
heard in all corners of the galaxy
appearing in a dream and fantasy.

Captain Orion reading the Holy Map
noticed an ancient, deathly and drastic trap.
A place named “Ashland”
Full of demons and moving sand
amongst the vicious that dwell there
of whom none were fair.

Orion remembered an old enemy
whose cures had no earthly remedy.
Nybbas, dweller of the upper hell
whom he knows can deceive very well.
By making dreams so unreal and fake
Thinking you may be in a heaven’s lake
As this archaic conniving demon Nybbas
transformed the heavens to an abyss
Orion was witness of this charlatan
who played with smoke and mirrors
while posing as a harlequin.

He invades the darker subconscious
to arouse horrendous visions.
Throwing the victim into a nightmare
with cacophonic noises in their ears
although his terrors were fictitious.

Disturbing their realistic decisions
and fooling the dreamers to impair
their own personal existence and welfare
causing them to wake up in a bed of tears.

Twisting their thoughts to be assassins
to protect themselves from our Captains.
Whispering phrases from the Dictionnaire
Infernal. Is it from the buccaneer
who is Valpula’s servant so ambitious?

Nybbass through Valupa is irrationality
Creating the double-horned media monster
Teaching us to be subservient to greed
and barraging us with useless needs.

Orion screams out with universality
to catalyze a reawakening.
Breaking the grip of this evil doctor
to liberate us from this horrifically obnoxious
attendant of hocus pocus and lastly supersede.

So lucky we were not to be deceived
by the visions that we received
from Nybbas, the dream maker.
Whose visions destroy the truth like a breaker.

In the Ashland, the darkened land
where mankind on his feet can hardly stand
live other demons and deceivers as well.
We must beware being trapped in their morbid hell.

Once again we must not underestimate
the wicked powers of the evil magistrate.
Serving the house of doom and dread
pretending with dreams you may be dead.

Nybbas was at the mercy of darkness
In a place so cold and startling
He served Adramelech, the king
who held an ominous and secret ring.

Adramelech, known for his crimes
in ancient Assyria, yes in those old times.
He did intake the blood of people
since his satanic flesh was too feeble.

From him many people were easily petrified
He’s famous for being so cruel and wild.
So luminosity banished him to hell
for an eternal journey, an imminent Farewell…!

In the Ashland he made an army
including demons full of idiocy and barmy.
However excellent at their work
From their crimes they’d rarely shirk

Of course our marvelous Captain Orion,
with the assistance of Protégé A,
clearly called upon the gorgeous Semjase
whose heart was as giving as a lion.
Protecting the good willed from doomsday

The historic relationship of Adramelech
and his offshoot Nybbas, the dismal wretch,
was rendered helpless in darkened Ashland
by the dynamic duo of our Earthlings
led from Pleiades guiding master-hand.

Like in the days of Assyria
Once a part of Mesopotamia
their wishes became hysteria.
Because of the influence of Nybbas
he gave them the imperial whitewash.

Thoughtlessness and bitter distress
caused a perpetual misuse of prowess.
Leaving imported genius yearning
for recognition of their learning
Ability, trade and know-how were limitless

With their knowledge we came to understand
communicating directly with Ysá land.
With meditational projected ideals
we sent our pleasures to appeal
to an intelligent form of self-command.

Receiving pleasant messages of support
the Captains continued their travels with a modular.
Adrift in their ship with ten floors, Black Star
Time to announce boldly “All aboard”
Flying then through nebulae spectacular
Sailing calmly in a cosmic darkness
Wondering about the entities so heartless
For Captain A asked confused and estranged
“Why couldn’t these woesome creatures change?”

These are the facts of life
You grow old and get a wife
Some rare people may change
while a few of us can’t rearrange.

Demons are meant to be bad
Perhaps if one were good, we may be glad.
Remember, we’re in an antithetical world
Not all the people obey their Lord!

Captain Orion asked Young Protégé A:
“What happened to you today?”
“You’re drowned in your thoughts”
“Some questions, or some knots?

Then Captain A replied: “Caption Orion, Sir,
“There are many things I can’t infer”
“Like why demons don’t change?
“And darkness is full of hatred and rage!

The sage of galaxies with a smile on his face
Uttered: “Darkness wasn’t always a disgrace!
“I have a story for you
which is unfolding and new!”

Darkness is truly the absolute absence of light
The sinister connotations are built within
However in a painting of Rembrandt the dim
surroundings accentuate to invite
the imagination to spin and newly begin.

Also the romance is therefore a highlight
with a sensuous atmosphere of twilight.
Light is life and warmth and origin
to spur us forward to therein
where whence we came to all unite.

All of the secret omens stand their test
amongst the blaring reality undressed.
Like the harmful plots they may excite
all the infidels in whose appetite
is to frustrate the diligent manifest.

Notwithstanding to what the prophets see
the glowering monsters claim their key
to close off pleasures from the commonplace
playing with gullibility in total disgrace
hiding in the shadows with their activities.

With a streaming ray of helpful hope
we pierce the darkness with our telescope.
To uncover the source of the Pleiadians’ sea
which flows as mildly as their philosophy
with a range of wisdom with great charm and scope.

As the egotistical Dorsay with their wicked play
stand corrected before the Lord one day.
We rejoice not for the longstanding return of justice
We feel protected from their harm and malice
connected with the light through our pathways.

So much to learn from a sage
whose words are like gold.
His powers do not age
All galaxies he does behold

Legends of the Dorsay are so familiar to me
when Man disobeyed his Lord
nearsighted people could not see
God’s kindness within our world.

Let’s return to the Black Star once more
whose history’s illustrious and long!
Made greatly with ten floors
In each floor one could hear a charming song.

Some sing of their old days in the Pleiadian’s realm
Others sing shanties of enormous seas.
With tender lyrics their loneliness will overwhelm
so deeply that their pains will cease.

While Captain A and Orion were observing a far spot
into the depth of the stars,
A message came in, a letter he got
Captain Orion opened it: “Hmm, a message from Mars!

He was born with Mars behind his sun
giving him conviction and power.
Mercury! how his winged feet do run
with an urgent bulletin for the coming hours
that involved the two captains of the Black Star.

A symposium of the Council of Five
with the Egarot and Emerther present.
It has been announced a mission revived
which convenes in Ysá land. An event
to comfort the goodly with benignity.

With the strength of the red planet
we move forth for respect and dignity.
Ever aware that humanism survives
amidst our extraterrestrial habitat
showing reconciliation and liberty.

Showing their compassionate demeanor
the Pleiadians taught us to be keener.
Sensitive and generous and positive
Building bridges and a true diplomat
Warming with sentiments soft and tender
with a supportive attitude quite evocative.
Joining the ingenious formative clauses
from the orator of the pentacle council.
Advising the captains with their travel plans
on to reaching the parameters of Ysá Land.
Exposing the incooperative Dorsay scoundrel
who wishes to be one of the disruptive causes.

Lessons we learn from the planet Mars
show us the way like the northern stars.
A planet for the messengers of peace
who believe that wars and bloodsheds must cease!

Mars is red but a sign of peace
No signature of distress or acts of caprice.
There we met “Mersis” the old Sage
who was fixing the Martians’ water gauge.

Mersis, formerly was a servant of the Council of Five.
While his friends struggled for peace wonders they contrived.
He gave Captain Orion the shield of light
which could survive any harsh fight.

Now, with the two holy entities given to us
one from Brandesion and the other from Mersis
we passed our way towards the light
getting ready for a very intensive flight!

The next destination is a castle of mystery
which has a long and extensive darker history.
There lies the chalice of wisdom
from the majestically magnificent kingdom.

A sumptuous and delicious tincture was in this chalice
with the power of breaking a stubborn disposition.
Easing the woes of aggressiveness and malice
Bringing us to a gorgeous tower and palace
Protecting the naïve from unnecessary suspicion

Mersis from a pacifist’s most ardent position
trained Mars to be altruistic and compassionate.
Mars represented military power to secure peace
viewing all conflicts as negotiable possessing the facet
of humanity with solutions as his mantelpiece.

As Orion then soars through boundless space
he reflects with his protégé our human race.
The Pleiadians bid him farewell and Godspeed
as his longest journey commences to proceed.
Watching always carefully to what Semjase displays.

Orion then attempts dedicatedly to declare
the essential nature of our trip at hand.
Surging upward with Black Star at his command
Explaining to Captain A in their solitaire
the prerequisites needed to reach the Ysá land.

Remembering King Brett handing us the Holy Map
pointing us courageously to thoroughfares
which guide the Black Star as we understand.
The pathways ahead will never handicap
our subtle manner which is so debonair
and helps us conjure any wicked contraband.

Alleluja sing the choirs of Taurus
sending jubilation throughout the air.
Reiterating the pleasant and joyous chorus
to tranquilize the Dorsay and their schism.
Lying to rest their evils and not becoming victims.

On our way towards the Ysá land
Black Star all in Orion’s command
After drinking from the Chalice of wisdom
we relished Mars’s magnificent kingdom.

Smoothly floating in galaxies among the stars
Through our magical telescope I observed an earthly war
How mankind has descended from restraint
Shaking the grave of Peter our Saint

Skipper Orion was reading his book.
At the cover I did take a look.
It was about the wonders of peace!
A marvelous beauty, the entire universe will not cease.

“To meet, to know, to love and then to part,
is the sad story of many a human heart”
said Caption Orion while he did smile
at me, Captain A, and it did help my soul to reconcile.

In a dream so comfortably deep
from my memories of Earth I did sleep.
The laughter of my mother and father so glad
“I received enough loving from mom and dad.”
Suddenly things turned pitch black
as if the darkness had come and attacked!
I woke up with a horrific scream
waking up from my short and lovely dream.

After being drawn out of a magic slumber
Captain A wanted to become a stowaway
Notwithstanding his Orion kept a constant course
Oblivious to his disturbed and jaded protégé
He wished for comradeship, his reliable source.

Asking Captain A if he wished to view outer space?
He said go the stern of the Black Star and observe.
Soon we will be arriving at the pearly gates
where the seraphim all sleep and slumber
to make certain that peace is preserved.

Glancing into the nebulae will anticipate
the reception of the gifts and grace
which cause all children to wonder
while their elders avoid the perpetual race
and your solace pacifies and initiates.

The emotions will be felt amongst the stars
There we were born and know who we are
It is the voice of captain Orion
Appeasing his apprentice who will encumber
the ungraceful Dorsay in utter disgrace.

Then Captain A finds his soul strengthened
as his elders stroke his internal being.
Waking he was with a screeching scream
Nonetheless their consolation was the feeling
which reminded their son of his attention.

Guiding the protégé through thick and thin
by giving him understanding and acceptance.
Breathing like the voices from within
He cherishes this with a token awareness
of his mission with his Captain Orion
found in the Holy Map of Brandesion.

On the way to the Ysá land
where light against darkness always did stand.
Ysá is located in a distant galaxy
where everyone God promised his amnesty.

We are still in the Milky Way
being touched by the winds of May.
We had to pass through billions of miles
and use our knowledge and fighting styles.

Caption Orion was uttering some orders
He said:” Our ship has reached “Xavica’s” borders!”
Xavica, the city of magic
with a history so long, bittersweet and tragic

The governor of Xavica is “Lady Ann”
At her commands were many a man.
She’s a close friend of Orion for a very long time
They fought together against the Dorsay’s crime.

Xavica’s streets were made of tin
with people who had a sensual silver skin.
Shops were filled with magical tools
This city was governed however by stringent rules.


In the shops was a glorious array
of symbolic jewelry with inner magic.
Studded with stones with inner power
which healed the problematic
and painted reality with a bouquet of flowers.

The mineral wealth was quite abundant
and benefited their cherished home.
Always movements were straightaway
With rigorous vigor and never redundant
they developed their splendor and cornerstone.

The populous of Xavica was not rigid
Nonetheless very ordered in their domain
Thoroughly disciplined and completely committed
They learned through creative labors to sustain
their success and the wonders from which it came.

The lessons of tenaciousness they discerned.
The traditions of their respected Princess Ann,
who guided their youths with toys and games,
demonstrated the sacred theories of Ysá land.
She implanted the willingness to affirm
cooperation with masterminding as our aim.

Orion rejoiced to see Ann again
which raised his hopes as he yearned
for prosperity for the Black Star, his ship
which represented his heart’s humane
endeavors through this exhilarating trip.

The great hall of Xavica had a feast
There were magicians from the west and east.
The entrance was designed by golden lion paws
and in the hallway we greeted the great magician of Oz.

A witchery competition was about to start,
Each magician should show her or his art
with cosmic, ethereal and mystic wizardry!
Watching this competition one wouldn’t turn weary.

There were many sorcerers that Caption Orion did know:
“Frank of Abentious, Jasmine of Nebllious” all were in the show.
Even Hector the powwow was there,
with his silvery long straight hair.

This Hector was the surveillant of the Valinor trees
and the sacred light of Valar, reminiscent of the Pleiades.
He smiled and greeted the skipper of Black Star
who said “I have heard about Hector’s valor from planets afar!”

Baba Yaga entered with her flying broom
She did wear a mild strange perfume.
Hector saluted the old voodooist
while she entered the great hall with a twist.

Among the crowd I witnessed Lady Circe in white
With her herbs she gave the audience delight
The great hall was full of great faces
who had gathered here from different places.

