ADVENTURES OF TWO CAPTAINS Volume 2 (Ysá Land to Earth)

Adventures of Two Captains

Volume 2

Chapter One
Tutto l’amore e la pace

Ysá land is abounded with lights
from a thousand brilliant stars.
Lanterns of the dreadful nights
are dancing in leviathan quasars.

No signs of caustic remarks
of the mundane way of life.
Instead there’s Glasir’s sparks
and the shepherds’ sound of the fife.

In center stand the Ysá’s halls
fulgent and great.
Its bulwarks taller than the Vallhall’s walls
Tranquility their nature does create.

Smaller halls with trees are filled
like a choir singing the song of peace.
Mystic birds fly over the field
A worldly niceness they do release.

Antheia shines with glory
Giving life to its evergreen home
Complaining about the life so gory
when our spirits are sadly alone.

Replete with an elixir of joy
as the green bushes sang
No signs of felons, the victims decoy
the serpents and their fang.


“All love and peace”
whispered Captain Orion calmly
Not a single sign of earthly caprice
while all stood jovially and jolly.

Who would the constable meet
in this land of wonders?
Maybe a group of wizardry elite,
the owners of the raining thunders.

Maybe the harbingers of a galaxy
or some ancient clan
could correct the world’s fallacy
and save lives with a cosmic plan.

A rich laconic speech
was given by our sage.
Being grateful for he did reach
Ysá, there all pains he would assuage.

Now are gathered all the clans
All the friends of light
Emerther and Egarot with their wands of pecans
As well the council of five chanted in delight

The chorus song echoed all over the place
Still singing some unknown verse,
Signs of wonder on Captain A’s face
as in this ballade he did immerse.

Captain Orion bristled with joy
as he received a message from Semjase.
Thanking the skippers for they were not coy
and mentioned that helping us she does enjoy.

A message from Johannes was sent
Delivered via the spirit of the night
Orion opened to read the content
with eyes all glowing with light.

Lord of Nurembia congratulated
the captains for reaching their goal.
By his kindness the crew was saturated
truly the Nurembic couple was given a noble soul.

All of a sudden the song’s tone changed
and a cool breeze from the main hall blew!
Everything was well arranged
Who would come out of the chamber? No clue!

Then miraculously appeared the sage Yimina
who blessed all for their lust for adventure.
He spoke gently cantos to express and capture
the attention of every single being and Amina.

Plans were being discussed about further travel
Notwithstanding the fervor of Black Star’s arrival
The insatiable desire of Orion was to unravel
the mystery of enduring universal survival.

Avoiding the transient passing to a quasar
he conceived a theory of the youth of stars.
Always concentrating on an inborn intensity
reflecting the concept of an inert revival.

Hence he analyzed the movement of drifting colors,
whether blue or red, focusing on density.
Captain A was also fascinated at the diverse
possibilities to meet various engaging avatars.

These spirits could view through Brahma years
to detect the age of any particular universe.
All galaxies were expanding or contracting
nearing the necessity of rebirth enacting.

These principles seems to always adhere
while Ysá land seemed to resonate permanence
causing the usual circumstance to disappear
reflecting its incredible balance and Godly providence.

Perhaps a microcosm of an ethereal substance
can truly bind its matter to be acting
in a constant manner of rejuvenation in spheres
of the inexplicable with peace transacting.

Ysá land possesses eternity and denies time
and its galaxy has thoroughly intimidated the darkness.
It has confined many a pugnacious crime
and many offensive and scurrilous allegations
resulting in the circumstance of absolving the mess.

For the keepers of Ysá Land hold the essence of life.
They are the Fathers of the Higgs Boson, ancestors
of a chained creation that is omnipresent and rife
apparent since mankind became rampant and murderously killed
and fired missiles and drones from their command centers.

Their essence of life was known as Perpetuus lucem
which is being guarded by masters and guardians
who were currently anointing the Yesians,
the inhabitants of Ysá Land they’ve gently monitored.

Their ethereal existence is present when Ysá Land is entered.
Through meditation these Fathers communicated with translucence
contacting Semjase from the protective race of Pleiadians.
Under her umbrella she lends her helping hand with every gesture.

Ysa Land’s never ending light did refresh
timelessness and its entire galactic life since
there existed no history or process
nor a trace of the despicable dark prince.

Its rays of peace were used to reflect upon all worlds
before the wicked darkness rose from an abyss.
The propagators then promulgated blasphemy before the Lord
with an interminable attack, disguising every form of bliss .

Nevertheless Master “Yimina” stood towering majestically from the main hall
He was magnificently surrounded by an ancient glowing light
This brilliant beam came from past lives that never did perish or fall
and encompassed the Master of all guardians, our sage, appointed as Ysá’s knight.


Yimina , this noble knight conceived concepts of rejuvenation.
With the constant renewal through selflessness and sympathy
he received sovereignty, devotion and an unwavering inspiration
which opened new avenues of thought full of openness and empathy.

Through the courageousness of our Captains he wished to share
his discoveries which supported the contagiousness of idealism
where typical logical processes were challenged and compared
with a quantum physics which bewilders the imagination.

Shuffling through waves, matter and the eleventh dimension,
with the integration of Shiva the mystic God of destruction,
will commence a Higgs field describing the transience and tension
which pull the lyre’s strings reverberating a collision at every junction.

The acceleration of instinctual energy through eclectic synergism
will reawaken the marvelous capacity of masterminding making us aware
of replenishment through accomplishment with a fantastic futurism.
The unyielding mammoth impulses of pulsars will be born to overbear.

The movement of energy will not dissipate but brings transformation
igniting Yimina to concur with Orion inaugurating their conjunction
to collaborate with the help of Birgantia to formulate their intention.
This will firstly be experimental nonetheless based on solid cohesion.

The indicators of the source of their perception and deductions
will be entirely grasped under the solemn watchful eye of Yimina .
His greatest vision is held as sacred within Ysá Land where all instruction
conveys the profound values of infinitude until an ultimate ascension.


The complicated discoveries of the knight
would help the universe to renew again.
Changing faulty paths and giving delight
correcting futile errors so inane.

The eclectic synergism is of course a golden key.
Hence the future can be read as well
Peaceful thoughts will all be free
Forever on worthy planets they may dwell.

Yimina then confessed one important thing
His theory was not completed yet
Since then he has shared with a king
his valuable information, named Burnett.

Burnett has formed a device
that does keep the energies of
twenty suns, magnifying energies twice
“Voio mikka giminia Burnett soila velaf ”
said Yimini in Yesian with a heart full of love.
(Burnett and I will meet in behalf of this)

Since all the Yesians need their plants to carefully form
they are not able to abandon them and travel abroad.
So Yimina asked the Captains to please inform
personally Burnett to measure their radio wave’s baud.

For unknown reasons they actually could not
communicate through the wave’s lights.
Maybe this was because of a natural dark spot
or some devilish pugnacious darker knights.

Captain A to Orion then whispered
“May this Yesian theory bring enduring peace?”
Orion smiled and said: “Trust in what you heard!
Your doubts and fears may soon decrease.”

Yimina then handed a magical scroll
to the Captains of the Black Star.
This green knight of ours was given a blessed soul
powerfully great not resembling a czar!


Within this ancient scroll was another sacred Map.
Yimina spoke with Orion and Burnett regarding directions.
Captain A, who was specialize in radio waves recapped
his diagnosis of the interferences to the Yesian connections.

He estimated the frequencies as being strangely reflected
against some outer perimeters from larger water planets.
Through the heating of the hydrogen from a blue star he detected
the possibility of the radio waves disappearing as time elapsed.

All of sudden he deemed this to be simply corrected
by strengthening the baud of the original transmission.
Solving this problem would define the mobility of the Yesians
in that they could express their theories and describe their mission.

Orion and Yimina congratulated the protégé and legions
of Yesians applauded his knowledge. He was considered a guardian
for delivering a solution for this dilemma that effected the region’s
ability to develop their wonders through Yimina and the Pleiadians.

The comprehensibility of the theories of our knight wasn’t taken for granted.
The accessibility of his jargon was for a well-schooled scholar selected
and needed to be conscientiously and contemplatively dissected.
Burnett was the translator of his concepts reviewing all decisions.

Now their interaction with other races and species wasn’t handicapped
and could flourish in the future bringing their virtues with ambition
to universes far and beyond as each Yesian dreamed perhaps
one golden halcyon day all Greys would exceed their tradition.


Now the communication could run
smoothly without a respite.
The only thing needed to be done
was to meet Lord Burnett with his wave sender device.

Once they receive the device, forthwith
the waves could reverberate
throughout the galaxies the Yesian’s myth.
This will be sent, to all congenial friends and mates.

The Ysá Land realms are so massive and vast
including many mystical lands.
Ordinary people could seldomly outlast
the powerful magic of the wizards named “Grands”.

The Grands are as well Yesian guardians of light
whose magic is ubiquitous all around the place.
The presence of their power in Ysá is a common sight
Being not of the honest sort their magic can be a menace.

Burnett, their lord dwells in the “Vindura” territory
of Ysá land. Crazy contraptions are what they
are famous for . Usually in process, preparatory
to create something novel in one fresh day!

Burnett has taught the mystic ways of the Grands
so he can manifest tranquility and peace.
With his mind and spirit besides his hands
he will end wars and bloodshed can cease.

An internal adventure to Vindura calls
the captains of the Black Star.
Maybe on the way the captains experience a windfall.
Some mystically enthralling events, in Vindura, afar!


Captain A experienced the generousity of each habitat
The ancient problem of being enclosed was to disappear.
The competence of their communitive powers as diplomats
would flourish bringing their philosophy to every ear.

The establishment of a field of radio telescopes
dispatching their direct intuitive messages
would be able to reach Semjase with the hope
of collaboration and a synergetic atmosphere.

The healing waves of a sympathetic scope
would enhance the comprehension of sages
who further the philosophy which adheres
the tribes of Ysá Land through the rock of ages.

A utopia of magnanimous cooperation evokes
the interest of other extraterrestrial species
who strive for self-expression to uncloak
the mysterious workings of the Yesian theses.

Hence the two Captains ardently blend their talents
with Yimina as well as with Burnett to deeply invoke
an industrious nature to construct a pioneer
project to modernize their ability with intent.

The assembly of radio wave transmission
must be tremendously, powerfully efficient
reaching into the depths of space, light years
beyond the next parallel universe in total fruition.

Captain A with his knowledge of electronics
surpassed even the most sophisticated physics
entering in the quantum theories of charioteers
before previous timeless eras came into vision.

So he hired a crew of Yesian and Pleiadians
to assist him with his thoughts and decisions.
Masterminding their way to a gigantic park
of telescopic wonder to express Yimina, their patriarch.


Captain A has drawn an outline at last
for his massive park of radio wave telescopes.
It would connect present to future, future to past
and magnify all universes’ communicative scopes.

Nonetheless because of his youth he was fretful,
afraid of distractions and perhaps thoughts could scatter.
Captain Orion advised him to stay cool and not forgetful
focusing on the issues at hand and really what matters.

He then said, “The scheme is ready and Burnett’s device
will complete your blueprint and finished plan. “
“You are my talented protégé devoid of vice
with a heart of gold since your life began”

The real guardians against darkness
boisterously resist and won’t ever hem in
until they conquer with peace and all universes
overwhelm by ending wars which needn’t begin.

Yimina our knight then proclaimed to comment
to some of his best sages and wizards Grands.
He would accompany them through the environment
and experience the wonders of far-off magical lands.

One was named “Bifiben”. There lived descendants of the Red Elms city.
They came suddenly and did join James for a visit in his engine room.
“Mckillan” also came to the Black Star, a warrior so witty,
who trounced the Prince of Darkness in his days of gloom.

He said “Travelling in Ysá could be adventuresome and nice
as a twosome nonetheless not for a lonely or solitary man.”
Orion was given the task to collect the rare materials needed
for Burnett’s device which were to be found in a distant part of Ysá Land.

He had a discussion with James to carefully inspect the Black Star
and then accompany him to explore as they proceeded
toward the mines where Burnett’s materials, in particular,
were to be found. These treasures were also hidden under thick ice.
Burnett guided them for he knew every corner of Ysá’s paradise.


The magical scroll also defined their emotional stature
Yimina outlined the whereabouts of Burnett’s special Nature.
His philosophy of rejuvenation also profoundly interested Orion.
The Captain’s meditative and pensive connection to the Pleiadians
taught to Queen Dalina was his shining light and signature.

Yimina and Orion wished to both convene a symposium
with brilliant wizards and Grands reviewing their literature.
The possibility through the sublime stability of equilibrium
with a redefinition of earthly physics in Ysá Land would incite
an empathetic emotional spirituality to surface and be conjured.

The intuitive knowledge through Semjase opened new avenues
initiating the scientific in its exquisite substance to ignite
a serendipitous symbiosis of passions and reason.
Blending this with virtues of enlightenment enables us to construe
the instinct of sentiments with each passing season.

In our demeanor lies our mastering of success to allure
a beneficial ambience to formulate a positive oversight.
Orion’s quest to master matter to defy transience will ensure
a transcendence which will captivate Yimina’s imagination forthright
and inspire his thought process with an intellectual rendezvous.

The likelihood of an excitingly earnest partnership was evident.
We needed only to gaze at the Earthling and Yesian to procure
their relationship as favorable with each evolving event.
They were soon to be immersed in a speculative exchange
drawing from all resources very engaged with their interchange.

James had diligently completed his service and secured
Black Star’s systems and she was ready for their mission.
Receiving the materials for Burnett’s assembly was an expedition
through the extremities of Ysá Land within the range
of Orion and soon he would take upon his journey and venture.


Captain Orion then bid farewell to Yimina
to assist Captain A with his telescopic field.
He was set to fly with James. The magic scroll revealed
the proper destination with the help of an antenna.

The voyage was then to start to the far ends of Ysa land
to retrieve the minerals from the mystical mines of Burnett.
The completion of the radio park was indeed their goal.
Their Godspeed was a rainbow garnished in yellow to violet.

Captain Orion did intensively peruse
the different aspects of the holy scroll.
He then could imagine the feelings of his crew
and found them all loyal with universal views.

One enthralling truth he found
was that Ysá Land is like a living organism.
Meaning that all trees, plants and the ground
could feel and breathe unified without schism!

They also noticed above an elegant valley
a magnificently rapturous glacial paradise.
All the living beings of Ysá loved communally,
even the inhabitants of the realms under the ice.

Then gigantic birds happily passed by the ship
and Captain A was surprised at various scenes.
The surrounding areas were full of new wonders and the trip
was filled with gorgeous landscapes and creatures he hadn’t seen.

Captain Orion then uttered: “the mines exude
bizarreness with a mysteriously ominous vibe.”
His courageous demeanor gave him an aptitude
of confidence to avoid all dangers with what he decides.

Captain Orion then told Captain A to communicate
with Burnett and ask for details of the mines
and the parameters he needed to start to investigate.
The protégé then typed Morse code to comfortably cosign
his wishes and waited patiently as James did navigate.


Orion was continuing to pensively read through the magic scroll
He came about a scientific section about Ysá dimensions.
It was a thorough explanation of its atomic make up in whole.
As we know Ysá is massive however without gravitational tension.
This was because of a distribution of molecular balances.

It was described as a landmass covering the diameter of Neptune.
Ysá received its warmth from various stars and has a stable atmosphere.
Nonetheless its density is light enough and its gravity is somewhat strewn
instead of concentrated and movement is much like on earthly spheres.
This was comprehensible and Orion was satisfied with the clear analysis.

Ysá Land was independent of a solar system and stretched over various sections,
one more paradisal than the next encompassing an eclectic landscape.
Ice formed into glaciers and rivers would flow underground and transshape
the surroundings into fertile plains with which they could cultivate nourishment.
They possessed a botany which enthralled Orion to understand and pioneer.

The art of their vegetation demanded the highest form of concentration.
It was a daily task of all inhabitants to implant their fields with an utmost vigilance
being constantly aware of their progress and the need for replenishment.
Therefore all pollutants are strictly forbidden and with an ultimate diligence
the Yesians like native Americans praise their plentitude through dedication.

With this priority they live in peace and prosper in total wonderment
adoring the possibility to communicate their philosophy in compliance
with essentials respecting the natural tendencies with which they adhere.
Reflecting through the principles of existence within their glorious realm
they relate as indigenous beings of Ysá Land with their immediate environment.

Orion was flabbergasted with this heartrendering simplicity which overwhelmed
his sympathies engendering a gracious moment and a meditative contemplation.
A puristic wave of clarity awoke Orion to articulate his thoughts as a sermoneer
from ancient days to express the methods of constant survival in consonance.
Meanwhile Captain A received per Morse code the answer from Burnett.

He stirred Captain Orion from his solace to explain the needed information.
James was ordered to sustain the course directly forward and clear
across the horizons over the plateaus and desert initiating the furtherance
of their tedious journey through the uncharted territory without fear.
One sun was rising as they forged their path as another did set.


The vast evergreen farms in this paradise breathe
and dance while an inter-solar wind gently kisses them.
From the great Black Star we witness deeply beneath
the scenery, where there is imagery, a stage of slumber called rem!

Later on Captain Orion and James then spoke
with Captain A regarding the answers from Burnett he received.
He conferred explaining the parameters of the whereabouts and uncloaked
the positions where the cherished minerals were to be retrieved.
Beneath them they then viewed larger farms of ancient oak
embedded in very dense woodlands forming a gigantic knot.

