Here’s Donnie!


What is the moral of this comical fable?
We have chosen a jester who is neither trained nor able.
He picked up quickly a quaint little ‘Milliardy’
and wasn’t very punctual, so foolhardy and tardy.
An absolute nincompoop and clumsy of foot
Very greasy and unkempt, full of rubbish and soot
Totally narcissistic with his nasty manners so sarcastic
A complete loser brownnosing the rich and cynic
Weak of speech, utterly dumb confused and illiterate
He stumbles over his words, ooing and ahing like an idiot
Bringing it all on the table his proposals so horrific
Lost his bloody mind and falsely supervised a clinic
Lord! Help us if he decides to get any meaner
We have the People’s Watch who register his demeanor
Such an atrocious calamity of absurd inexperience
The general prognosis is manipulation as his final preference.
Dumbfounded and permanently scratching our heads
I think we will pray to the angels pleasantly instead.
I’m sorry for my disconcerted complaintive temperament
I will impart my statements and glorify their content.
He concocted a brand new recipe for his side-show regalia
He was inducted in the Hall of Fame of bigtime Wrestling mania!
He was overwhelmed with female charm but not a macho gent
He was acclaimed as superlative for all the Beauty Pageants.
He displayed his feistiness as a boss, the master of apprentices
by firing the inept with a cigar in his mouth which he gladly practices.
If building square boxes wasn’t enough he chose helping models.
Surrounding himself with women was once again not so novel.
Then riding the apocalyptic horse with the old rightwing boy named Bannon
caused him some indigestion while he looked into the nasty cannon.
Then we all were shocked at his support from David Duke
with white supremacy as the theme it was never a fluke.
Standing in the south with all levers screwed in as planned
and shamefully scoffing the NAACP with the Ku Klux Klan.
Ouch a slap in the face for the liberal doorkeeper’s scheme
with the deposing of Bernie ruining the American dream.
Ridden with falseness and unauthenticity he picked apart
their weaknesses which were plentiful from the start.
With all our glaciers melting he says it is a farce
Claiming that the world’s not warmer his arguments are sparse.
Looking for amazing truths which he reflects out loud
by stripping apart the mistakes and clearing up the clouds.
Hallelujah he won on the day the wall came down
Leaving a ripple in the crease of his trousers downtown
He curls his fingers expressing his two bits like a troubadour
Of course he will continue are ignoble perpetual war
Too ignorant to establish a fascistic round of affairs
but swims with his errors so joyfully debonair.
His cabinet is glutinous with a round table of CEOs
who further their madness with their contemptible host.
Lost are the lobbyists who have become superfluous
While his processes are deplorable and most disastrous
Chasing the illegal aliens across his guarded borders
Building his Chinese Wall with a payment he does order.
Oops the release of a tape from access Hollywood appeared
A raucous, vulgar and sexist, so he was condemned with utmost fear.
Oh my Mother of Mercy hear my prayers and my earnest beckoning plea
Save the world and return it to the common people of empathy.