Baba Yaga made seashells move mysteriously
crawling up her broom in the distant twilight.
Whispering her phrases with a voodooist tongue
which she practiced since she was quaintly young.

It was clear who had the better know how
In this sector we have Hector with his powwow
Saluting her phrases at the banquet ball
Alluding her significance for this sacred hall.

Jasmine of Nebllious stroked Hector’s white locks
Sparking the movement of some timeless clocks
Whistling a superbly magical melody
to spur the angels quite seriously.

The fanfares did sound through the brass horns
to announce the entrance with the curtains adorned
with ravishing tapestries and colors grand
from our coveted princess , our gorgeous Ann.

All the wizards wished to perform for her
Some with enchantments, some with myrrh
Hector with Orion recited an enraptured verse
while the light of Valor illuminated the universe.

Ann showed her pleasure with gracious recognition
of the efforts of all at the beauteous gala.
Appreciating the performers for their ambitions
as she applauded loudly at this extravaganza.

Never have I seen such an ethereal show
of magic and light which tremendously glowed.
All in Xavica’s hall of wonders
of metaphysical vibes and enchanted thunders.

Captain A was called to the center of the hall
a bit exited being witnessed by all.
He was famous for his empyrean spells
which could send the Dorsays right off to hell.

Then together with his master,
Orion, whose magic compared to light was even faster.
He then presented for the visitors on this very day
other galaxies displaying their combat and fray.

Princess Ann of Xavica bluntly refused
the conditions of the Dorsay’s abuse.
Searching for peace amongst the guests
she acclaimed her kind and placid requests.

Her Majesty then lightened the hall
The crystals of brightness did magically fall
and blessed the people with health and joy.
Illumination succeeded and the darkness was destroyed.

Suddenly rose a mysterious mist
Appearing was a guest who wasn’t on the list
Founder of bloodshed where love’s dismissed
under the execrable sorcerer from the deepest abyss!

Soon there was a murmur through the crowd
Unrest was brewing with clamour roaring
Soon the pacifists would clench their fists
Saying this sorcerer’s presence was not allowed
Keeping the tensions high and soaring.

Given no sequence or rhyme or logical reason
Claiming his appearance here is simply treason
Condemned from Xavica on the celestial black list
for his horrendous acts beyond deploring.
His hidden scandals only Lucifer endowed.

The sorcerer with his evil intentions
grinned with a smirk without restoring
the lack of dominance without condescension.
Notwithstanding his disgusting twists
we all stood strong with our hearts outpouring.

His hideous eyes finally blinked in fear
He suddenly realized he wasn’t wished here
Princess Ann’s brass band blasted their chorus
elevating the gallant Pegasus horse
which flew its mission with its charioteer.

Grabbing the sorcerer by his wicked collar
Raising him up and out till he yelled and hollered
Needless to say his voice was shrill and screeched
inept and badgered with no coherent speech
disappearing into the darkness in utter dishonor.

Chapter three
vicit lumen est
What happened in the Xavica’s hall proved
once more, that nothing can stand
the high power of light that removed
the darkness from their silvery land.

After some moments of chaos
the hall retook its calmness again,
All were stiffened for the magical séance
and for her majesty to sain.

” vicit lumen est” , said the Lady of Light
with blue eyes full of power.
We believed no darkness could fight
against light and endure for an hour.

She uttered a spell
and then grails full of holy wine
were there for all of us, with an enticing smell.
“Cheers” she said, dressed in her gown
in which she did beautifully shine.

With our light inebriation we fantasized
our trip to the amazing Ysá land.
We would follow the parallel universes
through the gravitational boulevard energized
to the outskirts of this sacred place so renowned.

Soon with the inspiration of our celestial guests,
who performed their ceremonies to transverse
our spirits to righteousness, helped us to understand
with greater affinity our mission the best.
Orion and Captain A heard suddenly inviting sounds.

These beautifully sung hymns and choruses of seraphic merit
raised their inner conscious to forge their quest.
Inducing the pleasurable peace they would inherit
to accompany their visions through a Pleiadian verse
soothing their internal entity to the ultimate crest.

Embracing this moment of profound awareness
the captains said their farewell to Princess Ann.
Showing their deepest gratitude with all fairness
to all participants of this marvelous gala at hand
they then boarded the Black Star feeling truly blessed.

Through the séance came voices without inhibition
suggesting the paths from King Brett’s Holy Map
showing the captains security for their expedition!
Lights through nebulae have virtually overlapped
to guide our Earthlings with certainty of decision.

The winds of the galaxy were blowing again
from the east to the summit of Sages.
Darkness in the nebula was shouting in vain
Stars have been here for many ages.

After leaving Xavica, the wonderland,
Orion started the journey towards distant realms
which we could only partially understand.
Like our next destination, the city of the Red Elms!

This city was so famous amongst the galaxies
for here dwelled masters of celestial knowledge.
Red Elms also helped the beings who were ill.
It was the city of the galaxy’s biggest college.

The dynasty of this city, whose name many a people heard,
came from an ancient creature from years ago.
His highness, Simurgh the Persian bird
who the city of Red Elms did own.

Soon they would arrive to witness this mysterious place
With butterflies in their stomachs they did converse
Reminding each other of the depths of outer space
and the majestic wonders and depths they would traverse.

The gate of the city was guarded by a phoenix,
the eternal bird of the universe.
The archway was like a helix
and the darkness it did immerse.

Valuable and crucial information was hidden
in the libraries of this famous university.
The scripts and theories which had been written
described an existence of mutual dignity
healing the wounds of disrespect in their dominion .

Transporting emotions through equanimity
brought angelic notions with every verse.
Insight into a proverb of ancient maxims
has spread light onto the captain’s magnanimity
opening minds to the different and diverse.

Holding the mystic phrases of the Pleiadians
close to their heart with sensitive sympathy
they conversed with the sages at their meridian
as they evoked a cosmopolitan empathy
to adjoin the optimistic form of criterion.

Orion planned to audit the composite coalition
with Captain A to prolifically disperse
the expanding proportions of common decisions.
Progressing through the sage’s instructions
the Earthlings clung to their axioms.

Nonetheless they both kept an open ear
for the surprises of the summit in interaction.
Keeping their wits and the will to compromise
they studied earnestly stern and sincere
afterwards becoming more broad-minded and wise.

Inside stories, within the cool breeze of the city
were wafting from mind to mind.
Like the beautiful nightingale’s ditty
that could heal the blind.

Our vision towards our world did change
since we could now see the truth.
That for us was so new and strange,
it broke our minds to find a proof.

We live in a world of lies
in which aimless battles moan.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing disguise
the light that shines alone.

We could observe demons
from a very far distance
who had dirty ugly homes.
All these scenes we witnessed in a glance.
The great castle of Red Elms was so immense
that you could view it from a telescope from Earth.
No guards around but light was its defense
protecting the big castle and saving its worth.

Simurgh, the philosophic bird
dwelled in this unco castle.
His knowledge was famous throughout all worlds
for it repressed the darkness without much hassle.

In the legends we have heard
perhaps you’ll be chosen and given
a feather from this bird!
This then will help you reach the heavens.

By giving such heartfelt mercy we entered the gates
of his personal and sacred safehold.
His feathers had changed many fates,
and people who received this weren’t manifold!

Firstly the stories which flowed with the breeze
inspired the nightingale’s nocturnal song.
The truths of the ancients then appeared
to arouse our thoughts which Simurgh revered
presenting his feathers to Orion so pleased.

Initially the great castle of Red Elms prolonged
their visit with its seductive lights of old
projecting through the universe like a superstar.
Its illumination brought many a throng
to offer their gifts both myrrh and gold.

Our phoenix rose with a demonstrative decree
to stimulate our pacifism as wars we did scold.
The wretched demons went to oversee
their hateful dilemma throughout their life long.
Holding on eventually until the devil was sold.

The Emperor without clothes was the laughing stock
pretending to be a superpower while the wars unfold.
However the limericks that came from Orion
healed the wounds of the weak and strong
to cooperate together and to courageously carry on.

Awakening to the truths that they had learned
both Captains were aware of where they belonged.
A part of a mission for the betterment they yearned
for pleading for freedom and a liberty twofold
causing our different races to certainly interlock.

As it stands for the recipients of the sacred feather
they possessed an inner brilliancy which they truly earned.
By being disciples of Simurgh the philosophical bird
they gleamed with an aura while being together
leaving fulfilled as the meridian was finally adjourned.

In the depths of their valley was the ship Black Star
eclipsed from the castle’s light as it was foretold
that Orion, gifted with his feathers spectacular,
would soon be traveling with his protégé along
the celestial paths to rendezvous with an avatar.

In the city of wonder stayed an Earthling
who was left for his mechanical capabilities.
He was thrilled at the arrival of company
and greeted the captains and began to sing.
He introduced himself as Brother James
and the captains invited him to pursue their aim.

Having the golden feather of the Persian fowl,
James and the captains voyaged into the darker world.
Darkness returned and it was drastically evil and foul
shamefully indignant and repugnant totally against our Lord.

On the fifth floor of the Black Star
was a great library blessed with ancient books
from different worlds so distant and far
with histories of gracious people and villainous crooks.

There Captain Orion wore his golden feather
with meticulous care and undying love.
Then with James and Captain A together
they ascended to the floors above.

In the cockpit they sat along with James
who was a trained engineer from Earth.
James told Captain A: “Of our fuel only a little remains”!
The two captains lost their joyful mirth.

Said Orion: “But the nearest city is so far
and we have already travelled far away from Red Elms,
in the middle of a distant nebular we are
rightly amidst the unknown and secret realms! ”

James then offered his fabulous expertise
saying he had a method of fuel extension.
We must enter a black hole with courage
and have gravity propel us with intergalactic ease.
We would be thrusted into the tenth dimension.

Orion knew of this viable and fantastic solution
and searched for an entrance as he did urge
all to remain calm as he forged through oceans
of dwarf stars on the horizon of extremities.
Then they were swept into the next procession.

Into the ultimate affinity of the forces to be
the three experienced a superior motion
which each described as a flamboyant evolution.
Suddenly through the balance of abstruse reflection
they surged forward at the speed of light.

Absorbed by the parallel universe’s interstellar
power they projected further to clearly incite
the journey once again to Ysá land with Black Star.
Through the natural energy of pure devotion
the Pleiadians healed their tragic woes with starlight.

With their science and knowledge the propulsion
of our spaceship was secured and the parameters
were fascinatingly on course like from our moon to Mars.
They congratulated each other and were full delight
as all fit with King Brett’s Holy Map and the gravimeter.

Among the stars and besides the light
towards the infinity of the universe in flight
Our two captains were once again
showing their aura with a heart humane.

The fuel’s problem was cleverly solved
hence a true collaboration was involved.
Being truly cooperative in many cases
can help living beings in different places.

Suddenly the Holy Map turned mysteriously blue
Showing an unclear misty and darkened hue
After some minutes it then turned black
An obvious sign of some satanic attack!

Said Skipper Orion: “In the depths of winter we are
where this galaxy had often been in a tribal war.
Between the Cynocephali and Blemmyai descendants
who owned this galaxy’s most precious pendants.

The realm of winter was so cold and empty
Death and bloodshed, there was plenty
It has been a long time since peace vanished with the snow
as their hearts grew hard like a blackened stone.

With the feather in his possession Orion awoke
to the power of Simurgh which did invoke
the spirits of Spring, love and fertility
disrupting the waves of heartless brutality.
The warriors of Mars broke their silence and spoke.

Astoundingly prevalent were streams of placidity
flowing like blessings from a holy scepter.
Melting the ice from the Blemmyai’s wrath
changing the ice cycles to Holy Water
as the protectors glided slowly in the aftermath.

Glory rang through the heavenly quarters
housing the spirits on their righteous path.
Easing our woes as the Map turned to rose
shedding its darkness and its satanic clothes.
Semjase then smiled with her benevolent daughters.

A comet shot by with its saving grace
with a shining tail reflecting through outer space.
We had conquered the satanic thrust of evil
giving birth to an era in which all proposed
the inception of selflessness and peace’s retrieval.

The blackness evaporated like a nightmarish dream
leaving the Black Star as another nebula gleamed.
Needless anxiety disappeared with congeniality
with the help of the Emerther and Egarot
keeping the balance and giving us prosperity.

Exploring our newly found path toward Ysá Land
the feather of wisdom brought us to understand
the fables of Semjase and the practice of austerity.
James and Captain A played cards at leisure
while Orion navigated his ship in good measure.

XI .
The peace that our captains bring
changed the realm of winter to spring.
By invoking Simurgh, the wisest bird
of whom all in the universe had heard.

Now as a sign of gratitude and respect
and for their grudges the guardians did defect,
the two ancient tribes, their assistance adored,
gave them the famous caelestis sword.

Being made by the best blacksmiths of the galaxy
this sword of excellence and of an infinite majesty
was used in a battle against Jikininki the demon
who was injured in the Garden of Eden.

So with this gift the captains flew again
into the big and extended galactic plain
of phenomenal instances and stuttered starts
that blinked, moved, fought and sparred.

Joys did overwhelm the Black Star once more
All were happy to the center of their heart’s core.
Laughter of Semjase was to be heard in the skies
and pleasure was visible in Captain A’s eyes.

Outward with replenished fuels they successfully flew
through a black hole again to a second Andromeda.
The major focus was to deduct and construe
the most economical fashion to create phenomena.
Meditational messages were sent to appease and mollify.