Captain A then started to read the answers from what he received
with drops of beading sweat which shined upon his forehead.
No threats would have been there, the crew believed,
nevertheless they needed to hear Burnett’s response before going ahead!

His highness spoke further saying: “Here dwells the green dragon
of Ysá land. She is the guardian of Burnett’s magical mines!
The name of this wise and magical creature is “Jagan”
who is highly smart and mentally matches her designs!

“For who can surpass her games they can
use the magical materials of the land.
However if someone would cheat disrupting her plan
her temperamental fury he would surely not withstand!

So the key was to maintain the materials sooner than now
or one must deal with this meticulous dragon’s difficult games.
No one truly knows the protective methods or really how
to extinguish her challenging aims or dangerously fluctuant flames!


Notwithstanding the cleverness of James and Captain A
Orion did not wish to stealthily proceed with Jagan.
He acclaimed her worth and wished to appease
her passions by explaining the project of his protégé.
Knowing Burnett he felt he could win her to join the bandwagon.

The question simply was could Jagan understand English
or could she comprehend intuition through meditation?
Orion said his communitive prowess lied in his distinguished
method of an emotional transmission of his situation
with his innate way to avoid conflict, as mistrust could be extinguished.

James said that the Yesian avenue was secure and soon they would be arriving
at the junction where Jagan, the green dragon, roamed and resided.
She was soon to receive impulses form Caption Orion reviving
her awareness that an important message was to be guided
in her direction with an earnestness nonthreatening to her isolation.

Her perceptions were excited and she became relaxed and pacified
experiencing the subtle waves that expressed their upright virtues.
She felt the selflessness of Captain A’s mission for the sanctified
Yesianonic philosophy would be transmitted over light years to be construed
by the Greys and in Xavica who then would transport this peace to all civilization.

Captain Orion submerged himself in a very profound contemplation
to successfully touch the internal senses of Jagan. This decided
giving her willingness for the entourage to obtain the needed correlation.
The path was clear for their expedition and Orion hadn’t collided
with the bizarreness he earlier felt exuding from the mine.

Then James and Orion followed the parameters from the magic scroll
and prepared Black Star for landing as Jagan stood her ground.
She pointed which direction the sacred minerals were to be found.
The protégé and James brought a Geiger counter to isolate their goal
and would start to dig with the finest golden pics as Orion did assign.

Soon they would unravel the vicinity of the entire treasured gems.
Burnett taught in his description the discovery of a greater multitude
where the needed power for the radio telescopes existed for them.
This helpfulness was incomparable and prompted the exactitude
of procuring the coveted gifts which would propel the radio waves they defined.


Once again the riddle was solved by Orion the sage
of the Galaxies. With his wisdom he touched the inter-
space of the Yesian dragon that never does age.
Orion learned how to do this from the late Captain Cur.

Jagan showed them the right path to the mines
and James decreased the pace of the ship
smoothly following the tall tree lines.
James said: “this was indeed a most mysterious trip!”

Captain Orion slowed down the vertical engines with James
for a clean and perfect landing.
Many creatures wandered about whose names
and specie were beyond an Earthling’s understanding.

The entrance to the mines was in the midst
of an ancient Jungle. Within grew
odd vegetation and it was named: “Oaksist”
Captain A and James were thrilled with this rendezvous.

Captain Orion scrutinized the holy scroll
to mark out the quickest path towards the mines.
Looking for an entrance to a cavern or hole
scrutinizing the map of Yimina’s for a sign.

With backpacks and with their trusty pics and gear
they turned on their Geiger counter for a possible hint.
The minerals must be in the general vicinity for the green dragon was here.
Then appeared a signal that the minerals were under some chalk and flint

Clear forms of radiation were received from their trusty counter.
This meant that the cherished gems they soon would encounter.
Here began the expedition and the Captains did jubilate
for the coveted mine was found amongst some jaded slate.


Entering the mine with excitement and great expectation
they began as diggermen with a flamboyant determination
to discover Burnett’s golden array of magnificent treasure.
Each member of the crew knew they would have the minerals for good measure.

Captain A dreamt nights clairvoyant dreams of the future for Ysá Land
picturing the growth of humanistic behaviorism
with sensitive insinuations clarifying all beings to mutually understand.
Remorse was to be felt for our earthly form of permanent schism.

Reflecting upon the positions of our irrational statesmen
we needn’t think twice why the blowback was eventual.
Heeding the conflicts of honest business we’ll find the innate when
simply logically deciphering why the war mechanism is proposed as perpetual.

Therefore it is a prerequisite for a resolute philosophy to awake
our forgotten paradise of synergetic planning without division.
As our industrious crew resurrects the needed persuasion
we will obtain the resources to propel our belief at stake.

Irrefutable rationality is written in the holy scrolls
which will excel through our Morse code in Yesians and English
to extend Yimina’s articulation through each proverbial black hole
exhibiting the capacity of Orion’s and Yimina’s ultimate finish.

Through their expressiveness which stirs the sentiments of vision
Captain A’s and Burnett’s invention is the courage to undertake
a betterment of communitive adeptness which will establish the precision
of enlightenment with pacifism’s idealization as we plead for heaven’s sake.


The Malachite in the entrance shone with glory
and the crew members were amazed at the scene,
James was somewhat filled with angst and worry
In such a place he never has been.

The breathtaking Agates were dancing in harmony.
Even in the mysterious Yesian mines one could breathe
and feel emotions, though the cavern is dark and stony.
Weapons and wands the inhabitants would not sheathe.

For no one could imagine what
would occur or happen next
The mysticism of the place nobody did rebut
On the walls was something written in ancient text!

Then they entered a big saloon
Right under the surface
the Mali garnets made of grossular and andradite
reminded Orion and A of the moon.
(The molted moon of the Earth that dimmed the starlight!)

Pillars of Monstone stood in between
an unknown hall. On the columns was a luxury
of moss opals which were shining a glorious sheen.
All the stones made a light’s play on an open sea.

They were looking for the Yesian Star sapphire
and minerals with the power of radiation
as well as to locate other gems and stones required.
Captain Orion began a deep and helpful meditation.

Next to the sapphire they began finding more chalk and flint
Therefore they became more certain where to break ground.
Without hesitation the Geiger counter showed the imprint
where the last expedition had commenced so Orion did propound
to uncover the whereabouts of Burnett’s stones he desired.

Then in an instant they retrieved the Yesian Quartz and Topaz
which maintained the elements to propel the radio telescopes.
Much tourmaline was also available for each crew member has
the knowhow with their trusty pics while heaving rocks with special ropes.


The precious stones were all gathered and ready for loading
Very sturdy sacks were brought along for the proper hauling.
James returned firstly to Black Star to record the coding
of each unearthed treasure discovered for immediate recalling.

He entered a protocol into an astronaut’s log during each journey
keeping an impeccable diary of every event of the tourney.
Captain Orion congratulated the diggermen for their noble efforts.
Soon James would embark counting each crew member who entered
and tapped the entire entourage on the back for their undivided support.

Everyone was seated and strapped as James set the Black Star for liftoff.
The rumble of the engines excited Captain A thinking of his triumphant return.
Burnett would be thrilled as well as Yimina completing the concept of the protégé
and the communication would flourish within the coming days.
Ysá Land would finally be recognized like the illustrious French philosophes.

It was truly the reputation that this Paradise wished for and truly earned
with their gracious temperance and magnanimity which Semjase herself exudes.
The liaison between Yimina and the Pleiadians would enthusiastically expand
and reawaken an epoch of utopic innovative accomplishment in Ysá Land.

Through a wholehearted cooperative atmosphere the horizons would include
a limitless outpouring of emotional stability as each axiom would be learned.
Captain Orion once again peered outwardly through Black Star’s porthole
witnessing a beatific breathtaking view over Ysá as he took in the whole
environment with its multifarious landscapes inspiring new latitudes.

The evergreen farms and the well-nurtured agriculture
were also within sight filling the twosome with such gratitude
to be guests of this pacifistic well-woven sympathetic culture.
Captain A sent once again a message per Morse code to announce
their success and arrival within a foreseeable time as the mission would conclude.

Burnett would notify Yimina and they would rendezvous together
to welcome James and the crew and the Captains with their accounts
of their undertaking. Their profound devotion could weather
any problematic with an auspicious, futuristic and excited nature.

Second chapter
The Dream Star

The Black Star flew again and the trees danced
as the great shining ship advanced.
From the veldt towards them the hands did wave.
Yesians have an intrinsic noble way in how they behave.

Auto pilot was set and the copilot James
was busy playing some amusing sorts of games.
Captain Orion held the scroll right in his left hand
while observing the passing virginal land.

Captain A in a chair in the cockpit slept
and fell into a dream state seeing people he had met
in the past once more who suddenly emerged
visiting his subconscious causing his mind to surge.

He then dreamt of the Pleiadians and Yimina
in brilliant technicolor as his third eye conceived
a sensual dance with Semjase as the ballerina.
The protégé’s fantasy of albites soon began to weave
beatific patterns which began to form and converge.

Soon Queen Dalina appeared and talked to her mentor Orion.
She proclaimed her ability to gloriously meditate
forging through space, her thoughts like lions
with a scope so powerful she could begin to predicate.

He then took flight leaving the Black Star in astral projection
viewing over the intergalactic spheres of the Yesian Universe.
He imagined it possessed a magical form of introspection
unifying their spirits with a common canto and heavenly verse.

His telescopic mission with Burnett would bring clairvoyance
opening new avenues for Yimina the Yesian’s mighty knight.
He revived his confidence through this dream’s flamboyance.
He cruised while he slumbered, feeling profoundly inspired in utter delight.


Soon James saw on the horizon the original community of Ysá Land
There was a greeting committee notified of their fortunate return.
Burnett the Lord of Vindura, with his Morse code in command,
guided Black Star as Captain A woke as the message was planned
to secure a safe and smooth approach as Burnett was curious of their sojourn.

After a successful landing the crew busied themselves with their disclosure
handing the large sacks to Burnett and his helpers to inspect the minerals.
Burnett was highly pleased with the results congratulating the galactic mariners.
He was especially impressed with the constitution and the peripherals
of the radiant stones which would be utilized for the protégé’s endeavors.

They commenced immediately to fortify the bandwidth of the radio telescope
with magnifying the baud through the device which Burnett mastered
applying the radiation of Ysá’s quartz and tourmaline with the hope
of propelling Yimina’s philosophy over light years forever after.
Their magnificent plan would be flawless for the metaphysical messenger.

Needless to say the synergy between Burnett and Captain A was organic
as if it was woven meticulously from sweet Semjase’s superlative magic.
Many earthly centuries have passed since their desirous hearts did wish
for recognition for their benevolence amongst the Greys and the charismatic.
Therefore the industrious building of their accessory was animated and feverish.

The first attempt was sent and a response from eight light years away was expected.
The message reached its destination and was shortly answered thereafter.
The question was with what clarity and accuracy the message was received.
To their amazement every iota and detail was maintained which was selected.
Therefore the concept between Burnett and our protégé was correctly conceived.

The plans of immediate construction therefore began and the crew broke ground.
Within an earthly month the finalization was foreseen as all parameters were detected.
In the meantime Captain Orion wanted to prepare a symposium with Yimina.
This would cover the hypotheses of the rejuvenation and spirit over matter.
This splendid event would take in all Yesians held at the evergreen forest arena.


The process of building the device began
with all the people from the Vindurian clan.
Yimina and Captain Orion then began to speak
about a topic which was brilliantly unique.

Meanwhile Lord Burnett of Vindura and Captain A
were building more gigantic radio telescopes without delay.
Putting the magical stones in the proper place
was a project these men of light would manage to interface!

For the far distances they needed to choose a stone
which sent messages far enough to the Simurgh’s throne.
Burnett would later send a communiqué to old friends
He then proclaimed, “Captain A! True friendship is eternal and never ends!”

While the two sent messages to parameters extreme
Orion asked Yimina about the phenomena of the Dream Star.
He asked if such a specie of star was fathomable and truly exists,
and what kind of material and atomic makeup it consists?

Yimina smiled and said “It’s quite viable and true
and no one excepts Yesians to have this star in view.
It is only visible from other planets and distant lands.
Perhaps through Burnett’s telescope its location you’ll understand. “

Nobody has ever travelled to this especially wondrous star
Some beings believe superstitiously they are inhabited by avatars.
It’s a galactic fable that within stars there lays neither rest nor peace
Nevertheless inside of the Dream Star all wars of contrition have ceased.


The Dream Star is the ultimate home of luck
where timelessness was born and all were wonderstruck
for rejuvenation there was reality. Yimina has studied this phenomenon
and wished to share his knowledge with Captain Orion.

Orion then peered into the workings of Burnett’s device
Not once, but twice and very impeccably precise
noticing the interaction of radiation with the baud
increasing its receptivity piercing through mountains and facades.

Each communication center stood majestically equipped
with the ability of an unlimited circumference sending manuscript
billions of light years to the outer reaches of the oldest quasars.
Through this capacity the astonishment was seen growing as a spectacular
motion was felt by all as its message transported the value of partnership.

Yimina sat in awe preparing his virtuous texts with a zealous energy
motivating him as Orion glanced toward him dreaming of their symposium.
The future was unpredictable with many auspicious probabilities
of conveying their precious and highly respected forms of wisdom.

The intuitive powers of Orion combined with the Yesian myth
would open a premiere atmosphere for an attainable pluralistic
environment awakening the sleeping giant of evolving shamanism.
Enthralling realms of ethereal thoughts which propose an idealistic
elegance to balance immortality and bring forth a fountain of youth herewith.

The industrious nature of the Vindurians inspired both philosophic
beings to evoke their inner inventiveness to implement lyricism
in their method of expression to present their postulates and topics.
Orion and Yimina continually gazed in wonderment at the workers productivity.

Each of them were silently submerged engendering their marvelous universe
etching poetic memoirs that explained both premonition and perceptivity.
The preparations for their symposium had obviously begun with each verse
they finalized in the presence of the entire process and remarkable activity.


The heroes of light at the moment felt so very well
and they kept trying to send waves to the big blue marble.
That once was what the Yesians called the planet Earth
full of joy, peace and morality’s wealth.

Perhaps the Yesian philosophy would soon propel
many favors for the inhabitants giving them a needed rebirth.
With Yimina’s radio telescopic messages maybe they’d stop to quarrel
teaching mankind how to cultivate better returning them to health.

Maybe once more Orion and his protégé A
on a cool and rainy day during the month of May
would together sing a jubilant and frolicking song
about the adventures they experienced their whole lives long.

Notwithstanding the luck of Earth seems to be divided and dead
sleeping in a nightmarish daydream in its golden gloomy bed.
Good fortune has disappeared along with its peace and love.
Only devilish remnants exist from the past they did dream of.

Captain Orion was determined therefore to locate the Dream Star.
He knew it was located in the unknowns in realms afar.
He felt reflecting the waves off this celestial body
would project through to the Milky Way passing by Mars.
Nevertheless with the Yesian philosophy they knew now
they could wake those whom the light did disavow.

Lord Burnett of Vindura addressed Captain Orion and said:
“We can start searching or perhaps instead
it’s better to go into the high hills of Vindura, it’s near
plus the vision there is superlative and crystal clear.
I have a magnificent refractor which magnifies with rays of infrared”

Yimina approved of what Burnett suggested
A tall and smooth spot was then requested.
So they began to pack to go for the hills
once again to test their heavenly galactic skills.
Orion felt within his intuitive powers
that reflective energy was needed to reach Earth.


Hence Yimina’s principles could be empowered
with an English translation once again awakening sweet mirth.
Locating the Dream Star was for Orion an absolute prerequisite.
They would find its position and parameters and direct the waves
toward it hoping to also reach through black holes to King Brett!
The Brandesions were Orion’s mentor, his inspiration and highly relevant.

Yimina, many measured spaces ago, figured out something exquisite.
He discovered a universal rhyme and reason in earthly Grammatik
which enabled him to decipher their logic with an intelligent whit.
Earth could reach with radio waves Ysá Land but because of no further response
no indicative information exchange came to be however bringing renaissance
to our curious knight, who studied the Earth’s foreign tongues like a fanatic.

This was the way he relaxed instead of conceiving an amazingly terrific
Yesian philosophy with an insight of a sage as he pronounced
his cantos which also Orion wishes to understand. With a prolific
energy for inquisitiveness for their symposium each received benefits
from the knowledge of the other as their synergy was greeted with full exuberance.

The translations Yimina always, with solidarity, gave to the two captains
accentuating trust and amazing the twosome with his moving phrases.
Therefore the atmosphere was auspicious and emphasized reciprocity
being within oneself with credence as a virtuous child and galactic citizen.
With devotion they evolved their involvement engulfing themselves in profundity.

The impetus behind the demise of the Dorsay was Orion’s motivation.
Accordingly he juxtaposed two positions through a possible connection to King Brett.
Remembering the captives in his hall of the Brandesions he wished no defamation
from Asmodeus hence eventually disposing his diabolical energy
so no unblemished would shiver and unnecessarily worry nor fret.

The reception of the indispensable Holy Map did surely guide their mission
through thick and thin. He felt as well King Brett could through his goodness transmit
the enlightened texts of Yimina certainly through the Milky Way with a healing proposition
for an egoless disposition. We accept pluralistically a sweet gullible sympathetic nimwit,
who only wishes that humor and robustness burst forth through his intuition.


