During my youthful days I was luckily surrounded with inspiration.
The energies were auspicious showering ideas into my fantasy.
Needless to say there were many obstacles obstructing my elation.
I needed a perseverance which accompanied my effervescence.
Many distractions could irritate my perceptions and derail my expectations
nevertheless I kept rolling those R&B licks across the keys like a rhapsody.
So if the muses come knocking let the swinging door entrance
their arrival with a reception of their gift and commence your oscillations.
The perpetual swing of the pendulum will secure the balance
of your glorious recitation enlightening an observer’s wish for gallantry.
Challenging your listener with innovative passages brings confidence
while your angelic mannerisms evoke a pleasurably exhilarant exultation.
Definition of the stylistics of expressiveness exude a language
of pleasantries which ease the stirring soul to consonance.
Tying the ribbon in a congenial fashion is a fashionable bridge
connecting your inventiveness with your beholder’s appreciation.
Collecting experiences of a positive nature needn’t be forgotten
as they warrant determination for rendering your tutelage.
The journey from the original idea to the manifestation of the image
is perhaps the magnificence of rediscovering your imagination.
Undisturbed in your reclusive habitat you design and have begotten
the buoyant beauty of a gorgeous scheme achieving realization.
The enthusiasm is overflowing for a presentation to your pilgrimage
who have appeared for the glorification of your new-fangled exploration.
Please allow never your failures to be a frustration and search for variety
to galvanize your procedure until you have defined your heritage.
Sometimes the relentlessness will bite until you are downtrodden
and sacrifice your efforts asking for a renewal and a rejuvenation.
A visionary process may overpower your limits however the entirety
is much worthwhile for the goal we wish is artistic independence.
With a surprising circumvention other priorities captured our adolescents.
Playing the game of making few waves ineptly preferring a false security
Trading stocks like a speculator and not engaging in a remarkable invocation.
The meditative level of existence includes a great quantity of patience
however the rewards are bounteous and giving is a rewarding reciprocity.
Conjuring the oversight to trust in the longevity of transfiguration
is a momentous thrust of metaphysical prowess providing confidence.
Therewith the boundlessness becomes reality proposing validity
to the weaver of dreams who threads mystically his spellbinding tapestry.
Healing the unforeseeable doubts which escort our resourcefulness
exposes a sleeping giant hiding in the haystack of our diligence.
You uncover your binges of creative spurts which awaken your propriety
declaring yourselves the artist you have become in total eloquence.