Engendering a positivism which became contagious
affecting the atmospheric influences of buoyancy.
Drifting and transvering through cosmic dust as courageous
pilots the twosome was enthralled by flamboyancy
coloring the ambience of open space so dulcified.

It seemed as if a magical spell was there escorting
the captains through a phase which was so advantageous
that they robustly boasted of the most outrageous
incidents accompanying their expedition supporting
their imaginations with playful dreams so mystified.

Eventually the outer parameters of an asteroid belt
they then reached to assist the birth of a comet
which searched for a solar resource and moment
to swirl and excel in orbit and then relinquish and melt
giving its light to a pulsar as a medium and a constant.

The marvels of their journey in outer space was indescribable
Orion and his protégé were reaching levels of euphoria
Giving their appreciativeness to Semjase and the Pleiadians
and reciting the humble verses of a solemn and profound Gloria
as all the sequences and life streams were gorgeous and desirable.

Thriving toward the epitome of existence with their magic feather
Exceeding the speed of light as time did cease altogether
Capsuled in coziness in their Black Star so stable and reliable
They dreamt of the Sages and the processes of their meridians
sanctifying peace and bringing an absolution to all warriors.
Young A has never seen the birth of a comet
with an ancient cosmic name on it!
The birth of comets is actually an exhaust of lights
that alters into the most horrific and darkest of nights.
Knowing this they avoided the plight.

Optimism was here to last
Singing the diaries of the past
Sweet memories cross their minds so fast
Smell of the familiar odor of love
Sound of a charming and peaceful dove.

Childish games of the planet Earth
Laughter of all babies at their birth
All in one spontaneous glance
in their eyes as they do advance.

Shining hues passed the length of the galaxy
Maybe sent by the Pleiadians , such a fantasy
to see light in a plain of darkness.
Stars like daffodils, warm and harmless

Smell of the Scottish heather reminiscent of the fate
Peaceful as its meaning, “light in the weight”
Fate of the guardians of light is an endowment from God
As sweet as a Scottish purple heather’s bud.
A cool breeze from the north
brought news from Earth to their house.
The smells of oaks from Serbia
and the coolness of Atlas in Algeria.

Passing on the privilege of their earthly abode
Captain A and Orion felt it in their blood.
As the fading of summer brings the goldenrod
announcing the vibrant pleasure like an autumnal ode.
We collect bouquets of heather for the muses above!

Feeling the radiant whispers come through
to comfort our souls with a good attitude.
Circumventing negativity with an optimistic fury
Developing inner strength with a reverie
of our terrestrial wonders and rendezvous’.

Reciting couplets to Semjase and Princess Anne
with our blessing of Godspeed to Ysá Land.
Never dismissing their most golden treasure
hidden from sight from their predecessors
to guide them with upmost pleasure and security.
Like golden flowers shone the heavenly stars
as Orion navigated through a triangular
body of asteroids coasting with an perpendicular
maneuver toward a fourth dimensional
space resounding with rhythmical choruses of sonorities.

Blending into the celestial landscape to bar
any radical criminalistics and unfortunate Dorsay.
Surging through the parameters with Black Star
commanding with foresight over the unconventional
which demand reasoning of now and yesterday.

Thinking of their childhood naivety and gullibility
Their wide-eyed and star-studded magnitude
chaperoned their voyage with an ultimate fortitude.
Cruising by gaseous clouds and cosmic pathways
they exude an internal confidence searching for validity.

Love and sympathy in all galaxies will increase
All creatures are submerged in love and peace.
Once more darkness succumbs to weal
in which our tensions calmly heal.

This comfort may have come from the Xavica’s hall
where her majesty Lady Ann blessed all
by pouring the finest wine with eloquent words.
The wine of knowledge and divinity from our Lord

Perhaps it came through the golden feather
of the Persian bird’s sweet zephyr
who shines with glimmering gold
and therewith the Dorsay’s fire turns cold.

Or perhaps it comes with the powerful caelestis sword
which was given to them by the castle’s horde.
This was the reason for this calmness.
Then the sky was no longer starless.

Still in deepest darkness felony drives
Devils stab you in the back with their bloody knives!
Great heroes may be cheated as well,
by demons whose seductions come from hell.

The Dorsays and other demonic forces
always ride the galaxies with Lucifer’s horses.
They’re frequent parts where God is not begotten
or places where rainbows have been forgotten.

In spite of these hideous prescribers of death
the situation perpetrates positivism from Pleiadian sources.
Waiting as the good-will ambassador sings choruses
which complement their gratuitous attitude with a breath
of confidence yielding not to the devils of the greater abyss.

The Emerther and Egarot will chaperone our journey
to assist in their protection with a greater emphasis
on partnership and comradery earnestly learning
the philosophy of cooperative masterminding to genesis
exuding the powers of deduction throughout our tourney.

The captains experienced through the Holy Map
the variation probable in which their flight could adapt.
Through parallel universes with a powerful thrust
and giving their abilities and developing trust
inaugurated an epoch of their universal metropolis.

This is our in-depth mission of great inventiveness
taken upon us this maiden voyage to Ysá Land.
Realizing the message from many light years would bless
their intentions so noble which kind creatures understand
and then following their meditative mysteries and hypothesis.

Orion then completed his rendezvous in search of a second Andromeda
giving to newer galaxies his philosophy to end all races their suffering.
Echoing the verses and melodies of sweet Semjase comprehending
to stretch his competence beyond the Crimson King.
He acclaimed his bold position as he awaited the Messiah.
Soon they would arrive at the Brendesion’s alter culture
being greeted with a heartfelt and boisterous salutation.
He then landed the Black Star on a planetary juncture
to rejoice at King Brett’s earlier home and station.
Here he would further explore his coming destinations.

This land of wonders where King Brett
in the past his masters he met,
was famous for its illustrious noble committee,
and was surrounded by buoyant lands and an iced sea.

The committee included five men of light
who had survived in many battles and fights
against a vicious sense of darkness
to save the light and all beings to bless.

These five men were called: the ambassadors of Lemuria
who have migrated from the Earthly oceans via
their horses of the Red Hare’s blood who did trod
with their messages of peace from almighty God.

The ambassadors then built a stronghold
made of ambers, jewelries and gold.
There King Brett was taught
how to rule and present clean thought.

The captains were welcomed by these wonderful people
whose knowledge was higher than many a steeple.
They entered “Lioliak”, the name of this city of mercy
Captain Orion felt being once again in New Jersey.

“Attorias” the chief dean of the city
sang the welcoming song, a charming ditty
which he learned from ancient creatures
from whom he now carries their features.

“Attoris ” the third of the ambassadors then sang
and a strange and a magnificent feeling that filled them all like a pang.
Attoris was famous for his musical skills
and also his shamanistic power to heal all ills.

In Lioliak of the merciful came benevolence
flowing like blessed water over the crowns of its inhabitants.
Gifting them with oversight and excellence
Sharing in abundance their concepts whereat
the prosperity flourished with richness through resilience.

The second of the five marvelous ambassadors
was known for his goodwill and gracious rapport.
Never deterring from his decisive and resolute path,
resolving his destiny, helping Orion the commodore
to triumph over all black curses and wrath.

This ambassador was named for his persistence
Perseus, the Greek protector of Andromeda,
the son of Zeus and resided amongst the prominence
who professed connections to Alpha and Omega,
who oversaw the extremities of an outer core.

The fourth ambassador is the king of poesy and lyric
who gave illustrious recitation adorning the senses.
The atmosphere exuding thereof was idyllic
and consuming with a spiritual transport thence
sending wonderful innuendos from his limericks.

Attoris, the compassionate and sympathetic force,
engaged his efforts to assist the Captains further.
He brought Orion and Captain A another source
from which they could explore, as observers
the earthly aromas and gardens and the Jersey shore.

Attoris then joined to concertize with the earthlings.
They were asked to please choice a composition to sing.
It was a marvelous moment to see how marvelous the three
swung with contagious rhythms and luscious melodies.
Suddenly the captains felt their hearts and souls take wing.

“The ambassadors of five
are the masters of existence and life.
Their ancient fables found in books
contain heavenly visions and treasured looks. ”

Said “Lord Listonburg” the mayor of Lioliak to the warriors of might,
“Captain Orion and his Protégé A are messengers of light”.
Listonburg added: “However the ambassadors live with jitters and angst
for the prince of darkness on our territory an aspersion did cast!”

“Who the prince of darkness is?” asked young A,
“He who buttresses the evilness in every way”
Lord Listonburg said “With his iniquity it’s possible
to conjure his sick wills so that nothing’s impossible.”

The Lord’s words were scattered through his castle’s hall,
this cherished palace, which was so grandiose and tall.
The tallest castle in the galaxy belonged to honorable Listonburg.
Captain Orion assured him that there will be peace and accord for all.

Orion said “Now of the five ambassadors we demand
to grant us the right to protect this merciful and splendid land
from the vicious wills of the despicable and hideous dark prince
who fouls your reputation, of this I am convinced”

The Lord then replied: “The chief of emissaries speaks highly of you.
Thy names and reputations are protected, all this is true!”
“The wicked prince now dwells in the iced sea of the east”
“You should sail there to face this beast!”

Orion and Captain A would now engage the prince of darkness
Born as a Dorsay and only trained in callousness and hardness
Spurting his flames like a wicked despicable dragon
riding with an unwilling Pegasus forth on a wagon
The entire universe wished his criminality would cease.

Orion asked where the evil prince did hide.
In the outer sections where the black holes divide?
Lord Listonburg said he spews his wicked thoughts
damaging the merciful means we have taught
disrupting our unity and Lioliak is horrified.

Destroying the beautiful and lustrous glow
and disappearing in obscurity and planning a deathblow
to disintegrate and imbalance the astronauts
and the goodwill that they spread and brought
to conceive a Paradise and devils they’ll overthrow.

Orion then proceeds with the map of King Brett
to secure the whereabouts of this stupid wretch.
He activated his trusty ship Black Star
to proceed and comb the parameters for the villainous prince.
He followed the warriors of protection from Mars.

He wished to save Lioliak for their compassion ever since
the fourth ambassador lyrics inspired him with a kiss.
The courageousness of Perseus accompanied their quest
and off they flew on a search at Lord Listonburg’s request.
They were defined by their bravery and defied the abyss.

As we wait for the deceptive methods of the Dorsays
the two Captains furthered their dedicated display
of determination to better all beings of all galaxies
by slaying the monstrous egoistical proprietor of fallacies.
Forging their path of justice the challenge has come to be.
Chapter Four
Ancient realms
There’s a protracted antiquity backing the stygian necromancy
Incognito competencies are all in the vicinity
of us. They do perturb our magical rune’s style
That has been the same for quite a while!

Warlocks and occultists gnarly and raunchy
all in one glance at an infernal dance .
However the riffraff will certainly decide
which group among us is on the light’s side.

Some will bugbear the truth
while some live for the infallibility
Let’s review the history
to feel the depth of his story.

Long ago in the territory of Ashland,
where the mere darkness dwells,
the most vicious couple of the Earth
celebrated a cursed and outcast birth.

While the new born kids were amongst the angels
and were blessed dearly by the light,
this despicable prince brought our world into a horrific hell!
He deprived many from a good life just for spite.

He was taught by the consular of darkness
in the most satanic embassy of the night.
Learned the most devilish magical arts
to penetrate and destroy the living hearts.

He then wore the “crown of Hilliop”,
a legacy from the ancient blacker tribes.
So for eternity and ever since
he was announced as the Dark Prince!


As the guidance came from the Emerther
we learned to circumvent his iniquitous blur.
Incinerating his statements in a secret urn
How gloriously all his insults burned
keeping our equanimity for this won’t reoccur.

Despite the dangers of the proprietor of pain
the Captains peered into the sources which reign
to annihilate the energies of this diabolical source
as they wished to impress Princess Ann to endorse
the propagation of goodness we must maintain.

Easing the tensions with the possibility of protection
they meditate to Semjase for a wholesome direction.
Bringing the masters of kindheartedness together
will incite the chalice of life to overflow whether
the prince is plotting to start an ugly insurrection.

With the inspiration of the Brandesion’s folk
the Captains continue their voyage to provoke
the happenings in a positive spirit of the Pegasus horse
who rises with majestic springs while neighing
forcing the nefarious prince into obeying.

Of course he wishes their obliteration and destruction
but the radio waves hinder the twosome’s abduction.
Unaffected they travel through their interstellar course
with their ship Black Star! Through the galaxies it soars
sealing the Holy Map with its meticulous instructions.
At last the untouchable mastery has frustrated the prince
who is still waiting and lurking beneath a dwarf star
for his moment of terror with a villainous scimitar.
He will cut their spiritual connection with a heartless wince
and leave them helpless under his spell and Excalibur.

The prince of darkness dwells alone
amongst the most devilish realms.
He has stolen many things
from the queens, lords and kings.

He even has Arthur’s Excalibur
and the marvelous stick of Gandalf the white.
He from his heart knows only to destruct.
Many bloody wars he did conduct.

Since Hilliops and the Dorsays were in close relations,
together they did perpetrate many satanic deeds.
The prince is actually half Dorsig and half Hillip
He has always been awake and needs no sleep!