It seems a brilliant idea to reach through the universe’s lights
to King Brett, the illustrious Brandesion’s knight
acclaiming the invention of Burnett’s intensified telescope
clarifying the principles of newer chances and the proceeding hope.

Now the Yesian philosophy would be furthered and extended
reaching Earth through radio waves with all goodness intended.
Enlightening entirely Mankind with a congenial rapport
influencing them to elude the absurdities of permanent war.

On the greater hills of Ysá Land the inhabitants did all
gather as many comets and stars while they did gallantly fall
to the surrounding pulsars on the end of the galaxy.
These celestial bodies would subdue their senseless mundane apathy.

The sky was so amazingly clear and pensively calm.
Everyone was silenced and could hear the sacred psalm
sent from ethereal beings who lived a far distance away.
This beautified canto helped souls to persevere and not go astray.

Lord Burnett and Captain A set up the new-fangled device.
Then they measured the immediate parameters like a precise
astronomer. For it was so important to accurately locate
the Dream Star, our precious fire of mercy and gracious fate.

Within this wondrous illumination lied the secret of perpetual youth.
The hollowed sacredness was only available within a hidden truth.
This was found in the philosophy of our knight Yimina
burning at the core of the Dream Star in its central arena
where Burnett and Yimina were searching like an experienced sleuth.


Pinpointing this arena promised both the king and knight
the paramount view with an incredibly meticulous oversight
into the mysterious, nonetheless, comprehensible Perpetuus lucem.
Through the scrupulous viewing from the hills of Ysá their theorem
of timelessness would flourish as their aspirations did brilliantly unite.

Many of the proverbs of Yimina were similar and in the style of Christ
as well as reflecting the empathy and patience of Gautama Buddha.
Hence the inconceivable ability for Burnett’s and Yimina’s acumen
which can extend through all races of the entire universe to assist
the glorification of existence from each bird to barracuda.

Obtaining these special subtleties with their profound innuendos
would accentuate the leverage of Yimina’s verbal crescendos.
They progressed like radio waves with Burnett’s mineral extensions
supplementing their availability. While their audible quality did resonate
therefore no longer unattainably, his genius did exemplify Yimina’s intention.

As a result of them peering into the Dream Star’s arena from the heights
of Ysá Land they exhibited an eremite’s endurance with a dedication
bringing the prodigious poetry of Yimina into the ears to excite
the beholders and to transform their enlightenment through an ultimate elation.

The impulses within the Dream Star initiate an inspirational moment to emulate
perfection sought from Burnett through the expedition to Vindura.
Receiving the radiancy necessary for releasing this cherished bravura
which Yimina’s stanzas reception did make possible with his translation.

As Ysá Land’s gracious knight took upon himself the importance of comprehensibility
his hobby comes to fruition in that he spent hours on end as he conscientiously
unraveled the grammar of each Earthly lingo and has also tenaciously
begun to understand the concepts of the language of the gracious Pleaidians
who claimed they would collaborate to bring about an empyrean tongue.

The basis of universal philosophy is of course dependent on Orion
and the constructive ingenuity of his industrious protégé.
Although somewhat naïve his cooperation is somewhat unsung
as his discovery of the weaker baud spawns our future to a brighter day.


The waves of communication would surely pierce through
achieving spectacular changes rendering the earthly thoughts anew.
A meticulously intelligent MAC647 could use
the layers of philosophy from Orion’s awe-inspiring muse.

Entire humanity could be conscious of this everlasting thrill
found upon the empyreal celestial Yesian’s hill.
The supernatural fairies smile into the evergreen sky
as a multitude of comets would burst as did fly.

Subsequently all mankind can begin again
dancing together carefree underneath the gray rains.
This universal invention of Burnett and our protégé extends
the limited boundaries of our broad-minded Yesian friends.

With Yimina and Orion’s proverbs new discoveries of course can
provide our wayward Earth to accomplish their foreseen plan
attaining a greater sense of unity with multicultural gains.
Journeying to Ysá was a universality to reenact the cosmopolitan.

Captain Orion wishes to accumulate his thoughts by writing a book
after his studious symposium with Yimina sending this to the Pleiadians.
Inclusive will be the location of the Dream Star which he undertook
to better understand rejuvenation. He is planning an adventurous voyage
with Yimina to its inner circle revealing a multifarious montage.

Further on his book would be presented to the Red Elm city.
Their library, which served the betterment of sociality,
would advance the important philosophy of equanimity.
This was overseen by the Persian Bird, the ornithological Sage.

Burnett and Captain A continued completing the radio telescopic park
as Yimina and Orion kept searching the parameters to the mark
of the Dream Star on the hills with Burnett’s infrared refractor.
This mysterious heavenly body will be located soon
as they were deeply scrutinizing under the light of seven moons.


Consequently the culmination of all aspirations received each benefactor.
The epoch of the enhancement of communication would now commence
exhilarating our protégé and Burnett with a well-deserved resilience.
Yimina and Orion proclaimed readiness for the presentation of their symposium
at the forest arena in synergetic collectiveness exhibiting perpetual wisdom.

This event was the preparation for an English translation to be sent
through the powerful radio waves past black holes to cluster Pleiades.
There Semjase would graciously welcome them as the first recipient
of the new philosophical phrases which would exciting forge pathways
of compassion, solitude, and empathy encircling all with a heartfelt testament.

Meanwhile Yimina and Orion had successfully ventured to the center of the Dream Star.
There they discovered a similar serendipity which exists in the Milky Way
with the coincidence of perfection exposing the secrecy of life, a tabunacular
housing the sacredness of DNA and the phenomena of a non-Euclidean exposé
revealing all past, present, future and evolution is frozen in timelessness everlastingly.

In the greater innuendo they have revealed through their infrared telescope
the riddle of a complex quantum physic to explain a notion of quarks and gluons
which regenerate potential energy reviving all cells, neutrons and protons.
Yimina with the knowledge of Burnett, inclusive the amazing whit of Orion
would certainly through the harnessing of the speed of light grasp immortality.

This process included the education of all celestial beings to emulate their Creator.
Dismantling despots and intolerance seducing their inner senses to acquiesce
by surrendering bad will returning them to their supernatural quiescence
they came from while babbling babes through pulsation as universal curators.
Their innocence and naivety resonated then like wide-eyed protectors of splendidness.

The superlative objective was the accentuation of individual congeniality
with the flourishing of intuitive accomplishments engendering a common dignity
warranting achievement entirely inspired through an internal coexistence.
The dwelling of an undeterred path of purpose with a nonprejudicial receptivity
opens broad-mindedness to acquire an incomparable ability to express with eloquence.

These sincere verbalizations Yimina is now formulating for immediate transmission.
They reflect only the beginning of his texts which will be gracefully and soulfully conveyed
over the miraculous contraption of Burnett and our fabled youngster Captain A.
Orion and our metaphysical knight will echo through the farthest depths to display
the necessity of this liaison building the foundation of universality and ultimate hope.

The marvelous moment has auspiciously arrived for cosmic changes
brought about through the courage and tenacity of Ysá’s galaxies’ Sages.
They did never concede their mission of a peaceful coexistence colored in lights
inspired through an inner circle of wizards with magical motives of pure delight.

A combination of mystical philosophy conjoined with the tangibly physical
Genuinely a mixture of the earthly and concrete with the celestially metaphysical
Aimed to better life with the nurturing of the spiritual for all universal beings
All communities and collectives receive the Captain’s respect dignifying their feelings.

With the magnificent interpolation of powerful minerals Burnett’s great innovation
which is not excluded from any tribe, nationality or extraterrestrial manifestation.
All universes will now thrive to expand their horizons with this enthralling inspiration.
The multicultural acceptance and brilliant phrases of Yimina will survive
ringing true through the communitive waves giving us the purpose of life.

The philosophy of Yimina is a reflection upon Gautama, a precious forgotten gem
that holds life’s sections together like a binding vine caressing us like a stem
which is perpetually expanding enveloping us like a cocoon fresh and green.
Giving us the power of rebirth hidden in the secrets of the Dream Star still unseen

Nonetheless through the studies of Orion and Yimina’s persevering research
earlier earthly notions become prevalent accentuating the dormant urge
to discover one’s true origin amongst this phenomena of realistic continuation
which encompasses the contemplation of all the living in total excitation.

The Dream Star does embody the optimum proliferation of its internal molecules
Like the God Shiva it can revitalize through obliteration and simply overrules
the Euclidean dimension with revolutionary ways of perceiving its world.
New horizons become visible and the procreation of pulsars it does unfurled.

Through Burnett’s telescope appeared an interplay originating from the infrared projection
A special relativity was detected within the center of our proverbial Dream Star.
Although it exists on the edge of the Ysa’s Galaxy Orion and Yimina precisely revealed
that the speed of light was the common denominator
of all heavenly bodies movements without an exception.
This seemed to be the rhyme and reason of timelessness
presenting an exquisitely ultimate ideal.


The awareness of an optimized Creator lies within each being waiting to be discovered.
The ornateness of the gorgeous of Ysá is a breathtaking experience which each lover
of the metaphysical ponders every moment of each waking hour beautified
from this landscape of vegetation and fauna which habitats here are waiting to uncover.
The godly axioms which Yimina and Orion possess to elevate our hopes and revivify

Both Sages wish before the intergalactic messages were to be sent to rectify
all doubts by holding a special conference amongst the evergreens.
They wished so dearly to express a series of cantos during a public symposium
bilingually reciting proverbs and poems. Captain A would take the English tongue
and translate it into Morse Code communicating their genius through cosmic screens.

The literary summit would be transmitted over light years with the knowhow of Burnett
assisted from our protégé reaching through to parallel universes through to Semjase.
Orion and Yimina have collaborated over their choice of phrases to King Brett
who would help to enlighten the Earthlings as the superb wisdom would quasi
reach him almost spontaneously through the ingenuity of our fearless space cadets.

All preparations were being made for this incredibly miraculous occurrence
assembling a large throng of Yesians, extraterrestrials exuding only benevolence
to witness this historic dispatching of healing powers which have been dormant,
sleeping for ages and epochs all hidden and cherished by the Yesian hermits.

The interaction with all cultures was for Yimina a fascination so thrilling
that sentiments were visible moving the heart of Orion and his protégé
as they embraced shortly before the inception of the recital. They were willing
and open to the responses of their gathering as each illustrious essay
would travel over the lips to the ears of their participants so fulfilling.

Tens of thousands arrived with high expectations to enjoy this exposé
to revel amongst their colleagues applauding immensely as each speaker rose.
Orion and Yimina humbly acknowledged their reception waving a bouquet
of elegant Antheias to commence the ceremony so overwhelmingly grandiose.


So Yimina and Orion firstly reminded the attendees of the natures
of the beautiful song in their veins that echoed in Ysa’s entablatures.
Remembered was the sound of life streaming within their exotic plants
with splendid verses and melodies they did traditionally chant.

Yimina told them all to explore their subconscious to freely dream
letting their imaginations wander as their internal fantasies did gleam.
The philosophy Yimina always did counsel was to trust and give
eternally grateful while reconciling with a smile with the intention to forgive.

In this way the gates of the great chambers were opened wide.
The hidden knowledge now was entrusted as the attendees did provide
ways of Nature to glorify existence always willing to amend
building a constructive environment and to cultivate again.

A high Yesian axiom condemned the horrific repugnant rancor
which for a long extended period hindered progress with an anchor.
What they strived for was a quixotic type of hopeful faith
giving life to a mysterious appearance of a pale peace’s wraith.

The H’awouahoua found in the Algerian tales
or the vicious Afanc of ancient Wales
were sources of trepidation and angst on Earth.
Notwithstanding it was anger which created sparseness and dearth.

The ancient knowledge of Ysa and its Sage could help
to revive quiescence in all species as the cards were dealt.
Promoting the principles of tolerance peace and love
Peace….so white and holy like the rays through the clouds above.

Now all registers were set for the transmission of Yimina and Orion
All waited excitedly as each Sage prepared their sermons.
Each phrase poetically enunciated would historically determine
the futuristic perspective of all living and thinking persona
captivating and conjoining all societal levels of our Creator’s corona
beautifying the flowing lights of each galaxy as each quasar experiences rebirth.


Yimina looked shortly to Burnett and Captain A and breathed deeply to say,
“Welcome to our symposium accompanied by the profound orator Orion.
We are here to communicate the wondrous nature of our Creator’s gateway
encompassing His universes to the further reaches of our cosmos.

Our awe-inspiring galaxies have shed brilliance through the darkness.
Miraculously we are the proprietors and inhabitors of this grandiose
phenomena which nurtures life given to us and our partner lions
which visited Orion’s earthly Paradise during the culture of the Egyptians.

Our earthly companions have ventured to us to magnify our precious light
which is the basis of love and growth and guides us all to harness
its worth as we accentuate its importance for our cherished existence.
Nonetheless many have gone astray forgetting this instinctive purpose.

Our emotional process reminds us of our internal inheritance.
We all possess warmth of soul and blood to comfort and excite
the godliness within us found in meditative moods of quiescence.
We have arrived through a meticulous choice of celestial elegance.

As special as the original concept we move through our designer’s vibrance
to claim our unique place amongst the stars to shine and unite
our aspirations as we motivate each other’ ambitions with the emergence
of common thoughts like a beacon spreading illumination.

We have often dispersed our energies unconstructively and sadly remain
bewildered with our capacities instead of rightfully inspired.
Belief in our missions and propositions enlightened us and sustain
as we awaken to our prowess given at our birth with sincere desire.

May I introduce you to the universe each of us can explore?
It is possible all of us can learn we are from our inception adored?
Enjoy the multifarious eclectic mystery which we all experience
while furthering gratefulness for our consciousness overflowing with buoyance.”


The sage of the “Via Lactea” was inundated and completely thrilled
after hearing what Yimina eloquently proclaimed, exuberant and still
applauding and was joyfully nodding his head.
Yimina’s message rang through all universes bringing a watershed.

Then Orion spoke clearly as his presentation speech began.
It would possess an untouched puristic ideology and a greater plan
which could surely enlighten, rebuild peace, reconcile and forgive.
“This has motivated my aspirations to covet this moment as imperative.

Occurring more than thirteen billions years ago life,
through pulsars, started to beat without an iota of strife.
At this historic moment, a scintillating cosmic electric spark
brought light into being, illuminating the dark.

Some say the basics on Earth emerged from soil.
The molecules then formed and elements did embroil.
Thereafter, step by step, an evolution miraculously began
inaugurating a greater form of life, woman and man.

Another theory was involving the seas’ deep vents.
Life through Neptune touched the entire world to expand and extend.
Originating from the deepest parts of our stormy and chaotic oceans
arrived the unknown and rose the concepts of love and emotions.

Nevertheless at the beginning there was simply a void of nothing
Only our Lord, the most merciful of all, the almighty King
gloriously stated echoing over creation “Let there be light”
Eventually through water and sun our home came into sight.

Our earthly creation has a long and illustrious history
full of myths and beauty; a truly captivating story.
Nonetheless many have been eaten by greed so nefarious.
Wrongly they thought we could conquer and therewith be victorious.

Let there be a lustrous light to lead us away from this sabotage.
Our race is consumed with an erroneously ghostly mirage.
We need to further Yimina’s Yesian philosophy and creed.
Counseling our principles with the sensitive attention we so direly need.

We shall stretch out with a philosophy of multiculturism as we heed
and harken the concerns of members from a caring entourage.
They behold us as a talented race with very good intentions
gifted from the Muses with our music and poetry, guiding our inventions.

Please unite and persevere the angelic purpose of our existence.
Holding the hands of the fearful as they crave to nurture
the slaves of the elite who dominate our quintessence.
The rebirth of our culture is at hand as we praise our Nature
which holds us in balance perceiving our presence.”


As a result of the genius of our protégé’s and Burnett’s contraption
the elegant speeches of Orion and Yimina produced an astounding reaction.
Because of the marvelous minerals the baud of the waves pierced black holes
travelling beyond the speed of light expeditiously through our Milky Way
reaching the Taurian cluster of Pleaides resounding clearly for Semjase.

Springing with a colossal glee she sent her response to console
the Yesians that their philosophical mentors were received as sensations.
The Pleaidians decided to declare a universal intergalactic commemorative
ceremony for the successful communication through radio telescopic reception.
All signals arrived as clear as a bell which was for Burnett quite indicative.

This occurrence was a pioneer project which would surely historically embark
a new era of transparency in the exchange of distant and diverse cultures.
The correspondence left the Pleaidians breathless as they pondered with their matriarch
over the potentiality of wisdom being transported which could certainly procure
luminosity. This would bring radiance into all being’s aura and hallowed perception.

Finally since the inception of fluorescent beams Yimina could successfully venture
into the depths of outer space and convey his philosophy receiving remarks
from other comrades of thought enthralled in meditative stations
conceiving a path of perfection knowledgeably filled with solace to secure
and capture the serenity of nirvana within their intercommunal relations.

The openhearted acceptance of another benevolently good-willed entity
rewards the recipient with a virtuous disposition receiving admiration.
These axioms bring warmth and contentment as one practices equity
with compatriots whose intentions are a common freedom and liberty.
Smiling faces are the gleaming rays of fellowship elaborating our salutation.

