As a spectacular night’s display couples with the appearance of the goldenrod
we declare the final phase of summer with the overabundance of August.
Still the merriness of hazy days encircle our temperament with a façade
of sunflowers burgeoning forth as our sowers prepare for harvest.
Orchids adorn the garden with a paradisal aroma of late roses
with ripening plums and eggplant bursting along patches of sod.
Perhaps occasionally a reminder of autumn blows from the northwest
with a caterpillar crawling to make its cocoon as he gently juxtaposes
the hope to become a butterfly with a miraculous form; the chrysalis.
A zealously industrious swarm of wasps enjoy the succulent clover
as they sprint leaf to flower exercising purpose with their auspicious
attitude constructively collecting honey for their queen who’s at rest.
The lion’s sun majestically streams so heartwarmingly, moreover,
the twilight does gleam like middle May as a figeater beetle proposes
to play possum enjoying Nature’s bliss so literally unambitious.
With the twilight a garden of wildflowers coronated with a pink turtlehead
is surrounded by thistle and ironweed with a bouquet of evening primroses.
Soon they will cradle their blossoms within to slumber in dreams instead
waiting for the coming dawn with all possibilities kept surreptitious.
Then we will glance to the north as Perseus protects Andromeda
with the assistance of Swift-Tuttle’s shooting meteors overhead.
This is a celebration of cosmic dust, which remains as a phenomena
after Tuttle’s orbit. We pass yearly through with a speed so expeditious.
The breathtaking array of an explosive spectacle as these nifty space rovers
fascinate our vision falling through the morning sky as these moments are coveted.
Trampling through the wilderness of an open prairie we stumble over stover
as the moonless hours before sunrise gift us with this view aforesaid.
The rising fog afterwards from a pond of lotus flowers has inspirited
our internal awareness opening our perceptions to the capricious.
Beholding the return of our estival warmth, as the sunrise moves over
the landscape with all shadows lengthened, we have garlanded
the morning greenery in a bouquet of herbs so utterly delicious.
As the maturation of all flora takes on its saturation the inherited
atmosphere is one of plethora exceeding our boundaries unlimited.
We rejoice since the waters have flown in turbulence thus fortuitous
for the germination of the cacti queen of the night so heralded.
Our night-blooming cereus of vanilla leaves an unforgettable well-bred
sentiment imbedded in our memory from this garden we have visited.
The lights of the celestial, to the rains so torrential, we cherish and applaud
the events of our late summer granting us an incredibly luxurious watershed.