In the battle of “Vulvar”, near the gates of “Abizan”,
once were Captain Orion and the prince encountered.
There was the holy sword of “Galiant” on his face
Captain Orion did leave a sign on that place.

Since then Dark Prince kept a grudge
against him and Protégé A.
He promised to take revenge
on the light’s warriors and Sages.

So he killed Master “Dillen” the craftsman of the Galiant sword
Then destroyed the Abizan, Captain A’s second home.
His vicious deeds didn’t end
blood with mud were the things he did blend.

And now beneath a dwarf star
he hides, waits and howls.
Like a poisonous injured snake
he kills for darkness’s sake.

His tribe, the Hilliop has a nasty reputation
since their founder was a friend of Lucifer.
They once were defeated by Michael the Archangel
nonetheless still they delight as a darkened nation.

As the princes’ presence became unavoidable
Orion and his protégé made the Black Star deployable.
Feelings he provoked with his contemptible deeds.
Their training from Mars would flourish and succeed
to thwart his aggression as peace they would heed.

However the pressures of this cautious scoundrel
were scrupulously thought through and the Council
of Five wrote a manifesto to train the Captains
about their strenuous battle and ultimate infractions
announcing clearly the Prince of Darkness’ actions.

They learned under the Council of Five a preparation
of didactical measures would bring a disavowal
of the Prince’s evil intent and obliteration.
Many procedures thoroughly clever would supersede
his lust for destruction and render him doubtful.

Once the Hilliop in his feeble brain dominates
he will try his best to capture and capitulate.
In spite of his wickedness he becomes too emotional
and blunders with erraticism and exposes his weakness
as then shines a newborn star strongly in his bleakness.

Nevertheless the Dorsay in his other half
will shake with nervosity not necessarily in behalf
of the Prince’s vicious wishes and his laughs
turned to shrieks of shyness and insecurity
jeopardizing his prowess and hidden iniquity.

Notwithstanding Lucifer’s pride he acts with impropriety
falling from heaven and from Gabriel’s society.
Unprotected while the Captains were well-trained
to wait patiently to observe and restrain
till the moment was ripe for the Prince’s anxiety.

Like two cowboys asking at high noon in a duel
who will shoot firstly and submit something cruel.
Playing the game of a sophisticated hide and seek
to catch the Prince off guard though he needn’t sleep
with irritations and the Council of Five’s techniques.

Excellences from the Council of Five once more
send their unceasing awareness to us.
The battle is between very ancient powers
and to further it brings futility and an endless war.

This part of this galaxy is a limelight territory
where all the ancient lineages have once lived .
There subsist the auspices of many faces
of different people and their traces.

Nobilities of the Hilliops have faded away
since their Prince broke the laws and ways
of all galaxies. In all worlds he’s despised and deplored.
He even stood defiantly against the universes’ Lord.

The power of this Dark Prince comes from black magic
It’s so powerful and baffling like the voodoo of the Delta!
At these moments of confusions the Captains’ last straw
was to call for the highest spiritually tall Zeltas!

The Tall Zeltas from an ancient origin of duality
blessed the galaxies with spirituality.
Their magic and power was so great
that no mortal tongues could barely state.

From thousands of light years away
the Prince’s devilish voice echoed into vacuity.
Counting the seconds before his bloody encounter; suddenly then
the world of light softly prayed their ultimate Amen.

The befriended Egarots soon came to assist
offering their valuable and intelligent twist.
Adjoining the soulful Zeltas with the Captains
assured revelations with a rigorous discipline
which initiated the use of a Roman-Greco underpin.

The heroic offer for the Prince of Darkness
was a traditional wrestling match and use of hardness
to determine the winner of their confrontation.
The Zelta’s forbid the use of cosmic weapons
and utilize only the body and strength to threaten.

Soon afterward Orion was side by side with the Prince
with whom he spoke in English and was sincerely convinced
he would be able overtake him with an impeccable thrust
and flip the Hilliop and Dorsay mix with his prowess and bust
the tinier prince with his intelligence and sharpness.

He took him to the floor and pinned his carcass
without any mercy plus a mark from his footprints
and the Zelta declared him conqueror of this quest
to master the diabolical warrior as he victoriously pressed
his body to the canvas and decisively pierced his darkness.

Completely humiliated and deposed of any pride
he immediately disappeared to weep and hide.
As the result of the match there was a gigantic stir.
The Dark Prince relinquished his stolen Excalibur.
Nonetheless he will plot again in unrighteousness
to jubilate in his horrendous and hideous blackness
but with the guidance of the Zeltas he met his test.
So in the meantime the protégé enthusiastically applauded
as Orion rose for he completely outfought him.
Captain A gave him a high five and a slap on his back
because he defeated this horrific demoniac.
The Zeltas then smiled and soon were to regress
as they threw him Holy Water and his soul they blessed.

It was not the downfall of the Dark Prince
whose viciousness echoes in the world,
but a temporary exile.
Therefore he won’t be around for a while.

During the stay in Lioliak the two Captains learned
many a thing from that ancient realm.
Because of the kind Zeltas and their friends
the golden relationship will never end.

Inside the Black Star the Captains did hold a feast
celebrating their victory over the ruthless beast.
Amongst them were jubilant shouts
Saying: “Light wins without a doubt”.
The inhabitors of Lioliak were invitees
all singing chorus’ in ultimate glee.

As a matter of respect and honor
Lord Listonburg gave them a gift.
The silver wand of wisdom
made in the great Lioliak kingdom.

The famous silver wand of the east
now belongs to the guardians of light.
The core was made of Abada’s horns
to save their dominions and their holy thrones.

“Welcome to this kingdom of history”
Said our skipper Orion with honor,
Then James did turn the engines on
Displaying lights as the festival begun.

The magical wand was then placed
in the central library of the Black Star.
Through a prism it perfectly shone
a silver light to our eyes, the reason unknown.

Based on the ancient stories of each galaxy
the silver light is the sign of security.
It’s the proof that light still breathes
It also represents the celestial peace
warriors hold the wand its point to sheathe.
The festivities continued with mutual admiration
Tapping the shoulders of each and every companion
Even the artists from Princess Anne and she came with appellation
traveling from Xavica reminding us of their incredible ambition
fascinating us once more with choreography and equilibrium.

The silver wand blessed them across their shoulders
which pleased the eyes of all beholders.
Princess Anne brought once again mirth and wine
to raise the spirits as each artist intertwined
symbolizing the metaphysics of her emporium.

Orion then disappeared to the ancient library
to meditate the wonders of the imaginary.
Attempting to conjure the source of inspiration
beckoning the messages from sweet Semjase
and newer conversations with Madame Hadaseh.

Hadaseh was a partner in the realm of Pleiadians
who shot her thoughts with lasers and neon
to explain the course through other levels.
Through gaseous clouds and other parallels
one could thrust the Black Star quickly through aeons.

The Pleiadians are masters of Einstein’s relativity
and vision time as a fourth dimension of lucidity.
Opening windows constantly with the speed of light
to journey through black holes with majestic might
to propel Orion’s ship and fashion his abilities.

Springing distances in seconds of real time
is the knowledge Orion needs for his sublime
voyage to the frontiers of his final destiny.
Ysá Land awaits him as his goal to excite and ignite
his internal pleasures while he travels through night.

In the midst of the feast
a special messenger of Orion entered the ship,
He is known as the “Spirit of the Night”.
the loyal bird to this galaxy’s knight.

Immediately Captain Orion opened the envelope
and shuddered with surprise!
It was an invitation from the Queen of “Derlon”,
the most civilized territory in this galaxy, independent and on its own!

Queen Dalina of Derlon famous for her skills
was engaging in conversations with celestial animals.
She mastered the language of the Cosmic Jungle
acclaimed as mild, majestic and humble.

Captain A then approached a masterful Sage
asking about the paper he held.
“We’ve been honored to join another banquet feast
in Derlon, the greathearted territory further east!”

Captain A once met Queen Dalina ‘s son Abizan,
while protecting the city from the Dark Prince.
That had happened many a year ago.
Nonetheless memories talk….life’s a circle….they know.
Captain A once again drowned in his memories.
“The worlds have changed”, he did slowly whisper.
Many people have gone and the memories remain,
Life may happen. Again and again!

So the farewell came with tears in their eyes from Lioliak
Princess Anne and Listonburg thanked Orion for his courageousness
for the humiliation and degradation of the princely demoniac.
So James thrusted the Black Star direction Derlon with finesse
and sentimentally claimed they would for sure come back.
Conferring with an ancient Pleiadian, an accomplished Sage
Captain A was trained to comprehend at an earlier age.
There is speculation that the Royal House of Avlon and Anu
was mysteriously connected to Gizan the inhabitors of Egypt.
These were beautiful feline creatures strange and cryptic.

The paintings on caves and art of script and hieroglyphic
was a presentation of a superior race that rendezvoused
and taught the Egyptians to navigate and how to wage
communication, mathematics, astronomy and parameters.
This was for orientation to expand their knowledge as they engaged.

Much of the cherished information of these cordial felines
was stored in the library on the port of Alexandria.
Unfortunately the collection was annihilated during senseless wars
sending Europe farther from enlightenment into amnesia
until the feeble attempt from Ptolemy to Copernicus divine.

The catholic imprisonment of the genius Galileo
brought as well the incarceration of Columbus.
The human race began to manipulate the most of us
with the propagation of the undeniably sacred trios
tying us to chains of indignant ignorance forevermore.

Notwithstanding these attempts of brainwash
we still are falling victims and do not deduct the cause.
The petitions of blind faith won’t absolve the heroes.
We must conjure our thinking process to restore
our capacity for formulation and developing trust.

The return to the Mayans original cultural values
represented in their majestic and monolithic statues
should inspire us to reinvigorate our virtues and rapport.
Mediating a pluralistic environment for all to enjoy
the Pleiadians are whispering for us to calmly adjust.

Returning to the present time
Captain A did view the sublime
from the wide window in front
thinking about a magical comparison.

The wide window in the great cockpit
of Black Star was mysteriously bewitched.
It showed the galaxies with one glance
and the lovely comets that outwardly advance.
Captain Orion also could master forms of witchcraft
He was taught from ancient necromancers
the true arts of white magic to find answers
to assist helpless creatures in misery.

Captain A was born into a wizard’s family
His parents were professors of selfless sorcery.
They were masters of white magic history
and of all the galaxy’s unsolved mysteries.

So these two skippers famous for the modest wisdom
now were asked to attend an intellectual symposium
in the most glorious kingdom of all
where yellow leafs never wither or fall.

Derlon, has many gorgeous celestial cities
in its timeless and infinite galaxy.
Her majesty Delina does govern there
with a compassionate nature and a will to share .

Only people who offer goodness and say the least
were offered to attend the exclusive Derlon feast.
Humbly standing amongst the guests the Captains exhibited
nothing about their fame as the summit was revisited.
As Derlon was apprized as one of the golden ancient realms
the Captains were invitees to clarify the thoughts which overwhelm
the conscious state intuitively leading the pilots to Ysá land.
For centuries Dalina and her predecessors did not understand
the fourth dimensional interplay of intergalactic travel.

Orion decided his commentary would be limited
Nonetheless he would attempt with reality to unravel
and make clear the essence of his spiritual relations to the Pleiadians.
He revealed that his trust in his meditations ignited
an instinctive response to open impulsive meridians.
Queen Dalina was breathless as she heard what he recited.

Initially the symposium was to be factual, filled with logic
while involving techniques of travelling at the speed of light
to defy the limitations of stagnation in the flow in flight.
Still Orion poetically narrated the subconscious symbiotic
relations between him and Semjase spiritual topics.

Orion further explained the imperative necessity
of complete concentration to capture serenity.
Without these sincerest qualities the arrival of guidance
will disappear and the entire process will bring on subsidence.
However placing confidence in synergy brings solidarity.

The knowledge of superior galactic navigation is then won.
Then the understanding of entering parallel universes has begun
through the cooperative openness to the ancient cultures
which have accumulated expertise throughout the millenniums.
The entourage was stupefied and beside itself at this amazing symposium.

The throng was filled with excitations and perplexed
wishing to comprehend more of the methods of his text.
He offered a course in total reflection to open their minds
toward the marvels of silent communication from Pleiades to mankind.
Soon Orion and Captain A began to teach this mysterious structure.

The attendees were amazed
by the unknown knowledge they had heard.
So fascinating to them it was
these fourth dimensional stations and its laws.

The whole of the attendees then moved
to the great hall of Derlon.
It was emboldened with curtains of silk
with tall columns as white as milk.

The ceiling was so high and magnificent
engraved with golden phoenixes and griffins.
A bright blue star shone in the middle
Around it were little fairies playing a big fiddle.

Some tables were set in the hall
Two in the middle and five next to the walls
The entire guests read articles of the coming windfall.
Like our two captains, as well as all others by nightfall.

Queen Dalina then entered with courage
and a silence hushed the invited entourage.
She came and joined them at the middle table.
Advanced white magic she conjured to assist the able.

Her son, Prince Abizan of Derlon then approached
the central table, with a gentle smile.
He then saluted Captain Orion and his Protégé.
His eyes shone warmly like the sun on a sunny day.

Abizan who was taught the secrets of white magic
now has turned into a skillful wizard.
His teacher of this stupendous art was Captain A whose ecstatic
hair gleamed brilliantly like snowflakes in a blizzard.