The entire process of Yimina’s is similar to Gautama Buddah, our gifted earthling
exceeding with patience and composure and grinning with positivity.
The internal remembrance of procreation by the love of the Gods
flourishes the birth of an infant who is overflowing with gentleness and purity.
Then comes the eruption of ingenuity defying all probability and against all odds.

Looking into the eyes of a new-born child one witnesses that everything
arrives here from the stars which surrounds us with celestial continuity.
Now we hope the entire extraterrestrials will heed Yimina’s and Orion’s message.
This will give our universes latitude and a marvelously heightened leverage.
We hold a scepter to shine light upon the fruition of all God’s creatures.

Hallelujah for the wonders of expression and beneficial articulation.
We contemplate earnestly for the resolutions of ages
through the instruction of our enlightened and gifted sages.
Raising the questions of peace and the prospects of pacifism
welding all hearts and minds to counsel us in pluralism.


This celestial philosophy was spread through the entire Milky Way
and many hopes were sprouted for the ceasing of the fray.
Simurgh from the city of Red Alms did send
much gratitude and greetings as he did slowly descend.

From Mersis of Mars a golden letter was sent
to honor the philosophy and the oratorical event.
Some brilliant lovely notes from Princess Anne
came with a salutation from Hector the great Olympian.

King Brett, the owner of the Holy Map
who was once was prisoned in the Prince of Darkness’ trap,
blessed Orion and Yimina with admiration and affection.
The Council of Five was overwhelmed with sacred introspection.

The joys of the emerald lights and blue stars
from Jupiter to Saturn and Mercury to Mars
were shining more luminously than ever.
May peace dwell once again with each endeavor.

Captain Orion and his protégé
were overcome with a complete euphoria
as Yimina bowed in gratefulness for this special day.
An empyreal choir sang a chorus of Gloria
as the new age of communication was on display.

From Ysa Land through to our parallel universe
the altruistic passages of Yimina did transverse.
Orion and Burnett saw through the discoveries from the Dream Star
a futuristic golden age would come upon us from afar.


Through the obviously relentless expansion of each universe
the concept of contraction comes into play with rejuvenation.
Uncertain is this riddle of time and space which brings the inverse
as immortality submerges in metamorphosis and transformation
not necessarily as an reincarnation but something completely adverse.

We wander mystically through a dream state wondering whether
we originated from a cosmic source or simply a biological.
Like the amazingly intriguing effect of Simurgh’s feathers
we will attain the ultimate reason mystically logical
when the true genesis brought us into being together.

Therefore Orion and Yimina searched for the indicator
through timelessness and the laws of relativity
by inspecting the behavior of matter inside the Dream Star.
Orion would soon conceive a new enthralling possibility
arriving upon an analysis of the transfiguration of indestructibility.

Aware of the status of the human DNA as being the distinct optimum
Yimina would eventually, through his understanding of humanism
exceed four dimensions to enter into a microscopic spirituality.
Then clarifying the connection to the central intelligence as our vindicator
triumphantly is acclaiming the pureness of charity and pacifism.

The proverbs of the prophets and their marvelous dictums
will liberate our existence if we seriously meditate authentically
into an obstinate fashion of selflessness. Never falling victim
to a slovenous materialism but admiring, like the Navajos, naturally
our Earthly abode and heavenly surroundings with joyous rhythms.

The depths of mediation are the pinnacle of Orion’s way of thinking.
Therefore Queen Dalina did fall into her very pleasant dream state
imagining demigods that blew like a zephyr and graciously danced.
With now the presence of Yimina there are no more limitations.
Our subsistence is the key to eternity amidst our worlds entranced.

Through the conception of energy never being destroyed we await
being revivified bringing the thrill of novelty and originality.
We can rest assured our futures will be glorified as we elate
in a spirit of comradery all travelling to our own special destination
never abandoned but keeping our consciousness to our creator’s eternity.


The reflection of the news did awake
the “thought to be dead” supposed snake.
Darkness has its roots in the earlier universe
with little light which never freely dispersed.

Notwithstanding an ever bitter acrimony which came among
the propagators had made many stories intentionally long.
While light offered love, revelry and joy,
darkness, the susceptibility and futility, did always enjoy.

Noting destruction, the despicable darker force
many said the light and darkness have the same source.
Nonetheless the “vi tenebris” the darker source chose to be vicious
and deviated from normalcy and became intolerably obnoxious.

So, the blacker mystical special materials once more
united wickedly to reform a blacker satanic core.
The Dorsay held a party in the darker plains of “Hiolipad”
to sacrifice some creatures offering them to the Gods their blood.

This demonic ritual was to give once again birth to the dark prince
the ” aeviternus” essence of felony ever since
his death! At the birth of our perfectionate world
he automatically rejected to accept the Lord.

Through the infernally diabolical vibes and villainous senses
he utilized during our Mother Earth was deprived of her defenses,
he communicated underhandedly with the intention an Earthling to stump
with the ghost of fleshless princes empowered by the plaintiff named Trump.


The disciples of Yimina and followers of Orion were unified
from the Halls of Brandesion to the planet of Ysa Land
They all became highly disconcerted with the horrific news testified
through King Brett and Semjase that the Dorsay and their ruthless contraband
unfortunately heard of Yimina’s vanished isolation and were totally horrified.

They implanted in their feeble minds to reinstate the Prince of Darkness
with his furious temperament and lust for war and destruction.
Through witchcraft and the black arts other despicable races with their harshness
plotted to upset the apple cart by invading Earth while initiating abductions.
Privacy and intimacy would be invaded and our everyday existence would be terrified.

This method of intimidation was used to train many dictators and other leaders
to establish a power syndrome which could perturb the population to malfunction.
Hand in hand the shady legal criminals could manipulate us with hateful preachers
to raise our hair with anxiety and set the prognosis for an ignorant revolution.
This situation fit perfectly with the plans of dissimulation leaving them helplessly horrified.

The Drie and the Indugutlz have collaborated with the Hilliop and Dorsay
to reform an atrocious committee with the goal of total obstruction.
The thought of peace threatens their entire dismal purpose with their complex
of hideous weaponry all made for a child who has adopted a path of disruption.
This has left trust in a shamble with all honesty thwarted and perplexed.

Suddenly Orion became aware of the workings of his and Yimina’s noble undertakings.
They have rudely woken a sleeping Giant and opened Pandora’s Box with dismay
as the Iguanoids started plotting to contend them with gruesome conflicts in the making.
Captain A received dreadfully fretful warnings from the chief of the monstrous Dorsay
through the radio telescopic reception interrupting his sleep before awaking.

It became highly evident that the Moovianthan Kayphik sent along their display
of willingness to corrupt the success of Yimina’s heartfelt humanistic message.
The rebirth of the Prince of Darkness was a coequal plan amongst the entourage
of evil doers who seem to have played with too many firecrackers in their earlier days.
Heaven help us to endure their onslaught as we move on to protect our visage.

Into the ungodliness of separating themselves from their newly found home
Ysá Land. Their conceptions must avoid an underhanded approach to destroy
hope and destiny while defending their mission with substance and courage.
The nightmare of an intergalactic hostility will not deter them to employ
a wormhole to warp space and use other technologies from Ysá land’s array
to preserve their habitat and to secure their culture in the face of a barrage.

Consequently James has been called upon again to lead Black Star forward.
Orion’s trusty Holy Map from King Brett will orientate their travels.
Seeking the whereabouts of the deplorable meaningless conspirators
with the help of San Antonio, Captain A will certainly unravel.
The engines begin to roar and their visions will guide Orion our commodore.

Third chapter
The Diabolical Death Wish

When the captains left Earth
millions of stars were mawkishly shining.
Every tenth day they witnessed a thrilling birth
as a new baby star appeared in happy lining.

When they left the “big blue home”
the improvement of life was their goal.
Travelling to the realms of the unknown,
to learn the mysticism of the universe’s soul.

There were many forms of life once upon our Earth
Many entities with beautiful colors and scrumptious tastes
Laughter, revelry existed and a profoundly richened mirth
Nonetheless some were slovenly and laid much to waste.

Captain A did stare from the cold blue window
to a far off unknown horizon, maybe looking for Earth.
The crew all desired to return faith and to reendow
our gift given to us as we understood are sacred worth.

The light began dimming to a dismal death,
the darkness did brutally slash and flog
with a scourge coming from a cold and demonic breath.
Ranging from LA to Paris onto Prague
limiting our progress until the onset of dialogue.

From the distant galaxies to Earth darkness screams
trying to derail Orion and Yimina’s attempts for life.
Scratching on the walls of the American dreams
breaking up the goodness with a big black knife.

Black Star does glide majestically softly at night
towards the new adventures which lie ahead.
The Dorsay will meet against a force so bright
hence this diabolical death wish will be reversed instead.


Full thrust forward with a gush from James
Disgust with concentration and the Indugultz are to blame.
Sending constant threats through Semjase’s revere
attempting to rattle her with their invasion of her sphere.
She is a Pleaidian who doesn’t buckle with their shame.

Their reckless form of disruption is nothing but the same
act as always reiterating their absurd and banal platitudes.
James with his assistants launched the preparations
for possible onslaughts from a fleet of ships at various altitudes
possessed with malintent venturing to instill depravation.

Perhaps these evil doers where searching to destroy the magnitude
of Yimina’s philosophy by utilizing pure disrespect as a game
to catch the good-willed races off guard and the suddenly disappear
waiting in hiding choosing a moment for an ambush as an interlude
between universes progressing through a wormhole toward their intergalactic disgrace.

Therefore James aware of their tendencies wished to mount an intelligent defense
with a three hundred and sixty grade circumference putting into place
a warning system which would be detecting every movement of obvious aggression.
James and the Captains have had the tradition and experience to erase
the dangers of unexpected calls of battle in gradual steps of succession.

The blatant insults and voracious gluttony of these beasts could not be underrated
in that their evil ambitions were common knowledge with their indiscretion
showing weaknesses of an overzealous idiocy as they reveled in being totally hated.
Like a contraband bored and unloved they harbored the ultimate obsession
of being somewhat unthoughtful and terribly futile as James has always estimated.

Hence the plans where constructed with patience and awareness as they debased
ruthlessly the sacredness of Orion and Yimina’s gloriously metaphysical accessions
which were applauded through the parallel universes from Queen Brigantia
through to King Brett creating an alliance of positivity to be retraced
to the inception of the Yesian’s communication which began this extravaganza.

Naturally the negative commands of darkness did wake to this impeding
ultimatum that perhaps peace and prosperity would finally prevail
as the Prince of the Stars looked on enjoying the furtherance of his needing
us all to share a loving futuristic golden era as every specie could inhale
a breath of solitude as our pilots protected our lights so brilliantly exceeding.


Once more outer space engulfed their trusty ship
and the light of the stars shone brilliantly in the sky.
This time the captains must be more careful about their trip,
since the silent galaxy may have hidden dangers like a repulsive lie.

James has proceeded cautiously with a defensive shield,
which protected against sudden attacks of the blatant beasts.
Though many challenges and battles the captains did wield
successfully it was still too soon to prepare for any victory feasts.

Their spaceship has already ventured so far
through dense darkness distant from other civilizations.
Captain Orion could observe the glorious Barnard’s star
with Burnett’s telescope, as well as other nations.

Everything sounded threatening nonetheless amazing.
It seemed that groups of stars were shining stronger than ever.
The Yesian philosophy entire worlds were exalting and praising
hoping to witness no bloodshed for ages as peace would last forever.

A group of golden magical birds passed the ship
as a precautionary method to safeguard our protégé.
This was a camouflaged fleet sent to carefully slip
the crew into a wormhole before their great breakaway.

Secretly they would pass through a gigantic black hole unseen
to prepare for their surprise attack against the disruptive Dark Prince.
In the near future they would surely courageously intervene
securing their position of freedom of which they were totally convinced.


James, Orion, and Captain A began earnest preparations against sabotage.
As was discussed James had mantled a terrific surveillance system.
The Drie and the Indugutlz were masters of using darkness as a camouflage
by warping space then to mysteriously reappear disturbing the rhythm
of earthly physics tampering with microscopic dimensions like a mirage.

Both Orion and James were aware of these complications and experienced
bewildering moments of anxiety furthering angst and despair
nonetheless they persevered with complete patience and composure
which brought the best decisions of action instead of total nonsense.
A confrontation against these ancient cultures without concept they did wholly beware.

They conceived a bombardment of signals bringing them into misdirection.
With an intergalactic beamer they shot images as supposedly exposure.
This would prompt the Iguanoids always as they would aimlessly seek detection
by spurting out temptations however James knew this very futile tactic.

By staying motionless the Black Star was invariably steadfast and secure.
Remaining still in a familiar solar system posing as a reflection
would irritate the perceptions of their excessively aggressive enemy.
Orion and Captain A have been involved in ordeals and insurrections
witnessing the behavior of these infidels and their evil intentions.
The knowledge of their ploys left Orion with confidence in his strategy.

Having flexibility being nimble and intelligently aware brought the Dorsay’s didactic
methods into the sights of our Captains and like an angelically superb archer
they took course while avoiding their rays of destruction as a guarantee.
Hence the twosome of James and Orion were highly cocky with their antics
setting quagmires frustrating their attempts disposing their departure.

Suddenly appeared an entire fleet of Dorsay and Dries notably searching
for the whereabouts of the Black Star and the crew from Ysá Land.
Their threats were communicated from Semjase to Yimina as they were lurching
nearby and through Burnett the warnings were sent that a contraband
was threatening Black Star with an onslaught from unforeseen parameters.

Nevertheless Orion was a commandant of outsmarting his opponents
with a defensive warfare which in large utilized the ineffectiveness
of the approach and maneuvers of an overly zealous combatant.
Creating frustration as malintent did not succeed as a proponent
of the deterrent of infernal and diabolical wishes left them sore and maddened.

Black Star would send indicators which confused the Dorsay to feature
their sheer incompetence after billions of years of worthless assaults.
With the exception of a completely well-administrated barrage
the principles of peace and negotiation would rule as all will exalt
the quota of success and the restraint of a horrific belligerence.

Always keeping in mind the glorious nature of Yimina and Orion’s proclamations
as the majority of races gifted with lights gave their heartfelt congratulations.
Still all in all they have their noble mission of tenacity and resilience
relieving universes of these bothersome pests who strive in their obsolescence.
The newly garnished beauty through light is the healing force of all nations.


The Black Star can tear through the darkest of nights
always surpassing the empty threats of these vicious beings.
Our Milky Way is cautious and somewhat filled with fright
as these calloused creatures are narcissistic and devoid of feelings.

No engagements for now outside of securing peace
The earnestness of the Captains succeeded this time
as invariably the tensions would not increase.
Refuting these banal missions was a difficult hill to climb.

Iguanoids, a highly malicious specie of our galaxy
are united now with the Dorsay camouflaged in darkness.
Harken! Now they are loudly applauding their sinister majesty
the mischievous Black Prince they have attempted to harness.

James and Orion, projecting on a dwarf star a three-dimensional display
are attempting to disarrange their whereabouts as a form of battle.
This disoriented the Indugutlz and the haplessly futile Dorsay
with their irrational aggressiveness leaving them completely rattled.

They laser-beamed the star however the display did not disappear
This weakened the forces of darkness in their bedraggled foundation
by stressing their perceptions of objects hence creating fear.
They lacked intensely the immaculacy of light and purity
bringing about bad fortunes and dematerialization.
Their philosophy was simply making wars and destroying security.

” Tempora mutantur excitare” Let’s wake,”
to the newer times proclaimed Captain A.
“The sublime message of Yimina may make
us pine for lasting peace paving a remarkable way.”

Nonetheless for the time being we need more light
Especially when the dark horses trot into our world
with an endless battle, a prefabricated senseless fight.
We beseech the seraphim so their wings come unfurled.

It’s the tenacity, perseverance and ultimately love
which guides the Captains and Yimina to reach their goal.
Inspirations by the sacred bird, the gentle white dove
will give in abundance to our hearts, mind and soul.

Imploring to the hidden spirit to assist our aspiration
of eternity through the Dream Star as Semjase twirled
a row of beautiful pirouettes , our spirits to console
giving an impetus to Ysá Land, our universe’s sensation.

The projection of the images James and Orion had heroically hurled
will hopefully deter these vain efforts of destruction and dissipation.
Praying for the retreat of all negative forces while the aliens’ frustration
rides higher than their lust for terror as they cannot muster
the ability to carry out their demonic jealously as the narration
of Yimina, through our protégé’s baud, fills our galaxies with luster.

Let therefore light expand like in Genesis once more!
Let our courageous warriors defeat these brutal beast!
Orion’s defensive warfare will convey forevermore
that the time will be coming for the end of this devilish feast.

Orion was always a free thinker and was talented with self-initiative
to the point where he studied space travel privately with mentors.
One of these gentlemen gained knowledge quite indicative
through reliable Russian sources as an diplomat and ambassador.
Orion’s resilience was incomparable leading his thoughts to the superlative.

A study from 1903 “The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices”
he received following up with astronautically oriented courses at MIT und Purdue.
Through a scholarship he constructed Black Star and decided to personally pursue
space with his own methods, which were rejected as instable, against the advices
given to him from conservative professors. Nevertheless he always believed in his intuitive
nature which seemed to be his guiding light representing a factor much more superior.

