As one passes through the doors of life one encounters
the token phenomena of measured cycles which race
like lightning giving us the false impression that we flounder
like a fish out of water chasing the moon in desperation.
Everyday seems like an assembly line as we wish to retrace
our carefree days of childhood in complete exasperation
clutching to the straws we once thought was our reality.
Ceasing these unwished successions of events may appear
to be impossible nevertheless one must crave the practicality
of enjoying the leisure of reliving one’s cherished memories.
The pleasure of remembrances is the evergreen touch of our yesteryears.
Acceptance of the recognition of time as an element so transitory
brings us to comprehend an incredibly spectacular perpetuity.
The reminiscence with meditative talents can reawaken pictorially
instances from decades past capturing moments never to be forgotten.
This opens the opportunity for excitation with serendipitous fortuity.
However interestingly the painfully dismal and remorseful immemorially
horrific will vanish to preserve sanity as all anxiety evaporates and disappears.
Much like an occurrence which the devil himself has gleefully misgotten
Therefore we are fancy free to engage our spectacle as an extravaganza
with an adventuresome attitude ready to explore our golden memoirs.
This diary lies untouched amongst the annals hidden in the banks
of our brain waiting to be discovered and recalled in the very next stanza
written upon the palm of our hand as we travel wondrously through our life line.
Then out of the wild blue yonder is instigated an anniversary to reinstate a bonanza
of memorabilia in the scrap books of prior days of contentment so soft and benign.
The elephant or canine obtain an impeccable recollection which ultimately ranks
supremely in the world of fauna as we also maintain an immense reservoir
to bring about a particular situation reflecting our bliss as we gratefully thank
the beauteous retrospection while we revel the same sentiments quite similar.
Graciously we bow indebted to this fulfillment reliving one’s cherished memories
as the imperishability of our experiences becomes a tangibly legible signature.
Our identification of these personal visions we hold as irreplaceable so the nature
of our inner selves will emanate the essence of our historia and celestial story.
Our names resonate from Earth to the depths of the universe as an obligatory
ritual of our birthright as the Prince of the Stars stands by His tabunacular
residence waiting in quiescence for our return as we accomplish our journey.
We can fathom through all of our facilities the awareness of the divine
chaperoning our spirits to recluse relieved of our tribulations for we are worthy
of His reception as we conjure our thoughts which He has awarded us so sublime.
This is the rhyme and reason why livelihood is reliving our cherished memories.
Carved into the mountains is our destiny modeled by the Gods as we realign
our thinking process to the presence of the healing voice resonating in overtime.
Incessantly petitioning a realm of guardian angels to hover abiding our stature
while our dreams flourish through our subconscious enthralled with eminent glory.