Abizan has also learned his advanced battle skills
from Orion and the Sages of the galaxies.
With Orion’s method in fighting the darkness
he could render the fouled creatures harmless.

Queen Dalina and Abizan have an earnest and profound trust
in Captain Orion and his Protégé A as cryptic cosmic dust
enhanced the viewing of the heavenly bodies as they began
to meditate inwardly to capture the communicative serenity
which the illustrious Queen and her Son wished with intensity.

The tutoring of these special skills required an immense patience
with a guidance that woos the lovers of Zeus with expedience
to develop inner strengths to experience the voice of Semjase.
Sending telegraphic messages through radio waves which eloquently
transport the essence of mediation and the secrets of obedience.

The principles of relativity conjoin with the fourth dimension to command
the contraction of space and the reversal of normal time sequences
which bring unfathomable repercussions and inexplicable occurrences.
In three dimensions these events we cannot conceive or understand
nonetheless the appearance of timelessness is the consequence.

Accepting this new-found reality will release a euphoria which awakens
newer conceptions inciting a revelation which can be taken
as a pathway to the Pleiadians and their communiqué which consumes
our essence as we search for the knowledge which we hope to presume
as the open door to galactic travel and the dimension we have undertaken.

As it was once mentioned in the tabloids of ancient Neanderthals
the culture of Pleaides arrived and influenced them as they installed
futuristic values securing the descendants of Mother Earth.
Never-ending messages and their commitment not to have forsaken
us. They were concerned we would prosper as a civilization, never to be shaken.

The healing of our ignorance and the rising of enlightenment
was the collaboration of many voices and brilliant minds
who knew the passageway through black holes to a new environment.
This would salvage the goodness destroying the short-sided inclined
to sever the beauteous from us and keep us from enlivenment.

Therefore the heeding to the principles of openness and pluralism
alleviating our consciousness to excellence and spiritualism.
Everlasting trustworthiness and inventiveness opens the vaults of wisdom
to shower upon us the secrets of white magic and Pleiadians foresight
which purges the darkness as the eleventh dimension glorifies their might.

The Queen and Abizan did fall into a soothing sleep and trance
dreaming of demigods that blew like a zephyr and gracefully danced.
As they awoke their sensibilities were sparkling and very aware.
Little did they know that Semjase lulled them to entrance
their existence from three dimensions to a vita extraordinaire.

All these lessons and knowledge
were transferred to them with an instantaneous pledge
and a spontaneous touch of hand.
Then Queen Dalina and her son were in a wonderland.

A wonderland of knowledge how to travel at the speed of light
using the sacred powers of white magic and cryptic oversight.
Now beside Captain Orion and Protégé A
Dorlon’s Queen and Abizan could also travel through mystic byways.

Then a magnificent fanfare sounded to announce a celebration
Universal cuisines of different kinds then appeared
with bouquets of godly wines and other sensations
as Abizan pronounced its commencement for all to revere.

Berry trifles in golden chalices
and exquisite mutton on silver plates.
Smell of Kedgeree filled the hall
Then Custard tarts were lovingly offered to all!

After a strenuous and long trip
from the depths of parallel galaxies to this realm
our Captains gave themselves some leisure time.
To enjoy this moment, they shared a playful mime.

After the banquet and the glorious fest
some famous wizards and warriors
did talk about their confrontations and tests
while fighting against vicious armies and toreadors.

Queen Dalina was shocked to hear about the presence of the dark prince
who continued to terrorize although disarmed millenniums ago.
Captain Orion said:” This diabolical Prince is trying to regain force since
we needed to trail him through the north as a despicable foe.

“We’ll work on it soon after the meridian with the Galaxy’s league”
said Queen Dalina of Derlon, while smiling gently as their colleague.
Captain A obviously was filled with utter excitement
about the summit of the Galaxy’s league with their fascinating tournament.

The League of Galaxies’ tournament was held once in a millenary
and only the elite wizards and warriors were invited ordinarily.
The prize of the competition was the Magical Wand of the “Bellatrix” star
which was very powerful in bringing peace and an end to war.

There were different styles of sport events which resembled games on Earth.
Some were individual competitions involving heaving poles and spears
showing the prowess of each wizard’s knowledge of disciplines and the mirth
of exciting tennis and squash showing versatility and the will to persevere.
However quizzes with confusing as well as tricky questions came into the score.

It its entirety the tournament was a challenge to each brilliant voyager’s agility.
Each personal intelligence, who exhibited an eclecticism of body and mind,
understood the deeper essence of this tourney where white magic was defined.
One counteraction is the multifarious usage of riddles and masterful abilities
demonstrating internal balance with muscular fitness and boisterousness unconfined.

A galactic accuracy with lasers and electromagnetic waves proved their capacities.
In the darkness wasn’t only the villainous Prince but also the wretched Dorsay
who were a pest of Nature destroying the conceptions of peace and congeniality.
Therefore for communality it was a prerequisite to be the Lone Ranger for a day
and blast them from the heavens with a bloody insertion of alluring gamma rays.

Consequently there was a mystical dart projection which appeared lightly on a screen
to be minimize with the exactness of aiming and the ingenuity of a perfect eye.
The mysteries of white magic were a helpful device manipulating the unforeseen
and the futile reactions of the Dark Prince or another obnoxious monger who defied
normality. Then the pursuit of gladness could flourish where justice intervenes.

A jury of Sages was the resource of various exercises and practices overviewing
the proceedings with an oversight and a nonprejudicial attitude construing
fairness with a well-measured result of the events and performances at hand.
All these travelers had their hearts embedded in the success of pursuing
the magical procession to their ultimate goal–destination Ysá Land.

Each candidate promised to pass the Bellatrix Magical Wand onward.
Competitions were for the fun of sport but at the end it was to forward
the safeness and success of each and every lion-hearted man who blessed
the others with authenticity and his sharing of communal good. This will nonetheless
inspire all to honor the ultimate of prizes the Magical Wand which wards
off the devilish and rewards the unselfish with pleasures well-assessed.

So the excitement continued with a series of events acclaiming high applause
reminding the spectators of screaming delightfully flabbergasted crowds.
Inspirational shouts and hollers came from the entourage to encourage
the wizards and white magic sorcerers, who held themselves without pause,
to proclaim their importance while concentrating without help or tutelage.

With an overbearing consumption they executed their splendorous maneuvers
fascinating the bystanders, leaving no one bored while performing their feats and routines.
An afternoon of impressive acrobatics staggered the avid watchers of these endeavors
understanding why the League of Galaxies only puts together this gala each millennium
bringing the energies and the enthusiasm up to an exuberant and euphoric maximum.
The League of Galaxies was so famous throughout all ancient territories
from the north, south, east and west and so innovatory
that hardly any being hasn’t heard of
this enthusiastic event full of Celestial Love.

So after all the difficult levels which the white magicians had to undertake
they were prepared to take some rest, the many who did partake.
Captain Orion and Protégé A were discussing about the next task
of Orion answering the questions that Captain A kept and did ask.

Wizards of Montonio were planning for the last to respond
while sending sparks from the end of their wands.
They were famous for combating the ancient dark arts
as they were pure and innocent people in their hearts.

The Captains then noticed an old friend
who was amongst the others taking amends.
He was Hector, whom they met at the Xavica’s hall
with columns and a magical ceiling so tall!

Thrilled to bits that he was in the sight of our Captains
he approached them both and said with passion:
“Aloora, di captins milinia
Flanter da bion ki belinia”
Captain A didn’t understand a word
while skipper Orion gave him a smile.
Then he whispered to Protégé A:
“Hector’s speaking his mother tongue, Valvay!”

Hector’s duty is to take care of Valinor trees,
the pure source of white magic in the world.
He was appointed to this position by King Valind
who’s so clever, witty, ingenious and kind.

Captain A then did ask with curiosity:
“What exactly had Mr. Hector said?”
Then Hector reached out instead
with his very special peculiarity
It was like he could read his brain:
“Young A, I said I’m very pleased to see you again”.

At this point the whistles of the umpires echoed over the game field
and all the wizards were summoned to get ready for their tasks and to yield
the hardest and the most important thing of all:
Winners were those who would not stumble or fall!

Hector was a member of the wizards of Princess Ann
His ingenuity and cleverness was beheld by many at hand
He was a favorite to win to the Wand of Bellatrix
because of his eclecticism in athletic talents and magical tricks.
With his white silvery locks he mystified his opponents.

He had in his possession the mastery of many components
bewildering the darker masters with his superlative valor.
He used the Prince of Darkness as a reflection of his own glamour
to wither him like a dry bouquet of flowers with his encroachments
destroying his might devoured by his own form of iniquity.

Princess Ann’s revered feast with varied performances of magicians
was always expressed quite highly amongst each of the League’s competitors.
The coming endeavor was about to be decided between all tacticians.
It was the great challenge of heroism for the diamond excelsior
embedded in the Wand of Bellatrix that protected all divinity.
An excruciatingly ambitious series of triathlons would take place with obstacle courses
and intellectual challenges pursuing their secretive abilities.
An ultimate perseverance was expected with the upmost superior
concentration level demanding complete relaxation and outward force.
All contestants were chosen through qualification for their indestructible valiancy.

The next event would be lengthened and the excitement would be heightened
to encompass of barrage of umpires, referees with other observers and spectators.
Each player was at the pinnacle of their competence training for years for this moment.
The individuals came from all races of extraterrestrials and humans alike to attempt
to possess the wand of healing powers and the knowledge of Einstein’s relativity.

Lavishly dressed Queen Dalina and Princess Ann who was invited, reverenced
this tournament poised to witness the various triathlons that were to be performed.
Involved was swimming many kilometers against a stormy current
which defined a level of endurance and intrepidness to transform
a voyageur into the most resilient and tenacious in substance and virtuality.

Inclusive was the recitation of complicated verses and cantos to unravel
evil spells which tend to entangle the unaware while fighting in travel.
An adeptness of wit and speech was highly required, along with determination,
to clarify, without any trace of doubtfulness, their final culmination.
The wonder of their inner communication with advanced cultures was unparalleled.

The climbing of steep mountains was the second part of a triathlon
and engaged the candidates with pure strength, coordination and balance.
With pauses for shooting gamma rays pin-pointed for bulls eyes was also perchance
the most difficult while catching breathe from the momentous marathon
bringing each person to the limits of their dexterity and internal sobriety.

A third discipline which capitulated them to utter exhaustion was the avoidance of lasers.
The bombardment of electromagnetic charges while trying to combat with musical phasers
would affect the distortion of reality bringing many to descent and collapse.
Then the unfortunate disqualification and end to the eminent reward which can elapse
not in defeat but the passing of the wand from the winner who shares it with his praisers.

The remaining wizards drew a line
in the blue sands of an eastern sea designed
in strangeness. It was Derlon’s sea, the last stage of this race
where another triathlon of swimming would take place.

From a lower part of the tall stalls of judges
came an old wizard wearing a black cloak.
He was sent to give instructions for this task
and would answer any questions the wizards may ask.

The old wizard in the dark cloak was named: “Matthias Barsamian ”
the Dean of the Derlon’s guardians.
A good friend of the Montonio wizards
and the keeper of Queen Dalina’s gigantic lizards.

With a demonstrative voice he said
“Listen carefully for the time is tight
and we want no one to die during a fight.
For there are beasts in this sea as strong as a lion
which will surprise and are aggressive reptilians”.

“Furthermore there is an island far from shore,
emerald and lavender with seashells galore
covered with a misty fog and mysterious dust
enchanted by avidity and succulent lust. “

“In the middle of this island,
where gigantic Alfa wolves dwell,
is a haunted old cottage
where spirits live full of knowledge”.
Before the triathlon all competitors must visit this cottage in trust.
There education must be inquired and studied well.
After visiting this island answers will be impelled.

The knowledge obtained is a prerequisite for the competition.
If you wish not to learn you will not be given further admission.
“At this point you will be asked three questions
about ancient realms and the white light.”
“Incorrect answers to the questions warrant no continued participation
in the triathlon and the bowing out and unfortunate elimination.”

“With the correct answers you’ll be blessed
to know the secrets that can be assessed.
“You also will be given a gift you know nothing about.
Nonetheless this will help you no doubt”.

“Ah, my fellow wizards, be aware, be aware
for there lives the gigantic lizards of her majesty. “
“They are under the surface so one must beware”
“They are calm, but wild and filled with hostility.”

“Now I wish you all luck, first and last
I may not see you again so stay steadfast.”
“My deepest desire is to witness you all alive.
I pray for your return well after you dive.

The final triathlon was constructed firstly with adventurous diving.
Backwards with three and a half somersaults in a tucked position
was the first challenge, as each wizard began instrumentally reviving
their circulation to exhibit their prowess and proverbial ambition
to conquer each section of this final task as is the millennium’s tradition.

Each wizard posed himself with an excellent posture and concentration
and performed gracefully each art of springing from the heights of a 20 foot board.
Each judge watched for a perfect execution of each amazing sensation.
The next feat was a breathtaking reverse dive with two and a half somersaults.
All eyes scrutinized the event trying their best to discover a small fault.

No partiality would interfere with a just decision with an utmost precision.
Princess Anne, Queen Dalina and her son Abizan were amongst the spectators
enthused beyond belief at the most talented divers as the narrators
continued to comment on the efforts of the final contestants’ vision.
Each wizard’s dream was the wand of Bellatrix as the points came on the indicator.