Therefore the incredible courage to travel no holds barred as he intensely continues.
Many years later he found his protégé Captain A who has faithfully accompanied him.
For his wishes of everlasting peace and immortal existence he now confronts
a precarious situation which he has encountered many times through and through.
Hence envy and jealously he avoids as these heartless beasts seek him in the interim.

Meanwhile the Dorsay and Drie have given up lasering and have taken affront
reading through the game of Orion and James and have developed another theory
to truly locate Black Star and the Yesians by conferring with their friends from NASA.
A clear request was presented whether the Texans could join furiously in the hunt.

Decades ago the industrial military complex questing power became totally eerie
and made a pact with the Iguanoids to further their influence in intergalactic travel.
Thereby frustrating the Russians in the Space Race with a deluge of cosmic gamma
rays which disrupted their endeavors like a crooked judge hammering a gavel.
James was aware of this complot and speculated a possibly unbelievable conspiracy.

Could it become a situation of direct altercation with the leaders of our homeland?
Must Orion and Captain A destroy this slovenly gang who created this degeneracy?
Holding on to their virtues they kept so dearly remembering the gentle decency
which begets life. They will hence discard timidity and engage themselves to withstand
the challenges which threaten to tumble their entire mission of goodwill and diplomacy.

The coy smugness of the cynics is revolting leading to the presumption that a skirmish
will be inescapable if Black Star and its crew’s whereabouts becomes accessible.
Consequently with the disappearance of the opposing warriors James’ wish
was to clarify the state of affairs to Orion whose face turned pale as he is responsible
what transactions would occur. He ordered the course direction Earth with a feverish
pitch and held the knowledge between him and the co-pilot in protected secrecy.


The Black Star of our Galaxy, the miraculous Milky Way
will be moving forward towards the origins of men,
along with the Captain’s other galactic friends. In one day
or more, the adventurous maneuvers would begin again.

Through our Pleadian Semjase Captain Orion received
various coded signals filled with riddles and cryptic signs.
These codes Captain A could unravel. He started to read,
these awe-inspiring lines which they hardly believed.

Captain A could clearly decipher these secret codes.
Another world was attempting to spread a sedition
amongst the old friends of light. However all the roads
to the light and peace were to be persevered within their mission.

Scientifically adept, however dubious, the great NASA Inc
already formed a coterie against the basis of truth
and the green-colored philosophy . So they, quick as a blink
of an eye decided to stifle validity in its primal youth.

A diabolically deadly Cabal of the Hilliop Dorsays and
the nefarious earthly NASA was officially formed.
(A devilishly destructive and despicable band)
Notwithstanding the people must be immediately informed.

How troublesome and upsetting it obviously seems
How drastically depressing and horrifically bad
The earth with so much hope and burgeoning dreams
is still filled with politicians quite evil and naturally mad.

Now it’s the time to meet the old feeling fellows again
to protect the Viridi Lux boisterously once more!
The Earthlings do remember the good old times when
the enemy wasn’t at high pitch standing at their door.

Derlon was nearby, Caption Orion could see the city
while James was adjusting the Black Stars’ engines.
Captain A suddenly heard a lilting saddening ditty
heralding war and its wearisome mundane sins.


Our protégé was therefore highly energized and motivated
to rejoin with Queen Dalina and Abizan ,their sacred disciples.
He pictured their faces as they profoundly dreamt and meditated
opening their horizons to a newly-found timeless fourth dimension.
The insults of the deplorable demoniacs would receive a justly reprisal.

James began his descent to the array of gorgeous celestial cities
which hosted the exciting tournament of the League of Galaxies.
Abizan was alerted to the Captain’s purpose and unexpected arrival.
Semjase has ever since been in correspondence with the intention
of cultivating awareness beneficial to Derlon and its survival.

Queen Dalina was filled with exhilaration totally ecstatic
over the return of her cherished advisers who gave her lucidity.
Her awareness through Orion and Captain A expanded her perception
to encompass a miraculous myriad of the secretive and enigmatic.
Soon this breathtaking moment was to occur strengthening her intrepidity.

Black Star was approaching its landing point hovering in suspension
as an enthusiastic gathering stood by with their illustrious Queen.
Orion appeared at the portal door bringing tears of joy with his charismatic
smile and warmhearted outstretched arms embracing all to convene
immediately to discuss appropriate action utilizing a shrewd contravention.

With expedience the entourage with Queen Dalina was emblematic
of the credence and trust Orion received depicting the solidarity
necessary for the omission of zealousness with an absence of frenetic
behavior exchanging constructive concepts omitting the chaotic.
Orion wished to win the earnestness of Derlon for clarity.

The seriousness of James’ alertness pointed out the conspiracy
left Yimina and Orion no alternative but to handle for a coalition.
Each partner inside our coveted Universe will engage against the diabolic
mechanism established between NASA and the Dorsay’s imposition.
The disgusting lust of the power hungry one-sided idiotic imbeciles is obscene.

Quenn Dalina and Abizan declared their collaboration to defeat supremacy
based on oppression revealing this abominable operation as catastrophic.
Orion inescapably desired an alternative to an electro-magnetic
display of lasers with a well-conceived design of high sufficiency.
Abizan wished to offer propositions to Orion similar to Mahatma Gandhi.

This raised the eyebrows of Orion who always endeared his rhetoric.
“One who conquers with force will maintain power only with force itself “
Hence the process of preparation will have an entirely opposite schematic.
Notwithstanding their predicament they will only succeed with perspicacity.
Perhaps proliferating in multitudes generating a majority is the better tactic.


The force lies in peace and love but to what extent
can the universe tolerate the deep cold starless nights
of a world that each day does horrifically intend
to magnify destruction, death and fraudulent frights ?

Prince Abizan of Derlon said: “The force does not lie in wars.
Battles cause more blood for the green tree of life.
The powers to be are arrogant and blatantly ignore
empathetic human beings while they mercilessly propagate strife.”

He then continued “They feel shooting bullets brings more
erecting a hideously cynical futile and senseless
perpetration of a devilishly incessant war.
This is for the cooperate transactions and nothing less.”

“The philosophy of our Master Yimina we’ve attained
to take flight smoothly with the white doves of peace.
Now your world and our universe needs a saint
who’s prophesies and soul searching will never cease.”

“A majority shall rise and minorities shall not pass
while boundless popularity will warrant selfless love.
The darkness is like blindness and sympathy will surpass
obscurity and will heal the wounded who come thereof.

“My mother, her majesty of Derlon the glistening silver
Capitol of the golden territories has a fleet of satellites
to hover over the universe’s angels as they are the giver
of blessings to accompany your Black Star, the protector of light.”

“So Godspeed as you receive our profoundest spiritual support
The illustrious Lord Listonburg has been notified of your plight.
The citizens of Lioliak remember the heroics of Orion as he did thwart
the attempts of the Prince of Darkness as the Zeltas guided the fight.”

As Orion, through the Holy map of King Brett,
was guided to Lioliak (the land of wonders)
he encountered five men of light who set
everything in motion. These ambassadors of Lemuria
helped the two Captains to prosper and not to fall under.
These men were as well the adept counselors
training the king, who pass his thoughts onto the Brandesions.
They chaperoned the Captains to the lordly mayor
and Attorias sang gleefully to warm the heart of Orion.
James took course to this city of mercy with its mystic airs.

Yimina and the crew were exhilarated with Queen Dalina
who with Abizan exhibited devotion. Unity they did declare.
The next courageous quest was to reunite in Lioliak’s arena
hearing the unending praises over the success they did share.
The Zeltas are contacting the Council of Five for further loyalty.

Lord Listonburg has for eons the Emerther and Egarot in a confederacy
protecting his charitable culture from demoniacs as his citizens joyfully
revere their cherished habitat . Especially since our beloved Taurian
astronaut deposed of the Prince of Darkness. Now they needn’t fret
unnecessarily. Hence the gifted leader will announce of his coming arrival.

The Lord then expressed his depth of praise with a heartfelt revival
extending his assistance to Ysá Land. At no time remorse or forget
the collaboration between this Earthly rebel, with his will of survival.
Lioliak which was freed by Orion from selfish contemptible demons .
Therefore a union of light with members who possess an angelic etiquette

The celebration and reception with an amazing décor was being prepared.
All from the cities of benevolence, the altruistic and the poorer plebeians,
will exuberantly acknowledge his return as James pilots the magical jet.
Soon a symposium will be held about the possible concurrences and to forbear
futile actions. A well-planned mission for the perseverance of Orion
was being reenacted with his quest to convince all beings to forswear
hatred, greed, and viciousness while filling their minds with wisdom.
Abizan’s suggestion is truly coming into fruition with the Lord’s silver wand.

The great Lord Listonburg of Lioliak again acclaimed them so upright
welcoming the incomparably intrepid and bravest warriors of light.
He will never forget that moment when the Dark Prince they foreswore
and how the Captains helped him through a disruptive and drastic war.

Territories of Lioliak are filled, as we know, with silver magic
which is the base and origin of the mystery of pure white.
It could be very heartbreaking and overwhelmingly tragic
if somehow darkness would encompass Lioliak to relinquish the light.

The ambassadors of five have been constantly on a mission
in our universe and other parallel universes in a different pole.
Everything seemed to be in an auspicious and promising condition
since the silver magic has predominated and kept everything in control.

Captain Orion then introduced the gentle master Yimina of Ysa land;
Nonetheless his fame had already filled the city of silver light and goodness.
Lord Listonburg showed his gratitude towards the Master and hoped to expand
profoundly and deepen his philosophy to end the universe’s uncertainty and stress.

The Lord Mayor of Lioliak then required each individual of the crew of light
to visit the source of the silver magic in the heart of the central city.
The source is being protected by a brave loyal and courageous knight
who is famous for his compassion leading a heartfelt sensitive committee.

His use of magical ditties for the protection of light belongs to Lioliak.
As Lord Listonburg discussed with Master Yimina among others
that these ditties can also bring luck by irritating all the demoniac
liberating the fears of the entire earthly sisters and brothers.

On their way towards the central source skipper Orion talked
about the plans he and protégé A have with a positive mind.
He then revealed through James the betrayal of NASA as they walked
explaining the necessity to expose their tyranny they placed over mankind.

Attorias sang a ditty then mentioned a divine and blessed point
which could accompany compatibly Yimina and Orion pacified theory.
He said “Our silver magic can reveal the essence of truth and disappoint
the cynical cabal with a puristic wave of justice leaving them twisted and bleary ”


The five ambassadors will organize with the Emerther a protective fleet
which oversees the progressions of the malignant Dorsay and Iganoids.
They promised to report on a regular basis to the Black Star to defeat
any secret alliances with the Prince of Darkness while they hid behind asteroids
as well as sniffing out the Dries’ collaborations which they could successfully avoid.
The ambassadors also work hand in hand with the Council of Five
including the tribes of Orela and Egarot to strengthen their knowledge.
Orion, Captain A and crew would receive information to derive
the most favorable procedure to continue their quest with a cutting edge
propelling them forward into the fourth dimension with the best methods employed.

The Lord of Liolak anointed the Captains for their heroically immense courage
wishing them again farewell as they planned to continue to Princess Ann.
They would concur with Hector the possessor of the Bellatrix Wand to pledge
their mission and to discuss the proper modus operani for their celestial caravan.
Once again James prepared the Black Star for the speed of light would be employed.

They would be returning firstly to James’ home, the city of wonders where Simurgh,
the Persian philosophical bird with his magic feathers reigned this sacred realm.
James had often dreamt of the great castle of this great city of Red Elms.
The halls of the most fabulous library of the universe where all genius does converge
would liberate the thoughts of Yimina and his compatriot Orion as they joyfully merged.

Yimina had heard of Simurgh and the incredible awareness what could obtain
by studying the collection of ancient fables which were assembled in the library.
English translations were readily available which he could exchange with his luminary
Orion eventually developing more wonderful verses for his recitations and to ascertain
lucidity through the illustrious ancestry which first inspired the ultimate and legendary.

James would soon muster the intrepidness he needed to propel through the black hole
finally arriving in the universe of Andromeda, the Milky Way, Taurus and Pleiades.
The ambassadors wished them Godspeed with a promise of exchanging poles
of sensitive information to accompany their journey assisting their trip and securities.
The Lord entrusted the crew with books for the Black Star in the form of ancient scrolls.

The beneficial session with the mayor of Liolak gave Orion and his protégé purpose
and enlivened their mission realizing the necessity for the continuation of the purity
of pacifism. The Lord’s words of invigoration would further the harmonious
positions which these heralded philosophers deliver. A message with the priority
of salvation reaping the rewards of patience while acquiring respect and prosperity.


The Captains, Yimina and the crew were prepared to leave Liolak’s realm
after they were shown once again the mysteriously enchanting silver light.
The Lord wished to guide them once again to its original source in the city central
Then to the Black Star where James was readying himself for the precarious plight
of storming through the black hole into our Universe returning to his City of Red Elms.

With the heavenly help of Orela and the Egarots which Orion has received
his crew of light was ready to move on to the great Library where Yimina
would submerge himself in the literature and philosophy of the great Persian bird.
Simurgh will be waiting there for the gentle prophet since his words he heard.
These verses he deeply reveled and reverently recited them in his sacred temple.

Addio lioliak, addio la città della luce , the crew cried!
With the speed of light, the Black Star was soon obscured from visual sight
James propelled the ship through the openings entering our universe
There they soon saw the jungles of the Red Elms so expansive and wide
A flock of golden birds was once again forming shaping patterns in the light.

The greatest library of Simurgh was acclaimed the best of this universe.
Countless books of wisdom, poetry and scores of celestial music and diverse
collections of natural sciences and philosophy were there for the visitors to comprehend.
There Yimina and Orion wished to search for a particularly interesting ancient verse
furthermore to richen their own ideas which Simurgh of course did recommend.

He, the creator of the magic feather, was a most magnificently intelligent bird.
He was gifted with immortality and has fashioned his wisdom over millenniums
holding many beholder’s captive while his melodies would work like a shepherd’s
fife mystifying his listeners at spiritual conferences and divine symposiums.

Yimina and Orion were curious if they could blend their speech with his birdsong
to captivate a warmth therewith deeply inspiring the attendees of their recitations.
Uplifting the essence of the faithful rewards their process by strengthening participation
Captain A has a youthful fantasy and has always showed a great appreciation
for the indescribable musicality of this archaic passerine whom he has cherished his lifelong.


James and an entourage of Earthlings engaged with Simurgh to excellently translate
the philosophical texts of the library of Red Elms. Orion wanted to offer the insight
to Yimina for his entire genius was somewhat similar to many captions and an oversight
would be appealing bringing a furtherance of his poesy as each phrase he could elaborate.
Hence the twosome sat with the help of Orion’s earlier knowledge to learn and assimilate.

Yimina was truly fascinated with the perspective of the older Sages whose prowess
gleamed like a lighthouse with a undertone of their ancient proficiency and wisdom.
Simurgh’s immortality was described and captivated Orion for the authoress
was an ancient ancestor of Princess Anne who was famous for her discourse
of the Dream Star and quantum physics describing how death all could overcome.

James was on leave returning to his earlier habitat as Orion kindly did endorse
his wishes. He then was overjoyed with an obvious gratitude as he did reunite
with his comrades and narrated a yarn of his adventures in Ysá Land and sung
a rapturous melody like in Loliak. His companions were bewitched with what rigors
James exhibited while navigating the Black Star through black holes with no duress.

James began to visualize a futuristic gala in Xavica and wanted tell Orion his vision.
With his enthusiasm he felt he could convince Hector to give him some assistance.
After the rendezvous with Simurgh he felt the crew from Ysá Land needed a decision
to break the monotony and tension refurbishing an atmosphere which could enhance
the work ethic bringing tenacity , positivity and an energy developing into pure vigor.

Orion was joined by his protégé who gladly dictated notes helping to give relevance
to the revelations which Yimina was constructing through his studies. A provision
to his disciples and newly-found followers he would deliver as an opus giving access
and sagacity enlightening even the wayward sons of aggression and belligerence.
The mastery of his literary capability will convince all with a curious intuition.

Indeed the session in the library of the Red Elms historically gives reference
to the messages sent from Ysá Land echoing through to create the coalition
which rattled the slovenly coziness of the corruptible band that threatens.
They stand abiding their promises to the pacifistic concepts which they possess
singing in unison the cantos of Pleiades which claim the senselessness of weapons.

Once again they were on their way to meet Princess Ann,
the mystical shamanistic leader of the Xavica land.
The guardians of pure light, defenders, together can
bring peace, at the Creator of light’s command.

Simurgh, the unstinting supporter of bursting light
gave them access to an infinite source of wisdom and life.
Promising them of a future so auspicious and bright
revealing their philosophy. In this way they all should duly strive.

With a resolute and dedicated crew nothing is impossible
or out of reach. Though the darkness is terribly obstinate
nonetheless for the men of light to vanish is highly improbable.
Always heeding to self-discipline to further Orion’s compliments

The lights of Princess Anne’s Xavica came into sight
Captain Orion and A were discussing their plan;
Darkness’ presence was felt, they could smell a looming fight
Lurking was evil in the midst of their cherished caravan!

“In lumen est tenebris ” claimed the astute Captain A,
Captain Orion was weary and drenched in a heavy rain
which hit the shield of the Black Star. It was like an earthly May!
The smell of rain made the men dizzy and lightly insane.