The second part of the triathlon was a marathon of swimming mostly underwater.
Therewith the candidates had to beware of the octopi and Queen Dalina’s lizards.
The wisest aquanauts knew how to avoid these dangerous animals as they slithered
precariously through corals and reefs as each individual drifted upward and broader
to confuse the possible aggression of these reptilian creatures ready for a slaughter.

Every swimmer had to breathe economically so their need for oxygen was sparse.
This took years of tedious training and courage amongst the seaweed and moss.
After five miles the underwater race was completed and four winners were chosen.
Hector was one of them and Ann of Xavica was rooting for her champion of the oceans.
The last leg of the triathlon was a sprint with three strokes over three miles of marks.

At each marker a new stroke was to be swum becoming an exposition of exquisite motion.
This was the grand finale and a big brass band played fanfares for each new style.
These arts of swimming were the butterfly, the breast stroke and lastly a free style crawl.
As the race continued the crowd was as loud as a hurricane and Hector overhauled
his companions seeing the Wand of Bellatrix as this longest tournament was all worthwhile.

A group of judges showered him with cosmic confetti and proclaimed his magnificent feat.
It took him one thousand years of training and all applauded for he overreached
his boundaries of strength and will to flabbergast the universe as all entreat
the wonderful lack of conceit as he modestly accepted Bellatrix’s Wand
and gave his thanks to Pleaides and Orion with silver and Protégé A with bronze.
Chapter Five
Viridi autem Lumine

Let us not wake up a muse and go
for they now cannot help us toward our goal.
However we do hail them and respect their souls
of virtue and fineness. Let’s return to the Black Star
to travel to realms and galaxies so distant and far.

Our captains with a crew left the Derlon land
after the effulgent League of Galaxies was finished.
Hector, the great wizard won the Bellatrix wand
after winning the final tasks. Orion and A full of insight
started the engine with happiness and delight.

The details of the mysterious island in the Derlon’s sea
must be kept undisclosed by the champions.
No one should know about the three sacred questions
that the judges have asked the final winner. So for the next thousand years
the questions, the leagues procedures and secrets won’t touch any ears.

The eastern winds touched the hair of the men of decorum
reminding them sentimentally about their motherlands.
Captain A was thinking about the chain of events during their flight
from the other side of the world. Meanings became bold in his mind
Love, friendship and the courage to be kind

The green light is a sign for all the humanity.
It tells them that justice hasn’t yet expired.
Red signs past prove that many years ago
there were holy people who fought against injustice.
Their efforts and conciseness we should protect with emphasis.

The Holy Map was blank this time for found
only was composure and peace dwelling around.
The sounds of Terpsichore’s harp echoed through the galaxy
promising an endless tranquility. Heavenly bodies and stars in flux, so hefty and vast,
redolent of memories and heralding the past.

Once again the voyageurs boldly set forth their journey.
The happenings of the League of Galaxies were still fresh in their mind.
Captain Orion thought of Queen Dalina and his symposium sublime
Explaining his meditative sequence as Semjase’s messages were certainly worthy
for guidance through all the spheres of the fourth dimensional tourney
as the Pleiadians continued to keep the Captains comforted and enshrined.

The twosome traveled with a newly hand-picked intrepid crew
trained in relativity with all stations understood and in view.
The gallantry of these gentlemen was envied throughout the universe.
They were all wizards from the recent competition and well-versed
in the meditative innuendos of extraterrestrials which helped to ensue
a path to Ysá land with many boulevards both forward and reverse.

Incidental situations would be analyzed with the utmost scrutiny
so as to keep every balance amongst the heavenly bodies so diverse.
Each soul was blessed with deep respect for the captain at the helm
and never was a worry of defection or a thought of mutiny.
Their dedication to the mission was intrinsic and surely to overwhelm
as each passage from their mouths was admirable and filled with euphony.

Orion then announced a constant course past the galaxy Sombrero
in the autumnal ellipse situated in Virgo towards Sagittarius’ arrow.
“We must take course with a jubilant tempo with a rendezvous
through a giant vacuum as we search for the celestial cube.
Glimmering nebulae will then appear as we go propelling near
the outskirts of this galaxy which brings us to our yesteryears”

Passing conscientiously through this uncharted space is to include
the exactness of King Brett’s Holy Map where all is to be construed.
The cosmic avenues will be paved with security of purpose never to fear
the release of the fourth dimension tumbling hours in a time machine
imposing the past before our eyes. We witness this special moment to accrue
our consciousness with an understanding monumentally supreme.

Ascertaining and grasping the futility of past generations helps us to adhere
to a promising constitution which enables a decisiveness and clear
mindedness bringing us, with the help of the Holy Map, to our destiny.
Ysá land is a paradisal environment with all answers to peace and dignity
and the hypothesis of spiritual emancipation where all persevere
reaching to horizons unimaginably captured in our deepest integrity.


The captains received some interesting data from a CFH Telescope
Notwithstanding all the data from these giant eyes of Earth or horoscopes
there was a false explanation about the galaxy Sombrero because the Holy map
of King Brett easily revealed the galaxy Sombrero’s gap and proved
this data to be wrong and therefore the data was suspiciously a trap
and brought about the necessity to reanalyze before this message was approved.

The Supermassive Black Hole could be used as a superlative means
of moving between the parallel worlds. Jogging and moving leisurely nimble
like riding the Pegasus over the lands of Meropis or like a needle through a thimble.
This task was for Captain Orion, with his towering wits and guts, quite simple
especially with the help Semjase’s as she communicates and convenes.

James the technician was wet with sweat, in the cockpit changing hues
from red to violet preparing to enter where stars are born to ensue
the magnificent, however the starship did creek. Black Star then passed through
nearby marvelous star rumbling its motor as Captain Orion controlled
it and reached directly the center of the hole with nebulae to behold.

Here time had stopped. The memories of life were repeated once more
tapping on the old souls of the universe. The wonders of this universe
brought entities closer to Ysá land assisting the crew of the Black Star
with their mission of conquering darkness with the passion of Excalibur.
The melodies of antiquity were expressed in many cantos well-versed.

In relation a millennium became a microscopic moment,
as short as the blink of an eye, as tiny as a second unnoticed
as terse as the moment of death which wasn’t life’s opponent
as brief as the moment of birth, as short as a minute on Earth.
The crew witnessed a vision and a dream…. A moment of bliss and mirth

At the depths of the black hole and amidst their dreams
they witnessed what is most unknown to these kinds of men.
Some sort of blessing, green light that fills you with peace, tranquility
and justice. Some sort of hope, laughter and perception of humanity.
Beyond the essence of mankind’s sanity

Sanctus viridi lux! De luce et bonitate! Et lux aeternam!
Where peace does dwell, nonetheless fleetingly everything was gone again.
In another realm of galaxies they will find themselves instead
amongst the moons of “Albion” galaxy. “There we will be common fellows”, Said
Captain Orion while nodding philosophically his head

The “Albion” galaxy is the realm of literature and art
and is being ruled by an entity brighter than Sirius the star.
Their Queen won battles with her finest rhetoric to start
the adoration of Her name throughout this galaxy.
Her actions were glorious and words will never diminish her majesty.

This glorious Queen named Brigantia visited Earth during the Gaelic race.
She left many influences through Europe which many can retrace
to the golden age of the human inception of music and poetry
with the heart of the Baroque in our traditional ancient cultures.
For example the essence of descant and early verses of literary symmetry

She gifted us with many philosophical concepts toward enlightenment
bringing mankind closer to the Magna Carta and modern democracy.
The quest for our Captains is to rediscover this magic and to recapture
our civil rights, which recently have been demolished, with the reestablishment
of Queen Brigantia’s principles which brought us elation and rapture.

Trying to locate her eminence will be a difficult task but essential
for the attainment of the entire wisdom we need and quintessential
for all peaceful races to succeed in their endeavors and to replace
the barbarian attitudes of monetary wealth and power’s disgrace
with functional pluralistic latitude for all universal citizens.

Through our meditative patience and a personally inherent discipline
we can soar like eagles overmatching our competence with Nature
revisiting the realm of Brigantia who gladly recites her origins
to remind us all of the multifarious environment we will endure
which glorifies our efforts with benefits and offers us splendid cures.

So Captain Orion with the help of his Holy Map of King Brett
enters the parameters described with detail to detect
the whereabouts of the former Gaelic Queen of Albion.
Protégé A points to the map which describes each junction.
He also meditates with a reflective look in his young face.

Forward they fly through gorgeous gaseous clouds with compulsion
circling through asteroids as they enjoy their flight in aerospace
searching incessantly for Brigantia, the marvelously competent heroine.
Coming closer to the galaxy of Albion they feel delighted as they trace
the course through this parallel universe where all worries will be erased.

Her lessons on celestial democracy, rhetoric and love
are the finest anyone can find. Her subjects have always
enjoyed the infinite marvelous passion she does give so thus
her court has never dreamed of leaving. She’s the grand lavish implausible sun
of Albion for whom our Dog Star Sirius was spun.

Good Queen Brigantia! Her kingdom was blessed by all the
prayers the people said. She was appointed, protected and guarded
by a holy messianic source of power. She then appointed heirs of pure noble blood
to save the legacy in time of war, crime and flood. The entire Royal
Family was liable for this gift and was always deeply honest and loyal.

Captain Orion knew her majesty well since he was taught
by her imperial queenly literary lessons. Her stories he, for us,
sometimes does eloquently narrate. About how she inspired human hearts
to scribe the Magna Carta. Amazement arose among people
who before her knowledge felt unaware and feeble.

Getting closer to the landing time the crew was
thrilled to bits. Their blood ran fervently through their very veins
and they forgot their previous pains. The Moons of Albion
were brighter than ever before. Gigantic and bright
like enormous balloons illuminated with phosphorescent light.

The Capital of Albion, “Alnimus” was blue and vast. It was seen as they descended
from a distance above although our crew and captains were moving so fast.
“Get ready to land, my dear compatriots and befriended”
“Our synergy and friendship will never be ended”. Said Captain Orion our hero and Sage
for whom the materialistic world seems as confined as a cage.

Smoothly they landed and smoothly they smiled.
A special ambassador who was standing in an aisle
was sent to greet the arrival of Black Star with his warmest welcomes
because of the very long way they had come.
“Welcome friends of Bellatrix, hail to the captains of great deeds.”

The ambassador was named Girranda, the special servant of Prince Harry.
He was a noble descendant of Queen Brigantia. He bowed and would greet
excitingly Orion whom he had the pleasure to finally meet.
Captain A was utterly fascinated with the hospitality the ambassador pursued
Enthusiasm was felt by all as the entire entourage heralded the rendezvous!

So they stood together enjoying the most delicious and sumptuous champagne.
Girranda and Orion discussed the forthcoming plans and both proclaimed
the importance of the mission through the multifaceted cosmic boulevards.
The Holy Map had accompanied Orion’s endeavors since his time in Brandesion.
This celestial portrayal was revered by Queen Brigantia and the society of Pleiadians.

Girranda explained that the Queen was aware of their arrival and sent her regards.
She announced a gathering of hosts and a multitude of help and guidance
for her cherished Earthling , Sage , and fantastically superlative Captain Orion!
Our Captain was overwhelmed with the words of the ambassador and the radiance
that streamed from his face like a beacon and all worries he then began to discard.

Filled with inspiration they patiently awaited the presence of Brigantia
This marvelous queen is for Orion the epitome of an inner Utopia
Her verses and language melt evil and confound the fallen angel Lucifer
Softening the bitterness with divine phrases praised by the muses of Jupiter
She often presented herself unpretentiously, sympathetically in flight upon an Aquila.

An orchestra of voices and strings mildly began for the entire entourage to hear.
Then trumpets gallantly played along with a solemn roll upon a tympani.
The texture of the music glided through the air painting hues on an aerosphere
similar to a zeppelin nonetheless creating an incredibly mystic atmosphere.
Every being glanced upward and was enthralled including every duke and marquis.
Observing with eyes full of wonder at the phenomenon from up above
The aerosphere drifted elegantly toward its landing and a carpet was rolled thereof
The music then swelled and the excitement would foretell the coming of the queen.
The gates would regally open with Queen Brigantia about to suddenly appear
The entourage started to whisper with a secretive and mumbling voice and convened
with amazement as expectations rose as she was chaperoned by charioteers.
With a gleaming ray upon her crown she stepped from the ship amidst her glorious sheen.

She proceeded forth blessing the throng with her luxuriously exquisite wand
while the music accompanied her procession to our Captain A and Orion.
She savored the opportunity for these pleasant moments she most deeply revered.
Last evening she had dreamt of each of the Earthlings as they did meditatively correspond.
She enshrines this assemblage with a star-studded exuberance and emotions so sincere.
An intense moment of delight, bliss and elation
filled the two captains’ passionate hearts.
The crew members were all in jubilation
filled with respect towards Queen Brigantia and her guards.
She then saluted the skippers in a celestial way
that no one has even witnessed until this day!

Testimonial greetings arose from the stars above
and below since in comparison to her glorious sheen
everyone shied away from boasting or to supervene.
The magicians from Derlon have all bowed before
her with white peaceful magic and a magnificent rapport .
She then began to prophesy and talk
during the entire audience did attentively gawk.

Mastering the highest levels of poesy and rhetoric
she was famous for her literary inspirations. The nine muses, with linguistics,
taught her speech together years ago on the Olympus mount.
Then she spread her knowledge throughout the galaxy.
Her words were tranquil but moving like a quiescent valiancy.
Girranda has been a golden friend of captain A and enjoyed
his reunion from the very first moment and ever since.
They used to live in the same city before it was destroyed
by the most vicious and iniquitous entity, the dark prince.
Captain A then joined his master Orion for a better goal
and Girranda joined the court to serve the galaxy as a whole.

Prince Harry of Albion was not present at the moment
He was on his way returning to Albion from a distant planet.
All the attendees were busy talking to their old friends in good conscious.
Light was all over their faces and the place stayed in beautiful calmness.
No one knew about the things which were to come
Dancers were prancing while drummers played an Indian drum.

Queen Brigantia was also gifted with meditative reception.
She often collaborated with Semjase through the next dimension.
She will mediate the passage of our Earthlings to Ysá Land
because of her mastery of relativity which she fully understands
calling with her poetic phrases of trust and congeniality.

She has a concept of silent communication with the Pleiadians
which supersedes language with prayerful ingenuity.
Engendering thought patterns which begin a secret meridian
exemplifying the necessity of concentration and continuity.
This art of intelligent correspondence originated at a presidium.

Acquiring a signal with the blossoming of a lotus the purple chakra
is aroused to respond to an irking need of another companion.
This provokes the induction of mystical waves, a phenomenon
only experienced from trainees from an ethereal dominion.
Queen Brigantia always instructs worthy recipients craving with curiosity.

Immediately at hand is the progress of our two illustrious Captains
whose mission of pacifism takes precedence and is priority.
Hence the contemplative summit which commences once again.
Chanting ancient cantos begins while humming in sublimity
resonates with serene quietude through the ripples of space.

Anticipating a response with the greatest patience will result
in an illumination conveying hope which clearly reiterates
the desire at hand for a clarification from Semjase who consults
her superiors to assist the comprehension which ameliorates
the topographical understanding of King Brett’s Holy Map.

As they plan to enter a precarious path Orion must adapt
his navigational skills to arise to his highest capabilities.
Therefore this session with Queen Brigantia to overlap
all knowledge possible to raise security and availability
and to contribute to their success in reaching their goal at last.

Queen Birgantia of Albion had a copacetic acquaintanceship
with Semjase. For both loved the matter of dimensions.
One had the complete knowledge and mastery
thereof and one a curious desire of the refractory.
Albion’s queen loved the matter of defamiliarization in time
which means breaking the frames and passing its prime.

As she mastered the meditative reception with wisdom
she knew how to help the people who dwelled in her kingdom
to receive a better substance, full of spirituality with a bounteous life.
She radiated more light in their hearts supporting the most splendid of arts.
She gladly spread more goodness through every being and counterpart.

The Holy Map of King Brett wasn’t a simple chart to read.
Many difficult struggles and knowledge come into need.
Adroitness was necessary with celestial discernment to proceed
through its topographical design to be precise.
The help of extraordinary spirits was required. All over the galaxy
the best option Captain Orion knew was her majesty.

Soon would start a summit which was held as a spectacle
at the entrance of this city. This held the excitement of all people
celestial or earthly and was unmeasurable.
Then Orion started to inquire about a special cosmic flower
which was being protected in the Albion’s highest tower.

The flower was called “Antheia” the king of plants from the Ysá land.
With its heavenly scent and power unknown to all
this flower helped all good spirits not to fall.
The odor of Antheia permeated the entire world
for it was the most exquisite perfume from our Lord.

It was believed that this source of life
could give eternity to knowledge and time
to anyone who would smell or touch it. So it was
guarded by the celestial guardians of light
protecting this flower so beautiful and white.

Captain Orion and Protégé A would soon concur with Brigantia.
The Holy Map was always in her possession. She copied a replica
many decades ago as a mission passed through her parallel universe.
After the summit she planned a private meeting to converse
over the usage of black holes and relativity to command
the cosmic passageways to the coveted Ysá Land.

In the meantime the twosome wandered through Albion
meeting other white wizards and interesting hierophants.
These psychic priests also were masters of meditation
and unraveled sacred mysteries of arcane exhumations.
They explained their transmission of thoughts with relevance.

Suddenly Brigantia appeared in brilliance and radiance
ready to educate the brilliant Captains with elegance.
The wholesome approach of a studious nature they took on
because of fascination and their profoundly respectful admiration.
She unrolled the copy of the Holy Map and began her explanation.

The captains were overwhelmed with awe as they viewed her instructions
filled with an alternative logic and a new science of deduction.
She expounded upon Einstein’s brilliant physics to elaborate
upon concepts of timelessness with the speed of light to navigate
freely through gravitational waves without the Black Star’s destruction.
The lights of elucidation gleamed like a lighthouse as Orion understood
the calculations of Brigantia with an utmost sureness and withstood
the lessons of the Queen with smiles and wonderment and jubilation.
He was filled with a thriving sentiment of gratitude and expectation
as he wished to take flight immediately with an auspicious likelihood
that his arrival in Ysá Land was soon to transpire with elation.

The twosome continued into the night to learn under the Queen
as she revealed deeper insight into their travels as they supervened
her every gesture as she clarified each byway of the Holy Map.
The session was going to adjourn as Brigantia overlapped
the final phases of their comprehension as she intervened
with her hierophants and their secrets they began to unwrap.

Orion and Captain A were exhausted but fully equipped with knowledge.
They succeeded as agile students and would soon acknowledge
their thankfulness however Brigantia returned to her chambers.
They were filled with astoundment as she alleviated the dangers
of this final leg of journey and their full dedication they did pledge.

The Captains of the Black Star experienced a calm night
after the unyielding hours of mental practices.
They did sleep in the “Albernious” castle in the east away from darknesses,
far from the gloomiest of beasts the “Evil Prince”
who the men of light could not conjure or convince.

Captain A was staring at the highest tower of all
and further surroundings of sharped-end walls.
Thinking hardly about the past again …singing “take it easy” by Glenn Frey.
The smell of Antheia consumed the entire room.
The skippers’ cheeks did blush and bloom.

So many stars started to sparkle and blink.
In the heart of the sky colors changed from blue to pink.
Captain Orion whispered from his bed: “that’s the effect
of this pietistic flower”. Then he rose up.
He drank water from a chalice that looked like a cup.

Now they possess the ability and the complete mastery
of the Holy Map. A feeling so satisfactory overwhelmed
them both. Staring at the source of an unpresumptuous feeling and smell
Captain A asked his master: “Where do we head toward when we bid farewell?”
Captain Orion smiled and replied: “A realm where the kindest soul I know does dwell”.

So the next day the captains said their goodbyes
to the Queen, the people of Albion their solid allies.
The gift Queen Brigantia gave them, this flower so precious and rare,
made Albion for them so heartwarming and divine.
The Black Star then took off from the city’s main square.

The colorful rays from Antheia cleaved the still air
and continued to glint into infinity and beyond.
James the engineer started up the engines and did respond
cordially and politely smiling at the crowd.
The crew of the Black Star all felt confident and proud.

Once again the journey starts, this time to meet an old great friend
who was different from all the Lords and Dukes, Orion said.
He with his wife have helped many a people through dilemmas.
His best friend, this congenial and noble fella
was a Germanic who always held an umbrella.
Protégé A was curious to know about this man
who governed the glorious “Nurembia” lands.
Captain A finally asked Orion while he did patiently sit
“Who is this friend of yours who keeps the night lit?” Orion replied
“Soon you will make the acquaintance with famous Johannes Schmitt!!”


Off they flew a trajectory directly to the stopover Nurembia.
The captains hence filled the wish of Queen Brigantia
who desired a conference between Orion and Johannes.
The governor would emphasize certain points of reference
to secure the perfect usage of the odors from the magic flower Antheia.

Johannes guided many throngs of wanderers unprotected
through dangerous territories which were rarely detected.
Antheia’s gorgeous powers were released as one touched
her sacred stem which radiated streams which reflected
through all matter to bring wonders and miracles as such
redeeming entire surroundings with all wrongs being corrected.

Travelling with expedience Black Star having Orion at the helm
would soon reach the outer limits of Johannes’ realm.
Captain A was full of expectations in regards to this rendezvous.
He was thankful for Orion’s surprise and a brand new
relationship with an important individual so heartfelt.

After voyaging through a birthplace of stars and pulsars
they both viewed the big-bang’s echoes; ancient quasars
at the end of this parallel universe where Nurembians dwell.
Soon they would be arriving where the heaven’s yell
expressing their euphoria saved from all treacherous hell.

The parameters were set for the landing at hand.
This would be one of the last stops before Ysá land.
Orion beseeched Semjase in a meditational trance,
watching kindly spirits do a picturesque dance,
to assist him with a touchdown at her command.

Music was heard from of course Johannes the Germanic.
It was like Tristan and Isolde soaring and romantic.
An orchestra of three thousand played for the crew
with a choir which sang enthusiastically thereinto
the night to greet Orion from the depths of the intergalactic.

The flower Antheia was under glass and unassuming
of her coming task which was in the air looming.
Johannes had multifaceted plans for her scents and hues
to discard of a villain who coveted her possession.
This would be the final day of his obstructive retrogression.

Dr. Johannes Schmitt is truly a pleasure to meet.
Not many a people have been next to him or had him to greet.
A Choir echoed in the air with a holy and sacred prayer.
The ship approached Nurembia with all the proper care.
From the distance above the atmosphere all seemed jubilant.
Good fortunes to the future generation it would surely grant.

Landing finally on the soft green ground
Plants and trees did blossom through the clouds
The ship glided gently to its destination
Petals of beautiful big flowers shone in fascination
and helped the ship to land: Yes, the crew had reached its station.

Johannes with his dear wife Regina came through the afterglow.
Captain A feeling content was surprised as Johannes bestowed
the crew and the captains presenting kindly treats.
Splendid trinkets and colorfully portrayed cameos
were a pleasure for the voyageurs as they returned to the feet.
Dr. Schmitt then said: “Mein bester Freund Orion,
Ich freue mich so Dich wiederzusehen
“Meister der weißen Magie, mein Bruder
Akzeptieren Sie unsere tiefsten Grüße” Captain Orion gently replied:
“Lieber Johannes und Regina, das Vergnügen gehört mir allein”!
Captain Orion then introduced Protégé A
who mildly approached and excitement he did display.
Regina and Johannes once met him as a child.
Now he is a man with grey hair who before them smiled.
Their kindness everybody could remember and all were beguiled.

The biggest difference between this couple and others is
that they always remained eleemosynary to people in need.
Nevertheless they never gave up fighting the darker forces.
With their altruistic judgement all students would succeed.
Teaching many a young people with their fairness courses and now
Johannes lives in tranquility with his beloved Frau.

The nearest place to the final destination of
the Captains, Nurembia shines in light and freshness.
There all members of the crew and the captains found restfulness.
Orion then presented his gift from Queen Brigantia
The awe of Herr Schmitt arose into the air as he witnessed Antheia
“This flower must be planted in the Ysá Land, Orion!”
Regina added: “Antheia is the only existing white mystic flower scion!”

Together they did walk towards the palace of Nurembia
while touching the amazing soft petals of the flowers so bright
on their way. Dews calmly blinked to the messengers of the light
while nobody taught of darkness as goodness did unite. Still the diabolical prince who
planned for an attack was brutally fighting and killing anew!


Using Nurembia as a base was to be discussed as recourse
against the dark prince. Because of the marvelous kindheartedness
of their hosts Johannes and Regina did strengthen the white magic’s source.
Antheia the ambrosial and paradisal flower gave them confidence
and protection streaming an aura of a divineness and resource.

There were rumors claiming that Orion was in possession
of meditative communication evoking the assistance
of the Pleaidians which gave him a greater accession.
Hence he secretly obtained the powers of resistance
repelling constantly the manifestations of the dark prince.

Notwithstanding these special talents the prince started a contraband
with the Dries who were in cahoots with the Dorsay.
All indications through Orion’s conversation with Semjase
pointed at the possibility of extra measures to disband
the half-breed Hilliop from his malicious maneuvers and plans.

Initiating the magical insight of Antheia came to mind
as she procured magic through her scent and was inclined
to melt the ice-cold attitude of our iniquitous mastermind.
Orion with his crew unanimously decided to have Antheia thereby
to preserve security amidst the fighting and to mortify
the band of Dries and Dorsay which the dark prince reinforced.

As quick as a Native American ambush his army appeared.
They were with no spaceship but on the grounds of Nurembia.
Herr Schmidt and Regina returned to their quarters in fear
however Orion was steadfast with the help of Brigantia.
Her present of peace and wisdom was there, the flower Antheia.

Little to the knowledge of the crew the flower had a mission.
She sprung forward like out of a white magical dream and vision
and swallowed the dark prince with a single motion so severe
that the soldiers of Dries and Dorsay in one quick movement disappeared.
The dark prince was digested from her enzymes.
This was the end of this impervious racketeer.

All of the crew and Captains were simply amazed not engaging in any battle.
The flower had in shortest time threw the prince from his high saddle
clearing the path to continue forward to the begotten Paradise.
Never to be hassled by the bother of the reptilian eyes
of the Dorsay. The half-breed Hilliop has met his demise.