The tin colored city of Xavica glimmered gloriously in the rain
A welcoming crowd was gathering and could be seen below.
The captains felt a danger in the air they couldn’t explain
as the ship was landing easing its approach softly and pianissimo.


As they landed the familiar faces are gleamed avidly
Hector the recipient of the Bellatrix Wand greeted the crew
with an enthusiastic grin stirring emotions so vividly
as Jasmine of Nebllious gloriously appeared in the view
of Orion and Captain A who felt suddenly a threatening premonition.

Although no signs of turbulence were present or obvious
they smelt a stench which spiritually raised a predisposition
of mistrust. Orion tried to reject his incredibly perfect intuition
nonetheless the hypocrisy of contradictions brought a sanctimonious
milieu into this precious moment of reunion and he was obsessed.
His stomach was nervous and he had to muster strength not to fall into distress.

He successfully cancelled these horrific thought patterns to greet Princess Anne
He could imagine that this was a tactic of various evil forces and a plan
to disarrange his common sense or his general wholesomeness and self-esteem.
He still insisted with Yimina at hand to accentuate positivism and keep a supreme
state of mind. He congratulated Hector again for his prowess during the games.

He enjoyed the frivolous nature of Baga Yaga and her propagation of the ludicrous
returning his humor and he tapped his protégé on his shoulders to avoid shame.
Lady Circe appeared in white reminding him of their fantastically robust event.
The brilliant eyes of Lady Ann captured him and he was enthralled with ravishment
releasing him from this devilish creepy atmosphere which he eventually overcame.

Princess Anne who was befriended with Queen Dalina already heard
through their communication of Yimina and the Captains’ dilemma.
She offered once again the supportive gusto which gave him great stamina.
Her entire power was dedicated to the preservation of eternal light which assured
the entire crew of an incredible fleet and protectorate to withstand any harassment.

Then all of a sudden a surge of wind brought a torrential storm to Xavica
Within the deluge arrived many vessels in a surprisingly impervious formation
Lady Ann called for cover and chose to avoid the onslaught by dematerializing
She cast a spell over the fleet and invocated the higher deities shouting eureka
As the vessels neared the entire entourage then disappeared clearly recognizing
the storm was a decoy hiding the Dries and Dorsay from an attempt of obliteration.

Orion and Protégé’s A sat suddenly underground in a gorgeous cave like in Ysá Land
with Yimina thinking of the sweet green dragon and King Burnett’s gorgeous minerals.
They thanked Princess Anne for her courageous invocation as they now could understand
their earlier premonition and they would the next time heed the warning as not peripheral
and stand steadfast to their intuition as their journey of reunion continued at hand.

Notwithstanding their molecular transformation the inhabitants stood alone with Hector
He would be their counselor to avoid the methods of the Dries and Dorsay
His gallant white magic which he learned from sages and wizards displayed
his capabilities. He was chosen therefore as the king of the roost and protector.


The villainous servants of the dark prince then appeared
The Dries of Cetus and the Dorsay of Ashlands .
These blood suckers were very malicious and never feared
to kill every being in their captivity with their bare hands.

The dark prince has sent a despicable scion from his family
bitterly known as Troian; a devil of the pitch dark gloomy night.
He was deplorable talking coldly, darkly and touching clammily
his victims before he suffocated them in a ruthless fright.

The whole city of Xavica he altered into a ferocious sinister black
as if the stars were to vanish and relinquish their light to steadily die.
This clearly was an onslaught of the merciless Troian who brutally attacked
the bounteous habitat of the admirers of Princess Ann their livelihood to deny.

Arm in arm their army marched towards the center of the city
and the darkness unabatedly grew more diabolical and incessantly wilder.
Troian was chanting his horrific verses exhibiting neither mercy nor pity
as the beings within Xavica became colder, disoriented and blinder.

The famous guardians of Xavica then protectively did skirmish and battle
using white magical methods while sharpening their mysterious swords.
Then Princess Anne decided to usurp Troian’s power with dematerialization to rattle
the murderous band of criminals with confusion by closing the entrance doors.

They have set their minds to ultimately destroy the basis and the central core
of the silver light in the universe beheld as the source against their primal curse.
The process towards this goal was held in utmost secrecy forevermore
making it difficult to disturb their evil plans of intrigue setting everything in reverse.

Amongst the foreseeable blood and torrential downpour of rain
the great protector of the light stayed intrepid and once again arose.
Hector, the wise one, would counter their lust for completely excruciating pain
unnerving the band of villains with the power of persuasion which he did propose.

He shouted: “No one can distinguish the fires of heaven, the Valor’s light!”
“Even the dark prince who seems to be a newer apparition himself”
Hector heard of his death through the flower Antheia and wished to challenge him outright.
He decided to conquer him with a bluff and return him to where he once dwelt.

He pulled out his Bellatrix, the protective wand which he won for his terrific feats.
He was able to send waves of intense heat which the wand could marvelously emit.
Then he unveiled its power by melting Troian’s helmet and exposed his self-conceit.
However he angered the Dries with his expertise. Then evil signals they did transmit.


During the invasion of this silvery idealistic community
the inhabitors were not in possession of molecular interchange.
Hector is protecting the essence of this gorgeous luminosity
and also dependent on Princess Anne’s mastery to rearrange.
Nonetheless with her assistance he can utilize her special technology.

The Dries were in an outrage with the embarrassment set upon Troian.
Princess Anne was aware of the dangers while safe and alerted Orion
to her secluded exit into the real world around the clashes in Xavica.
The Dries were about to pull a rabbit punch on the defenseless Hector.
They proceeded to prepare an ambush as under the streets they crept.

Princess Ann was knowledgeable of their whereabouts with an antenna
she installed and could communicate with Hector. She could intercept
their behavioral tendencies by following waves of various spectra.
She warned him precisely of the maneuvers and weaponry to detect
the level of peril he would find himself in, keeping him highly adept.

She warranted action for there was a radical process underneath the pavement.
This jeopardized his position. She wished to send him a wave of dematerialization.
Hector was endangered and she wanted to save him from possible enslavement.
Unexpectedly the Dries were rash and the exercise was somewhat abrupt.
He was caught surprisingly in the middle of his molecular transformation.

The Dries blasted a potent explosive and this undertaking they did disrupt.
Hector was neither annihilated nor completely transfigured during the explosion.
Nonetheless he did not appear in the cave with Yimina, the crew and the captains.
Princess Ann was beside herself completely shocked with remorse and in bewilderment.
She had no proposal what indeed, in this sequence of events, could have happened.

Was he freed from his original composition or dead from the demolishment?
Looking about to the other members in her gorgeous cave with no capacity to be certain
Orion and Protégé A stared in disbelief however Yimina was a visionary and clairvoyant.
He stated the pending problem was not insolvable. His method of a profound meditation
would clarify the possibility of retrieving the soul of our mentor gone despairingly astray.

In the meantime the entire community of Xavica had destroyed the Dorsay’s fleet.
They took many of them as prisoners of war and would use them as protective shields.
Xavica’s confidential techniques were recognized amongst the Milky Way as a methodology
far beyond the comprehension of these ancient extraterrestrials who were now concealed.
“However we stand here without our counselor of Valor’s light which hurts our ethnology.”

As the ludicrous attempt of procuring darkness did end in a gloriously total defeat
the population did rejoice and shot out colorful pyrotechnics magnificently flamboyant.
Yimina did plan a symposium to search for Hector’s parameters. This was to be determined.
Still this was a tedious and concentrated labor which only a few could truly be buoyant
over the success quota or results. Nevertheless Yimina decided to take on this burden.

“Addio” Hector the great athlete whose wand was passed on to Orion with light
was always like a bright star who pierced through the pitch black darkness,
Men of light are sometimes sacrificed in major conflicts and bitter fights
Nonetheless it was unclear whether Yimina would find his molecules and harness
his soul and rearrange his being to exist but the sage and prophet had his theory.

A heavy rain was still falling washing the silvery lit streets
of the city of Xavica. Though darkness was demolished and defeated
other idiots, the Igdugutlz, were possibly also conspiring a treat
and in the close future their vicious plans were going to be completed.

Nevertheless nothing can extinguish the bright stars of liberty
within the entire universe. There will be light and Yimina our Lord
will honor us all with his philosophy and virtuous validity
and we never will be devoid of courageousness and cannot be ignored.

Let there be a gorgeous hymn sung for Hector the great;
Let there be songs written for the warriors of peace and light
For our glorious two captains and for those who can relate
their faiths did merge for the Lord Yimina with his delicate nature and delight.

Princess Anne’s face was distorted with despair and wet
with rain and tears, tears and pain, and she was completely disarranged.
She would never forget her gallant partner who healed her fret
with all the protection that Hector could sustain with each exchange.

Dio dei guerrieri, Dio della luce! Hector your style was so full of grace.
From Jesus till Yimina , they will always hold high your name. May it dwell
in the hearts of the stars to the farthest reaches of outer space
where the noble souls do have their habitat and duly excel.

“Now we shall move toward King Brett and surge Black Star and go!
Nothing shall stop our progress as we pursue our course even if all
death with torrential rains may fall and comes the squalling snow.
We will survive and pray Yimina finds Hector as we never will detour or fall.”

Said Captain Orion gently to the persevering Protégé A,
who was cautiously listening to all he narrated to him.
“Never with the harsh winds and rains nor the hail of the holy ice days of May
destroy our mission of philosophical freedom for all inhabitants during this grim
moment of uncertainty” Orion proclaimed while Princess Anne fought off her dismay.


On the outskirts of Xavica James and the crew prepared the majestic Black Star
for take-off direction Brandesion. King Brett was notified of the Captains’ arrival.
Brett was fascinated because of the special guests from Ysá Land, the planet from afar.
He was occasionally nerved from the Igdugutlz, the allies of luminosity’s rival
nevertheless his dwelling in his marvelous hall was protected from benevolent avatars.

Yimina was often submerged in meditation profoundly attempting to discover
the whereabouts of Hector. Yimina through his theosophical capability
entered into mystical phases of a manifestation of exhilaration to undercover
the essence of Hector’s DNA. This increased his foresight and agility
to perceive his metaphysical state through his ancestors who were fervent lovers.

Through this experience he could detect the reinstatement of Hector’s composition
implanting his molecular constitution and transporting him to solace and safety.
Of course the duration and accuracy of this process was a personal decision
which Yimina knew was a tedious progression. This procedure could not be hasty
and would be directed with the utmost conscientiousness and perfect precision.

Meanwhile Orion and Captain A bid a tearful Princess Anne an emotional farewell.
She was notified of our Yeseian Sage’s efforts to successfully reconstruct and retrieve
the soul and body of her gallant partner even if he would appear in a parallel
universe well-to-do and could communicate with Xavica and could truly conceive
of an existence obtaining his original form inspirationally lucky and would truly excel.

All aboard and ready for the journey closer to the Big Blue Ball called Earth
The entire crew, Yimina, Orion and Protégé A waved enthusiastically with mirth.
In honor of Hector Lady Circe wore a silvery peruke and wished Godspeed and adieu.
James then roared the engines of Black Star and surged forth toward Brandesion.
Then a plan was being made to travel to the Solar System and would be promptly reviewed.

The entire crew enjoyed the incredible arms of the Milky Way whereupon
great flashes of pulsars were to be witnessed as light was produced through birth.
Yimina removed himself to continue his exploration as he felt an apotheosis
would assist his mission for the noble quest. This was to be the chrysalis
of his entire heartfelt dedication to engender an epitome and a paragon.

In Ysá Land the timelessness revealed from the Dream Star brought immortality.
Orion was more than aware of the significance of his partnership with Yimina.
He exhibited complete trust in his adeptness with spiritual transactions and the viability
of his philosophy. Hence he wished to display his wondrous nature on an arena
to inspire the inhabitors of Earth with Semjase and the Pleiadians, the protectors of light.
Always he did have great confidence in Yimina’s inseparable and earnest indivisibility.
His instincts and intuition were continually in synchronization giving him great delight.

Chapter Four
Forgotten Home

The world has fallen into a paradoxical salvation
A false ascetic exist full of lies with no revelation
Wearing the true face of evil and blackness
Apparently there are no cures for this infinite sadness.
Desultory acts, a lack of kindness; our world needs metamorphosis
Not a revolution nor a new war! Just the forgotten peace we should reminisce.

The stars of the Milky Way appear however a bit gloomy and dark
are the faces of many sad stars. Monsters of darkness each time embark
their ships to attack the sanity of the ancient lights
initiating conflicts for dominance and power. Bloody fights
show no humanism, compassion exhibiting no mercy.
No heroes come to our rescue. We are lost in misery.

The Black Star floats in the never ending space
The great kingdom of Brandesion shines and is a happier place
which will never give in to remorse with King Brett at the helm.
This unity no evil can destroy. Their peace won’t dissever
and this emerald realm will have a luster forever.
Charged with pride, with love which overwhelms.

Captain A took a look at the universe before the ship
and felt the dangerousness of darkness and its grip
Over the earthly inhabitants was a cloud. Their hearts and ears
were filled with terror and unspeakable fear.
From the darkness comes Lucifer’s scion
the dark prince, who was as savage as a lion.

A world redolent with destitution instead of truth
The young are now the elders and the old are suddenly the youth.
Powerful men have usurped justice and have taken control
of the earthly minds and their proverbial souls.
Liberty is the biggest lie they attempt to preach
So an everlasting peace they never can reach.

Nevertheless Orion and Yimina are in hot pursuit
to alter this situation which is disastrously dissolute.
They have comprised a coalition to assist their great objective.
Amongst the universes they have succeeded to build a collective.
Last but not least they will finalized their plans and display their attributes.


Gazing with wonder in their eyes the twosome studied the Holy Map of Brett
Almost dumbfounded by the accuracy of every topographical accuracy
they thumbed through each page with a description of every single silhouette.
From Mars to an appearance of a Black Hole every aspect was depicted perfectly.
His meticulous representation fascinated Orion and accompanied him without regret.

They both wished to avoid an encounter with Nybass, the despicable demoniac.
Orion remembered his trickery as a harlequin and this was why he was suspect
of encountering this negative spirit again and gave James direction as an exact
navigator to accomplish his best course to the city of lights without fret.

Captain A was again awed to view the visions outside of Black Star’s front portal
The astronomical panorama was phenomenal encompassing a panorama
of clusters and nebulae as breathtaking as feeling one is immortal
freed from the bounds of death and darkness striving towards the next drama.
Fearless they flew through outer space to bring this collective an ultimate fulfillment.

Through the fabulous synergy between Yimina , the Captains and King Burnett,
the wonderful invention of a telescopic park came into being and brought this cordial
collective of similar thinking together and convinced many races of the wonderment
of Yimina and Orion was to be articulated through the entire universal firmament .

Because of its elegance this angered the filthy Dorsay who were born to murder
lacking any interest in assisting the commonplace to muster as well to nurture
an alternative. Leaving all beings in an absurdly dissonant and dark environment
without a clarification why they tend to be belligerent bringing their torture
to an epitome of intolerance helping us all to find a solution for this predicament.

Ignoring the brainwash of the media and dismal prognosis Yimina and Orion
forge there course to further this optimistic benevolent attitude with the concept
of a fortuitous serendipity which the Gods of Pleiades give to Brandesion.
Therefore the opening of hearts warrants an absolute success for their philosophy.
Granted are the dreams of Ysá Land for the honesty of approach we beget.

Once and for all the truth must be revealed
Entire universes shall see what they concealed
for longer than than decades, centuries and years .
No kids shall anymore sleep with ferocious fears
of senseless wars, bloodshed and an insurmountable loss.
An end must arrive to these cruel leaders who pose as boss.

The covert plans and diabolical dreams
besides their devilish and perverted schemes
Must be scattered, dissipated and justly die
No mother on her children corpses shall needlessly sigh.
The horrendous plight of sadness and war will cease
Then there will be an perpetually eternal peace.

Descendants of Belial, from infernal hell
were lurking as James made his approach.
He landed the Black Star with a screaming yell
from a crowd of Brandesions as they reproached
the lethal gang of Dorsay whom they wished to repel.

The tall tower of Brandesion was shining in gold
the walls were protected by a magic which was so old
but remember the darkness is great, sneaky and impure
and the lines between truth and deception it does blur.
From a far distance Captain A noticed a thick cloud of smoke
The presence of light was hidden which darkness awoke.

Captain Orion sensed a danger and felt the presence
of an bygone black magic, an omnipresence
which seemed to be incessant and everlasting .
In the realms of light it kept burning and blasting
destroying every proper thought and all good senses
It weakened the inner rapport and its defenses.

Through Yimina Captain Orion was assured
that the Brandesions were possibly to be immured
by an army of the vicious prince, the banished one
the darkness’ scion, Troian the cursed demoniac’s son.
Captain Orion ordered the crew to be extremely cautious
It seemed as if the evil forces want another raucous.

Orion’s premonition and intuitive nature proved true.
The onslaught in Xavica awoke the necessity of alertness.
His precautions warranted actions with absolutely no inertness.
The extinction of Asmodeus was just and hereunto
the reason for the madness of an evil harpist’s impromptu.

With this newer instance of an disconcerting disturbance
Orion decided to summon the Emerther and Ergarot.
He asked Captain A to send an S.O.S. because of the significance
of their future leadership in the coming coalition which would promote
respect and dignity with a greater hope of deliverance.

Meanwhile King Brett feared the worst as his Hall was in danger
As James landed the atmosphere was poisoned and stranger.
The Dorsay, Dries and Igdugutlz were angered with Brett
for his presentation of his Holy Map and his great assistance.
This came even stronger after the result of Orion’s debt.

Only with this meticulous topographical genius did he find Yimina.
Of course their collaboration is the root of the entire demon’s dilemma.
Therefore they have returned in bunches to the Milky Way to commote
disastrous disorders to disrupt the propagation of oneness from Orion’s throat.
The trickery of corrupt brainwash triggers the ultimate barrage of fear and fret.

Then the commotion began nevertheless the Greys and the Council of Five
opened fire on the godless aliens who wanted King Brett’s hive.
The crowd of Brandesions watched the skies above as a pyrotechnical display
disarranged the futile attempts of Trioan and his gangs of evil doers.
They exhibited little resistance for the Council destroyed the pursuers
of injustice who based their grievances on false pretenses and were all in disarray.
King Brett’s integrity was salvaged for his egolessness which kept alive
the wonderful connection with Ysá Land as Orion and Yimina did strive
to clarify unified existence amongst all loving races on this halcyon day.
The fleet of Dries and Dorsay was depleted now after suffering two defeats.
This news will not sit well with the misers and crooks in their positions of conceit.

This is naturally a very special occasion which the diabolical also tried to deprive;
Yimina’s reunion with King Brett of course and the return of Protégé A and Orion
Thanks to the Council of Five they have many reasons for a jovial celebration.
The crew of the Black Star and the emancipated folk of Brandesion
wish to linger and discuss the melding of the coalition and the start of culmination.

Brandesion, the city of the ancient claymore once more
saw a dreadfully violent and bloody war!
Between the forces of justice and blatant lies;
is proven once again that the light and its allies
can forever bring peace, tranquility and ease.
May darkness for once and ever finally cease.

King Brett, the supreme leader of the ancient city
welcomed the captains along with a high committee.
Besides the prominent Council of Five
who did save the livelihood and inhabitance of Brett’s Hive.
A reunion of benevolence , one blended with peace and wonder
would stroke the feeble darkness like a treacherous thunder!

Suddenly the King was utterly amazed and wondered when
he saw the master of peace Yimina, as he robustly then
shouted inspirationally : “O hail the keeper of the green vaults
Your kingdom forever may stay blessed.” King Brett exalts
the great master of visions from his cherished Ysá land
The great Yimina, the glorious philosopher and the Grand!

King Brett described so many marvelous things,
Including the Holy Map and in detail of previous kings
of the culture Brandesion. He was thoroughly overjoyed
with the presence of Yimina who was so incredibly poised.

There was a bit of damage to the great hall
So they held a meeting outside the long wall
of Brandesion. Underneath these bright stars,
for a while, there’ll be no more useless idiotic wars.
Captain A then discussed the park in Ysá Land of radio telescopes
and told the King how they have fortunately raised our hopes.

Brett was hurt of the news of Hector’s death
Captain Orion assured him that Hector’s breathe
is still being heard in Xavica, he can possibly return
by the magical powers of Yimina , still there will be little concern
due to the overgrowth of darkness and evil forces.
We have now received the Yesian philosophy and its discourses.


At this point Yimina wished to bolster the crew with a productive morale.
Being a Sage from Ysá Land he possessed the knowledge of human DNA
to reorganize the spiritual and biological composition with a rationale
impeccably perfect. He was lucky enough to have an important interplay
of information which came from the remnants of Hector’s vertebral canal.

He wished to set up a search with the assistance of the Dream Star
to locate the whereabouts of Hector’s soul and state of survival.
He experienced earlier the retrieval of a lost companion with a molecular
analysis. The very essence of Hector is excitingly amazingly similar
to the human DNA with which Yimina was familiar. He awaited the arrival
of his inquiry. Burnett sent it to a central hoping for Hector’s revival.

This documentation was highly intricate and a definition of our athlete
who through entire Xavica was revered and generated an exposé
of enthusiasm and courageousness with his wonderfully excellent feats.
Bellatrix’s Wand was being held from Orion as he won the silver medallion.
Yimina claimed this wand could also be of assistance for Hector’s recovery.

Orion placed the wand in the hands of Yimina who murmured an alien
verse in the Yesian language and meditated deeply like in a sanctuary
summoning in a séance the spirit of Hector to become the beneficiary
of the white wizardry Yimina acquired through his Pegasus, the celestial stallion.

The interaction of Burnett’s message to the Dream Star central was necessary
to initiate the reconstruction of our lost friend with the mysticism
exuding from the Bellatrix Wand. The exactness of Hector’s DNA was irreversibly
the solution through the central with Yimina’s white wizardry to reinstate
his existence in a region of Ysá Land under the guidance of humanitarianism.

Burnett sent a message through the radio telescopic park. Hector’s resurrection
was a reality. He was sent through a spiritual transfiguration and could relate
to each phenomena normally and survived the molecular diversity.
This was the incredible combination of faith and an ultimate affection.
Through Yimina’s awareness Hector’s nature and marvelous eclecticism
with his kind sentimentality warranted the miracle and bounteous state.

Princess Anne wished to depart to Ysá Land to reunite in total euphoria.
She blessed with unbounded gratefulness the wonders of Yimina.
Anne declared the victory over the realms of the malevolent with certainty
as Semjase as well sent her pledges of support in this moment of historia.
The message was proclaimed over the entire silvery streets of Xavica.

King Brett was beside himself what Yimina accomplished and wished a festival.
During this time the plans for the further cooperation and the perceptual
atmosphere would be discussed. Ridding the beasts from the Brandesion Hall
was the inception of a golden age through the power of positivism.
The Holy Map for the guidance of the two Captains was King Brett’s intention.

Yesian philosophy is full of wonders and magic
to invert the events which are tragic.
Like the rebirth of Hector, the wise
righteous and great in his stature and size!
So, the capacity for immortality lies in the Dream Star.
Through the timelessness of relativity we conceptualize
the molecular composition through DNA, truly enigmatic.

After the friendly festival they had, the king announced
an urgent meeting. He then emphatically denounced
the devilish plans of the earthly empowered men.
The great hall was not safe, the darkness may again
plan an attack. So they decided to have a gathering
in a celestial village, far from the world’s clamoring.

The Village of “Ardean ” the nearest spot to the solar system
the famous boarder of the galaxy, on the other side of it the meristem
of darkness, cryptic and concealed. Nevertheless suited for the big meeting
of the light allies. At this point, and in the Ardean village the King
and his Yesian friends will observe the whole forgotten homes,
the broken, old, false remnants written in humanity’s tomes.

Then Ardean is such an ancient place and the path has been lost
even in the Holy Map. Passengers must cross dangers and frost
to reach the village. Based on ancient tales of our golden master
of Ysá Land he knows its whereabouts. Not knowing the way may cause disaster
to all who want to be in the line between the parallel worlds
and exchange with all beings as their hearts unfurl.

Luckily the great master of Ysá was there this time.
His presence was needed to cease the crime
of stifling freedom. Nonetheless, it was a challenge
to find the right path and manifest a huge change.
Master Yimina said this won’t be easy for we must sprawl
through thoroughfares to reach Ardean and pass over its wall.

He then continued to explain “These walls were protected
by a very clever race of elves. Any living presence
they could detect from thousands of miles away.”
Only the master and his friends could forge the way.
Afterwards they would only be admitted by solving a riddle
and improvising poetically upon an ancient mystic fiddle.

The fiddle was invented by the ancestors of our green planet
using the woods of ancient oak trees and the feathers of gannets.
Designed to be only played by the Yesians or the true heroes of light
Knights, men of might and possessing finesse and pure delight!
New stars will be born and the galaxies once more will shine
The atmosphere was perfect for King Brett and the Captains, so divine!


An atmospheric glimmer glowed through an auspicious premonition.
This brought a sentiment of security which rested in the hearts of all.
Yimina would initiate his process of resolutely guiding the mission
of reaching Ardean by communicating intuitively with the elves of the wall
they needed to climb to the entrance commencing this mysterious expedition.

The elves opened a passageway to a cave which reminded the crew of Ysá Land.
Within was a collection of similar minerals from King Burnett’s requisition.
Malachite, Quartz and Topaz with gorgeous Emeralds were to be seen and spanned
across the walls of the cavern were stalagmites oozing like a fanciful elusive vision.
Yimina ventured forth toward the frontier of Ardean with a scroll in his blessed hands.

The entire crew had ensured that Black Star was parked near the Brandesion Hall
James the pilot would offer information for the symposium in Ardean
His assistants were mostly Yesians who followed dedicatedly Yimina’s call
and Captain A marveled at the mineral wealth of the cave as they reached a mezzanine.
This overlooked a valley with a winding path leading to an area yet unforeseen.

Amazingly stood an entire radio telescopic park before the city as if a windfall
occurred. This appeared to be a duplicate of King Burnett’s and the Protégé’s
construction which notified the universes of Yimina’s and Orion’s serene
pacification which unnerved the beasts of terror who threaten and betray.

Yimina then wished to clarify the significance of King Brett who wished to enthrall
the Yesians with a collaboration because in this cryptic cave he owned the minerals
which could increase the baud of each radio telescope for optimal transmission.
This situation meant the philosophy could as well be sent with the best peripherals
from Ardean secretively concealed in a part of the Milky Way from the opposition.

Yimina then lead James and the crew with Orion, King Brett and Captain A
to the summit of Ardean where they would begin their symposium.
Here a discussion would be held over the usage of the telescopic park to convey
the intricate plans for the assemblage in the Solar System with a mark of wisdom
creating the largest majority possible against the lethal forces of the Dorsay.

James has always put forth the theory of cabal between a corrupted coalition
of murderous demoniacs and the power hungry with their cynical imperialism.
The Dorsay and Dries have been constantly searching to disrupt with extradition
the progress of Orion and Yimina who have flabbergasted with lyricism
creating great anticipation that a golden era is possible without a haughty elitism.

The colloquium was almost underway as Yimina guaranteed their safe arrival.
All voices would be listened to as this historic session exercised the submission
of all opinions with the oversight of Yimina who strived for our survival.
Contacting all friends from Ysá Land to Earth to join us by Juno for the exposition
in the asteroid belt was to be organized to softly convince our rival
that peace will reign and illuminations will reflect through a sacred prism.

“How do the imprisoned, impoverished and deprived people of Earth
have the ability to survive under a premeditated situation imposing a dearth?
Their conquest toward truth, happiness in life through respect and honesty
is ruined with a poisoned atmosphere filled with egoism and a lack of modesty!”
Said Yimina, the illustrious prophet and sage of Ysá Land and a true master
Orion remarked in conclusion “This is only a small part of their disaster”.

Yimina played an ancient fiddle in such a mystical fashion he conceived a way
which brought the elves, the protectors of Ardean, to their ancient days
during the formation of their land. From Ardean the whole planets
around Brandesion could be seen. Lovely pictorial and celestial gannets
took upon themselves to fly the far distance to King Brett their pastor.

The elves narrated stories about the events of their darker past
A life full of peace which glimmered shortly yet did not last
For a long time, death, destruction and ruthless crime prevailed
However King Brett sanctified their inhabitance so nonpareil
He gave them the oversight guarding the radio telescopic park
which he had cleverly hidden especially for the Yesian patriarch.

Yimina and Orion’s mission would be strengthened with the transmission
of their philosophy closer to our Solar System and carefully protected.
Their great challenge is ahead of them as they soberly reflected
initiating concepts of the administrative methods to confront the opposition.
Their plans must as well be flexible if the results are perhaps negatively affected.

The basic idea was born out of their incredible popularity amongst the benevolent.
Peaceful resistance through a silent majority was a popular thought between them.
The question was simply how was this to happen? It shouldn’t be obvious or evident.
Every move will be well-prepared involving each luminous angel and celestial citizen.
Elegance and shrewdness will be utilized with solace and a positive sentiment.

The tribulation of many earthlings is an unnecessary brutal form of treatment
which could be substituted with a tolerance for each individual’s aspirations.
Every loving child is born with wishes and dreams which need encouragement.
The elders who represent the enlightened path are the thrust of inspiration
which motivates the adolescents to fulfill their adult life’s culmination.

Yimina and Orion hold the torch of wisdom which burns this eternal light.
Their presence is an endowment which oversees our souls through the darkest night.
Indeed, we wish them Godspeed to forward their thoughts of replenishment.
We will be the recipients of pluralism with a token resilience as an essential constituent
feeling in our internal spirit the resolution of completeness given from our sages of might.


The primal synopsis of the agenda for communication was carefully discussed
The legions of light through the Holy Map knew absolutely the coming strategy
The exclusive rendezvous was furthermore an issue of coordination to entrust
each ethereal culture who wished to cooperate with their celestial cavalry.
The Pleiadians were central to the idea of the asteroid belt reminiscent of their tragedy.

Semjase explained the legend of her society, the cousins of the Earthlings.
A similar misuse of power was exercised at their earlier residence, a moon with a ring
like Saturn. It attained an atmosphere engendering oxygen and water giving life
equivalent to Earth. Nevertheless, the power hungry brought a serious strife.
After a long period of prosperity its planet was demolished with a foolish bickering
over the anatomy of alliances although the population itself was happy and rife.

The cataclysmic result was a horrendous explosion creating an asteroid girdle
between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. The Pleidians came to be as they escaped
shortly before the disastrous event traveling through the Milky Way to hurdle
the problematic to institute a new civilization swearing off war to reshape
an enlightened mystical philosophy enkindling their progress and a new spring.

Therefore, the remembrance of this incidence was fitting for Semjase.
Yimina and Orion knew of this and felt the positioning perfect and quasi
a blueprint for the grand foregathering with an impressive tactic.
The possibility of maneuvering behind the meteorites was fantastic.
At this point the various ideas were being presented at the colloquium.

Like a recluse they huddled together furthering the inclusion of Burnett
In the meantime Hector sent off a message which arrived for the curriculum.
He offered with great enthusiasm an active bridge between Ysá Land and Brett.
He would assist in the logistics of contacting the light aliens with a platinum
baud which Burnett installed and was sending messages secretly without fret.

King Burnett sent along his congratulations to Captain A for his activity
involving the construction of this marvelous radio telescopic enterprise.
Soon the connection between Ardean and Ysá Land would be a reality
combining the technology of these marvelous visionaries, the royal twosome.
Nothing will obstruct the plans of our poetical prophets with their incomparable wisdom.
Soon this escapade would be fortified with a fraction operating the element of surprise.

The bridge from the Ysá land to Ardean could connect
different parts of the universes in a symbiotic perfect
way. For they were the extreme points in to a different pole
encompassing most of the ancient realms in their whole.
Hector had learned about all these cultures as he was in the molecular world
and the Captains did enjoy thoroughly his enthralling magical words.

Semjase discussed her similar experiences through her personal wave signals.
Meanwhile a message arrived from the Johannes of Nurembia, passing through the walls
of Ardean. He was fixing his majestic spaceship so he could catch the meetings
of the leaders of these ancient realms. In the message he expressed his greetings
to them all. The idea of a collective advanced towards Earth and was being approved
by the members of the legions of light, for the Terra most needed to be improved.

A meeting had to be prepared to decide these further plans
which supported the lovers of light and the truth’s true fans.
Group work with the ancient supporters had to be brought together.
Lords and Kings from the entire Milky Way or from wherever.
To save the universe from belligerence once and for all!!
A magnificence was developing with the usage of radio telescopic
communication between Burnett in Ysá Land and Yimina in the Ardean’s walls.

Captain A sent a message to Red Elms to our fantastic ancient bird
Simurgh. His presence was urgently necessary and as you heard
this bird was given immortality and an ancient golden magic
which could diffuse the most complicated Dorsay diabolic trick.
So he could also be a great help for the realization of a successful plan.
For the first time this philosophical bird would be next to Yimina and man.

Captain Orion mentioned a vital and overbearing important point.
Therefore he decided to absolutely include Simurgh and did appoint
him to oversee the developments. Orion claimed in earnestness
the urgency to also have representatives with connections to Earth.
Essentially the occurrences of these preparations were the birth
of an established symbiosis with friends of Orion they all could trust.
They needed dependable individuals on Earth who were righteous and just.

The devilish attempts of the Prince of Darkness would be revealed soon.
The counteraction was being discussed so the protectors of light could be immune
from an accumulative disturbance from these contentious and pugnacious aliens.
James would also be a reference for a cooperative of trustworthy homo-sapiens
who had an insight into the cabal between the space programs and the evil forces
lurking for their next opportunity to disrupt our interuniversal discourses.


So as the communicative system developed Orion moved his eyes home.
He reminisced about his earlier days on Earth as he was an apprentice.
As a young man he was engaged as an assistant at the NASA Aerodrome.
His aspiration was to become one day an astronaut with an emphasis
on the assembly of spaceships and the production of magnetic waves.

He was a brilliant student hence he was excessively inquisitive.
He was uninterested in playing the necessary politics and behaved
somewhat detached from the social circles which were representative
of furthering his career. Therefore Orion developed a chrysalis
theory of self-substantiated knowledge to flourish his own enclave.

With other colleagues he met during his apprenticeship the synthesis
of concepts began for the construction of his marvelous Black Star.
Exactly this private band of rebels wished to assist Orion to save
his secret passion to wander into space independently to Mars.
This was a flight which started in the Painted Desert as a genesis.