The end of the Dark Prince is again a clear proof
that the showing of his darkness was found treacherous in this world.
Wars, bloodshed and cruelty will be forcibly removed.
It is justice, peace, friendship and love that can live on and improve
our environment in which congeniality, warmth and acceptance unfurls.
Goodbye Dark Prince! Your pursuits of disruption Antheia has ended.
Your death is exactly what the good Lords have recommended.

Captain A was given a boost and a boon
after his last time visiting our earthly France.
There was a friend who taught him how to talk to plants
how to understand their stories, photogenesis and chants.
It was long time ago, in Nantes, by a row of sand dunes.

The crew wanted to know how Antheia had the instinct to grasp
and swallow while performing her illustriously magnificent task.
Captain A because of his knowledge of plants explained what they asked.
“Unknown to all is her science of fearlessness which she understands
like the residents of Pleaides and inside the fascinating Ysá lands. “

Then Johannes held a party in the honor of light announcing
the death of this vicious entity to an excited throng who were renouncing
the dead man’s morbid attempts at thoughtless killings.
The exaltations were ringing through the crowd and all were joyful and willing.
So Herr Schmitt did call:
“Dearest of the lovely! Today you all witnessed this demon’s helpless fall!”

He continued on: “Darkness can’t live an eternity but it has strong roots
in the depths of many of the living , uniquely the human beings
who have cultivated hatred, mistrust and turmoil in their own lands
brainwashing to kill and fight with their puny bloody hands.
They have done harm to the paradise of cooperation and destroyed the mirth
of our Captains’ house with the incessant warlike manner on our Earth.”
We wish to have Orion bring resolve with his insight always foreseeing.

From Nurembia, after the party, with Regina’s big telescope
they gazed further past the quasars to the frontier of Ysá Land.
Orion joined in securing the parameters through a spectroscope.
This was because the travelers’ needs for light were being planned.
He then presented his purpose amongst the stars and galaxies.
The secret of his mission was to obtain the recipe of permanent hope.

Then Orion and Johannes recollected their memories on Earth
Their earlier adventures from Pretoria to Perth
Their memories of our cultures architectural design
From the Empire State Building to the heights of Shanghai
The tranquility of the parks and fountains of Isfahan
and the balmy temperatures in the friendly warmth of the sun.

“Nevertheless the quest is now the challenge we must withstand”
said Johannes with an urgency in his voice as he did demandingly stand.
“Thank God we have no longer the Dorsay or other pestilent at hand!
Godspeed be with you as the Holy Map guides your voyage!
Be aware of your historical, humanistic, and ancestral heritage
as you ready yourself for the wisdom of Ysá Land.”
So the preparations for a next takeoff to the final destination were in full swing.
The crew rummaged through the entire Black Star making sure that everything
was in order. James made checks on the fuel, navigational system and engine
and continued to examine with Protégé A, Antheia and Captain Orion
the topographical wonders of the Holy Map which guided them through thick and thin.

The farewell to Johannes and Regina was very emotional and heartrending
bringing waters to the eyes of the twosome as their glorious time was ending.
Antheia was there emitting her scents and aromas as they were ascending
to escape the atmosphere of Nurembia eventually cosmically entering
an orbit of a neighboring planet and eclipsing a moon until they found their course.
Soon a newly-shaped nebulous cloud appeared arousing a congenial intercourse.

The crew discussed other rarities they witnessed through the spaceship’s window.
Flashing sparkling lights were witnessed from the vacuum as a foreshow
inciting a cosmic storm brewing in the distance along an empyreal horizon.
The kaleidoscopic images were breathtakingly captivating like a paragon
from the depths of the ocean being displayed by Neptune and a swimming swan.

Each individual was enraptured with this cinema of Nature.
Feeling as if this pictorial journey was a thrilling overture
accentuating their ambitions for this greater expedition.
The blessings from their meditative states of mind
were abundant through Semjase with her wishes so sublime.
Feeling internally confident with the wizards from Derlon
the two captains maneuvered the Black Star hereupon
to spiral and gallivant in circular motion for a final entry.
The concluding thoroughfare through a spiritual sentry
was in a passive mode in which trust guided them to solemnly agree.

Inwardly the Black Star initiated its path through a secret avenue.
The Pleiadians, Emerther and Egarot mastered the rendezvous
thrusting the ship into a birthplace of stars with passionate fervency.
The wizards were all amazed at the coming of Pegasus to pursue
the precise direction exactly like King Brett’s ingenious overview.

Subsequently the objective was completed and Orion took command.
He took control at the helm and propelled Black Star to the speed of light.
Within a few hours the Pleiadians would return with a satellite
to guide the intergalactic voyageurs through space and to reunite
greeting their cosmic cousins final approach to the desired Ysá Land.


The captains of the Black Star left Nurembia towards their final goal.
Captain Orion and Protégé A were at the controls once more
remembering the hospitality of Johannes whom they both did adore.
The golden souls of the Nurembic couple shone in the skies above
reminiscent of humanity, magnanimity and undivided love.

The Pleiadians, Emerther and Egarot were accompanied by Pegasus
for this most crucial time to assist. The spirits of the crew did revive
as they suddenly witnessed the members of the Council of Five.
An important meeting was being discussed and about to be held
“Against the darkness together justice and peace we did upheld” said Captain A
while with Captain Orion they marked precisely their boundless way.

This way leaded to where stars give birth fruitfully to life
This is the most glistening part of our worlds animated and alive.
A shimmering light on the Holy Map tapped auspiciously a sign.
Master Orion then spoke:” Now has appeared a retrospect sublime!
This is where our previous friend was martyred returning from the Ysá Land
There you can witness his destroyed ship named the Grey Ghost, the Grand”.

Grey Ghost, the Grand once belonged to a Captain Cur,
a close friend of the Pleiadians and theirs. He was returning home hence
to see his family in Rome but was attacked by the now dead dark prince.
He left his legacy behind of which we are all heirs.
His ship now serves as the meeting place “for the old loyal friends of light”.
Captain A whispered: “the loss of Cur was such a moment contrite”.

Then a very meek wind whispered from the east once again
It then blew fiercely and faded far away. Within the wind were voices
of the darkened creatures who made futile choices
and by doing so they desired a nefarious world
which often was heartless, atrocious, selfish and cold.

The crew was curious to visit the remains of the Grey Ghost.
James prepared a quick landing at the sight of the wreck
bringing the Black Star gliding to the exterior outermost
area secretly hidden beneath the hills which were convex.
Then their arrival was secure to witness the ship from an eastern post.

In the highest part of Cur’s great ship
the captains received the spiritual companionship
of his ardent and profoundly contemplative friends.
Strengthened from the apparitions of Cur’s crew as they did recommend
composure and assurance through the waiting tribes and Pleiadians.
The waves of knowledge from Semjase and other guardians of light
would sustain the crew through their resplendently courageous flight.

Then captain Orion talked about the valor and valiance
of the Grey Ghost’s skipper, praising how lambent and radiant
his efforts were. Cur has remained a great symbol for he did ascend
the courage of all the celestial warriors in history
past and a great leader he was for his universal consistory.

Cur was also a friend of ancient Greek tribes, who gave their Lords
to help the Great Grey warriors. The Locrians were such experts
in working with Bronze and presented Captain Cur then a bronzed sword.
Captain Orion found the shining epee in the cockpit of Cur
Whispering:” A! Et a miraculo, ad gladium, clarus épée!! “A replied: “Amazing, Sir!!
Captain Orion left the abandoned ship and the metaphysical meeting
with the guardians of light. The famous Captains then entered
the shining stars of the galaxy at night. The aroma of Antheia had already engendered
an atmosphere in the Black Star. James was singing to himself and fixing stuff
thinking about this flight knowing the future could be rough.

“Ready to take off, O’ the men of probity
men of rectitude, uprightness and tenderness. After years
of jeopardy in the galaxies, all men of myrrh
after meeting again with the spirit of Captain Cur,
we are ready to take off! O’ all goodness we adhere! ”

Said Orion the Great and the ship took off
as all the crew the darkness did scoff.
For the time had come to move
forward the righteousness of light and to prove
as well the divineness of their mission so aloft.

Accompanied by cosmic blue and a reddish explosion,
and iridescence with white rays which flew through a cosmic ocean,
the engines did roar to take flight. All the darkened hues
faded away and a sea of blue stars appeared
while Captain A and Orion Black Star’s wheels did steer.
After the sincere memorial the progression toward Ysá Land continued!
The three tribes with Pegasus protected and oversaw the flight through
the territorial conjunction of positive matter and timelessness.
There shone on the outer limits an aurora borealis next to many nebulae.
“This occurrence was designated on the Map of King Brett!” said Captain A.

Captain Orion congratulated his discovery as it was important for the initiative
and a message was forwarded with universal radio waves to the P Pleiadians.
They sent back an understanding that this signal was understood and Pegasus
neighed and sprung energetically aroused with the coming of the Lydians.
The northern lights announced another ancient Greek tribe amongst us.

The Lydians came to the outer limits after their extinction from the Terra.
They were brought here from a visitation of Felines from the North Star Vega.
These empyreal aliens were nonaggressive highly intelligent masters of Egypt
educating their culture with the wonders of meditative sapience and hieroglyphics.
The Lydians were relatively new guests of the Council of Five representing a golden era.

The existence of these former Earthlings enthused the crew of wizards
and alleviated their problem of trepidation and further fear of imminent hazard.
Orion’s approach to the aurora brought him a series of thoughts so provocative
that he began to meditate as to better communicate the next prerogative.
The Pleiadians then responded with trying to open Orion’s inquisitive
nature and implored him to conjure a question from deeply inward.
Orion was overwhelmed with curiosity and asked friendly for an answer
suspecting perhaps his friend Semjase was playing with his gullibility.
Nevertheless the message came softly to Orion that upon the distant horizon
lied a wonder to be beheld which he was to witness with the rising
of the next galaxy which will accompany his arrival with pomposity and dignity.

“This would become apparent upon your landing and the final transfer”
“We are happy to be here to enjoy your fervor for your accomplishment unheard.”
Protégé A marveled at this moment, looked into the eyes of Orion and felt his gentility
while he hastened their course toward the “Finis Maximus.”
The Paradise of Peace, with Universal Wisdom, solace and recluse
was in the immediate vicinity bringing forward a sentiment of rhapsody.


The crew came scurrying on deck for Orion commented they soon would arrive.
The Emerther and Egarot joined a new spaceship a yonder and began to wander
to an assemblage of other extraterrestrial vessels which appeared before them.
The crew inquired by Orion what phenomena was occurring from the Council of Five
and he secured their curiosity with a clarification sublime that explained everything fonder.

“This event of our disembarkation is of extreme importance for it is our very first
appearance on the frontier of Ysá Land where the Council of Five did converse
about greeting our entourage of white magical wizards and congenial convivial
gentleman who behold a similitude of conquest for the magnifying of light.
I truly am on pins and needles wondering also what will soon be: This is conjectural!”

So the expectations grew as the gentlemen proceeded preparing for landing.
Of course the premonitions were cooking under the surface what could be eventually.
Soon behind the Black Star came a fleet with pleasant innuendos playing accentual
rhythmics to describe the momentary luster of all the vessels moving in an outstanding
configuration on each side of the Black Star presenting a supreme motion so enthusiastically.

Soon they circled upward advancing to the approaching horizon where Ysá land was seen.
There all the benign aliens Redan, Ginvo , and Orela would be waiting to convene.
These were the other tribes of the Council of Five who have existed for billions of years.
Along with the Felines and Pleiadians they oversee the universes devoid of fear
as a collective of benevolent societies who were full of anticipation dressed in velveteen.

Now Orion feels his readiness for the arcade to land so he calls James to thrust
the ship towards the paradisal view with throngs of applauding guests throwing stardust.
Thousands upon thousands of extraterrestrials gave boisterous salutations to the Earthlings
and came to be seen with their incitements so staggering as they kept flattering
the crew, Orion and Protégé A as they stepped upon the mystic grounds of Ysá Land.

Then from the heavens played an orchestra divine with choirs singing chants
of deepest recognition for the ending of their mission as the youth began to dance.
Here the white wizards, James and the Captains will be enlightened by illumination.
Every bliss and pleasure is also to be experienced with absolute exaltation.
Tears of euphoria drip from the eyes of all participants as the Council of Five will enhance
the ceremony with splendid universal musical events with Antheia and her native scents.

There is always solace and a meditative recluse for the strengthening of internal events
which inevitably balance the vitality and positive production of personal ascents.
The timelessness of Ysá Land is a wonder indeed where no one ages during their stay.
One millennium is for its inhabitants merely a moment or a fleeting day.
Nonetheless their spirits were to be richened with profound knowledge and utter wisdom.
Many centuries are capsuled in the brevity of a second where light moves through a prism.

A representative from each tribe came to the newly-arrived crew of terrestrials.
They handed them a document which shone in luminescence with a testimonial
text gifting the Earthlings with a better comprehension of their new surroundings.
Each of the tribal chiefs understood the Anglican language and could emit the soundings
of words and amazed the crew with their expertise, quite intelligent and highly logical.

Orion wished to present a speech to exhibit his immense thankfulness!
He commenced with his reminisce of the entirely fascinating journey
naturally recognizing Semjase and King Brett for their helpfulness.
He showed an optimistic attitude to be amongst his fellow universal inhabitants.
Articulating with great fury their sympathetic gratitude for the miraculous
reception and to breathe so auspiciously in Ysá Land following our courageous tourney.