With his maiden voyage he began the realization of his greatest ambition.
Orion turned his attention to his younger days to somewhere discover
these inspirational characters to facilitate his heroic philosophic transmission.
Throughout his travels and deeper meditations he became an ardent lover
of an enlightenment which consumed a being with a profound intuition.

He decided to locate each positive spirit he then encountered to elevate
the chances of sympathy upon the Earth evolving a conglomerate
and syndicate of allies. He would transport through radio telescopic
intelligence a synchronization to advise the angelically philanthropic
members of our human race to be aware of his efficacious expedition.

One of his colleagues was an artisan employed at a radio telescopic park.
He notified Yimina he was available for our benefit and we could locate
his whereabouts. Through Orion’s comprehension of electromagnetics
he advanced this knowhow into a form of defensive warfare to embark
confusion through the projection of nonexistent entities he would animate.

Meanwhile Burnett and Brett continued coordinating the benevolent
extraterrestrials with the perfect scheduling of a planned arrival.
Yimina reinforced their efforts with information very beneficent
to define the parameters to locate each zealous and favourable rival
who would participate in cleansing the universes for a positive aesthetic.

The meeting within the Solar System has commenced to coordinate
as the flow of correspondence between Ysá Land and Ardean succeeded.
With no solution where the second park was, hidden by the elves, the reprisal
from the Dorsay and Dries was temporarily hindered for the absolute survival
of the Kings and Sages of light which was secured by Brett as peace proceeded.


The Powers on Earth always ignored the light
while the people who for its luminosity did fight.
On that tiny globe imperialism does still reign
beside the brutality which no one can explain.
Captain Orion who never was at the wrong doers’ mercy
decided to explore the whole universe from his home New Jersey.

As a deft thinker, philosopher, writer and a great scientist
he was always against errant policies like the Zionists
or the Romans. On Earth the empowered people kill the truth
and your dreams could die as early as during the innocence of your youth.
He, as a self-conceived courageous individual still rose and began
nonetheless a bold path which was a hard way as he was a lonely man.

His development didn’t happen in a single day
and Captain Orion did pass through a jaded disarray.
to reach where he is now! With Yimina in Ardean
and this preparatory meeting where many Sages did convene
the Pleiadians, the Earthling’s cousins, were essentially his true guide
because when Orion was in doubt, his inspiration they did surely provide.

A magical day however came as his protégé die appear
alleviating Orion’s loneliness for he was so beatifically sincere.
Living in their immediate neighborhood was a precocious boy
whose had a telescope which was his favorite special toy.
A young genius was deciphering ancient celestial codes,
named Ellias Anderson, who could talk to aliens in different modes.
The world did not recognize him for his incredible talents
outside of Orion who befriended him for he was so especially gallant.

This young boy came from an ancient Aryan race.
He was disappointed by present society’s disgrace.
His inventions were taken as spinoffs and for granted
in a world so horrifically unfair, uninventive and totally slanted.
Notwithstanding it was Orion who discovered the wonders within him
and offered him a future in this world so terribly preposterous and grim.

Now together they are where they are meant to be
A dynamic duo bringing wonders so constructively
Soon from Ardean their plan will come into fruition
collecting their believers for a breathtaking expedition.


In the meantime the exciting endeavor of contacting friends
for the contact points in the asteroid belt furiously continued.
Hector and Burnett with Yimina and Captain A proceeded to the ends
of a cooperative which were entwined as a mission to be pursued
for the resolution of peace and pluralism throughout the universe.

Hector with the radio telescopic park of our illustrious protégé
was adept, accompanied by Burnett, to successfully transverse
the parallel universal galaxies to communicate with Queen Brigantia,
Queen Delina of Derlon, and of course Johannes of Nurembia
Their messages shocked the propagators of darkness with their exposé.

Because of the Dream Star and the danger free zone of Ysá Land
the communication could not be hindered by a Dorsay’s disgrace.
Through the genius of King Brett’s place of recluse Ardean they kept the firebrands
in check and could maneuver at will as they wallowed in their secret interspace
with their freedom protected by the walls of the elves abiding in their hideaway.

King Brett, Yimina and the two Captains formulated fabulously gorgeous invitations
to visit Ceres, the dwarf planet and Vesta which could be easily found for its brilliance
could be located by the missionaries of light as a tower of glowing excitation.
They could freely induce their philosophic phrases without disturbance
from absurd jealous reactions which warranted a boundless life of prevalence.

Although they possessed an extreme positivity they proceeded with caution
analyzing each situation keeping the fort steady without pandemonium.
The benign extraterrestrials would all be notified to conjoin in collaboration.
Pleaidians, Earthlings and Yesians would be exercising this historic symposium.
The Redan, Grivo and Orela with the Greys were a few of the impressive options.

Reaching them would be shared from our two radio telescopic parks
which both had contact to these cultures of benevolent leaders against the dark.
The cosmic Felines and the Egarot and Emerther stood with the lofty Lydians,
the transformed Greek tribe, who freely became close allies with Captain Orion.

The choice of a time frame was the work of Yimina who understood relativity
to synchronize each arrival at a specific asteroid at each given destination.
Also Orion wished to stretch out to his colleagues while he was an apprentice.
They must be aware of his plans of assemblage and also perhaps discuss assistance.
He wanted, with one of his friends who was engaged in Arizona, to help with his ability.

Daniel was his name and he was employed in Owen’s Valley, a perfect station.
He could transfer the plans of Houston to Orion outside of being detected.
This was only a precautionary measure to avoid any surprises from NASA.
Daniel kept close ties to James and loved to reinforce the efforts which protected
the luminosity which spurred life reminding him of his golden days in nostalgia.


The parables about the asteroid belt are so prolonged
To the primordial ages they do most certainly belong;
From the beginning of life, when darkness and light
thrived in peace together not involved in a fight.
Nonetheless the impish darkness started to grow.
No one knows when, perhaps millions of years ago!

Now it’s the time that the guardians of light;
The brave men and women, sirs and knights,
together, stop this devilish cancerous growth.
They always stayed loyal to their ancient oath;
which states to salvage the truth and brillance
as one must serve the goodness and radiance
with all one can possibly muster and heaven’s might.

The two telescopic parks made a celestial bridge.
Between two of the most distant realms in existence, on the edge
of the parallel universes; now the whole allies of light could watch
the glory of the saviors of the union, who this bloody botch
of darkness will finally stifle, suffocate and ultimately cease.
May this occurrence then give life to our forgotten peace!

Hector and Lord Burnett could observe the land of Ardean
which without such inventions could never have been seen
or discovered. The great land of the Elves
now was exposed to the old friends amongst themselves
who always craved to see this mysteriously magical land
but its location they never did fully understand.

All the friends were now blessed with the Ysa’s truth.
They cherished all the knowledge being kept by heaven’s sleuths
Desiring to gather by Ceres, where first their ancestors met
to remember the marvels which many did forget.
To revive the power in their vital community
making a sacred coalition and an enormous unity.

For doing so the celestials needed to unite with Earth
Captain Orion trusted a man whom he knew since birth
named Daniel Smith, a man whom Orion never forgot.
A loyal friend with friendly maxims he earnestly taught.
They now will make a plan to visit Ceres and reveal the mysteries
which have been hidden in the ancient pages of histories.


These mysteries were clarified in the philosophy of Yimina
and of course his partner Orion who rattled the demoniacs.
The incredible silence since the assault on Hector was somewhat suspect
of perhaps a retaliation from the darker powers. Hence the antenna
of reconnaissance was well aware of the Dorsay’s attempts to ransack
the immediate vicinity and to disrupt this rendezvous in any aspect.

James was in control of a station inside of Ardean to monitor
possible maneuvers of these ancient bloodthirsty warriors.
The original plan was still on course to coordinate all cultures
with a massive display of solidarity between Jupiter and Mars.
The entire orbit of the asteroids would be the origin of moratoria.

The suspension of the slovenly process of useless battle
would be handled in an entire tranquil fashion like in India.
The projection of Yimina’s and Orion’s message will unravel
the minority of dominance delivered from the Black Star.
The presentation will echo through the souls of mankind
stirring the essence of the beauty through a sudden Gloria.

This of course disconcerts the propagators of fear and dependence
releasing a comforting consolation from a healing countenance.
This compassionate visage is guiding the forthright who bind
the pilgrim’s progress through passivity to an astral travel
which has its roots in the holy sacrifice of nonaggressive resistance.

As the stolen spirit of Gandi was taken hostage the universes merged
to recapture through a transuniversal synergy complete pacifism.
Hence the balance of good and evil is in question and Orion urged
the necessity of the cleansing of Mother Earth from harmful cynicism.
Subsequently the majority of living creatures are searching for exuberance
and do scoff the negativity and refuse to recede into a state of pessimism.

This is the prerequisite of joyfulness which is from every being contagious.
Encapsulate your neighbor with a charisma nurtured in your realism.
Invigorate his lust for creation by narrating a verse of the outrageous.
Sealing an envelope with a kiss of redemption shining like a prism
The efficiency of your actions will flow the cuppeth over with luxuriance.

Orion and Yimina sing the credo of Whitman’s Body Electric to discorrupt
our souls to astral dimensions beyond the far distances of our imaginations.
Enthralling our existence with fascination to unleash our sentiments to disrupt
the blockades which hamper our freedom and our sacred emancipation.
Therefore the embracement of these Sages given integrity to awaken
the slumbering spirit within and revitalize our lives which have been taken.


Now let’s take a look at the darkness’ realm
filled with filthy creatures to overwhelm
with satanic intentions and dirty deeds.
Whose desires are wrecked with nefarious needs
moreover they are keeping their own diabolical insight.

The absence of light is darkness and light extinguishes it with its hues.
Pitch darkness cannot exist in light which continually has shone through
many eras. This fact has been proven, accepted and fully seen
that the absence of darkness is light and since conception has always been.
The fear of darkness is where its criminal corruption and power lies.
Courageousness and invocations nevertheless bring this anxiety to demise.

Still an innate darkness of purpose can coexist with light
and perpetrates the existence of a brainless dreadful plight;
It can be a force to deviate human beings into vanity
and vanquishes their sobriety and disturbs their sanity.
The shortsighted attitudes of many Earthlings’ fraud do
bring an example of this reckless process into view.

The return of their Prince, brings a hideousness rebirth
of the impositions of their cruel ideologies upon the Earth.
This Prince is well-connected with sinister administrations
complotting to deceive the people and various nations.
Besides the Dorsays, the Prince has the Indugutlz at his hand
who attempt to control the minds of creatures in any land!

Some believe that the Prince signed a devilish treaty
to spread blasphemy, defilement and impiety;
James even believed the tribe of Indugutlz transformed
themselves into the auras of people and then conformed
them to try lawlessness, betrayal and deception through darkness.
This was to deprive the Earth from beauty and offer only starkness.

Philosophy, theology, poetry, and the arts glorify the light.
Let us magnify its glowing to diminish the coming fright.
Needless tribulation will dissipate into the cosmic dust
as we build hope, love and charity into a common trust.

With the decrees of Orion and Yimina we will successfully supersede
all cabals of a futile collective of imbeciles who contend to proceed
to disrupt the beatific proverbs and proclamations of our glorious Sages.
They will ring in a golden era of balance sheltered by the Rock of Ages.


All systems forward as Yimina staying at Ardean contacts Hector.
He has his calculations completed organizing the meeting at Ceres.
The interuniversal trajectories were signaled as our eloquent orator
planned an inspirational declamation to Pleiades through Aries
onward to Red Elms toward Queen Dalina to carefully monitor
the important perspective of the collective’s positive demeanor.

Queen Brigantia, Johannes and the Yesians would because of the great distance
be travelling firstly to our Solar System’s asteroid belt to rendezvous
with a demonstrative concerted effort to impose an absolute adherence
upon these obnoxious menaces of peace. Through solidarity they will pursue
the thoughts of Mahatma Gandi to manifest an atmosphere of civil disobedience.

The foreboding at the cost of Hector’s dilemma and Princess Anne’s livelihood
has been communicated and protective measures have been discussed
as each spacecraft will be equipped with instruments of light for holograms
which Orion has perfected through LEDs to cause projective optical illusions
blending the defensive warfare with the usage of light and cosmic dust.

Princess Anne has been in complete radio telescopic connection with telegrams
and Morse Code which she gladly studied under Captain A. Anne’s attributions
thrilled Hector in Ysa Land where he worked hand in hand with Burnett to scan
the depths of three universes to determine the whereabouts or the likelihood
of interference from the Dorsay, Iguanoids and the Prince of Darkness’s collusion.

Never again would they deny their intuition, especially in regards to their talents,
in detecting the possible perils which lie between their goals and destinies.
From Ysa Land, through Lord Listonburg and Simurgh were all aware of the diligence
necessary to diminish the possibility of disturbance of their immediate prosperities.
The Emerther, Egarot and Semjase have been notified to also survey the galaxies.

Orion and Yimina have installed a clockwork and timetable with relativity
to secure the simultaneous arrival of all invited parties at the meteorites’ orbit.
Each of the greater asteroids would be used to disguise their visibility.
Each spacecraft will be safely concealed from NASA, Ross-Cosmos and other bandits.
Afterwards each tribe of extraterrestrials will appear in total transparency.

Because of the nearness of thousands of fleets Orion predicts erratic behavior
on the part of the separatists and cynics who held abusive positions of power.
The contact to Daniel of Owen Valley he held as essential at this very hour.
He wished a radio telescopic report as Daniel could be their ultimate savior
intelligently preparing sympathetic Earthlings with their blessed valiancy.


The celestial winds bring us all to Earth and its fertile soil
where some corrupted people the wholesomeness of sanity spoil;
Kind and good people are however the majority. Still the light may die
since they are living under an atrociously horrific lie.
All of them desire a democratic peace which could possibly exist.
Nothing is like their subtle nuances where their hearts do consist.

Captain Orion and his old companion Mister Daniel Smith,
who is truly like a mystical golden crystalline myth,
are doing everything they can to continue a telescopic connection
with all fleets of light. Nevertheless he needs ample protection
since many devilish humans could become aware of this fabulous plan.
These creatures were totally mad; somewhat like an agnostic egotistical man.

Hence the communications must be coded so no one could invade and misbeget
what is being discussed between them. Any data possibly leaking is a threat
to the plan of our Captains. So, Protégé “A” decided to wisely invent
a set of parameters which in an supernatural way wouldn’t represent
the exact movements, preparation, time and immediate location.
Daniel is helping to construct the platforms for this enormous operation.

Captain A had now tried to contact Lord Burnett so he could
send messages to Daniel. The incredible Yesians withstood
dangers for this secure connection. After a long discussion with our Sage
Orion Captain A developed a marvelous system written a single page
clarifying his code which could assist the administrative livelihood.

Meanwhile Captain Orion was convinced of the adeptness of Daniel
and his knowledge of celestial languages. He is also the head of a panel
with great sages and theorists. His contacts included the Pleiadian Semjase.
She was diligently trained in coordination and all through Owen Valley she was praised
for her elegance and propriety. Having her assistance has auspiciously raised
the possibility of success for each peacekeeper who wishes in the annals
of history a benevolence bringing Nostradamus’ prediction of halcyon days.

Daniel as he attended college knew a genius who artistically worked with light.
He created holograms and sky spaces with LEDs crowned with magnificent daylight.
James Turrell, who knew well his trade, magnifying beauty to grow and excel
awakening the secrets of pictorial worlds would never be equaled or paralleled .
Each theology recognizes the importance of illumination supporting the life
of each organism, flora or fauna, even into the tunnel toward the fire of afterlife.


Friends of light from the third universe; the Lydians, Queen Brigantia and Johannes Schmitt
have all taken course through the magnificent galaxy of Albion to the next parallel universe.
Hector and King Burnett have received from Yimina the profoundly important requisite
for a carefully timed flight toward Ceres and the asteroid belt, where they will transverse
an arrival through a synchronization of quantum physics and relativity quite exquisite.

The prodigious network of Orion and Yimina has begun to function and recapitulate
the ultimate necessity of granting the massive majority of sympathetic magnanimous
cultures their ultimate yearning a gallant everlasting peace becomes truly innate.
The ludicrous propagation of a permanent war as reality is massively malicious
and will never under the warmth of life be accepted. A baby’s smile will eradicate
the very possibility for hatred to reign because of its instinct for the luminous.

Queen Dalina fulfilling her dedication to Ysá Land, and to the Sages Yimina and Orion
has energetically initiated an incredible fleet from neighboring cultures near to Derlon.
The appointment to disembark will be immediately coordinated through our valiant Hector.
The synchronization will be between Ardean and Ysá Land as King Burnett’s precision
will be exhibited through a radio telescopic viewer for each fleet through a projector.

Therewith info was attainable so each participant could be notified over the position
of each culture’s spaceship via a visual image together with parameters to magnify
clarity about the arrival time of their flight over so many light years direction Earth.
The perseverance necessary was only available through meditation which could unearth
the concentration to further comprehension and succeed to manifest a way to simplify
and expand the awareness of their whereabouts during such an adventurous escapade.

Hence Yimina and Orion, Protégé A with Hector and King Burnett precisely conveyed
the imperative insurance to assist a trinity of universes attempting a sacred mission.
The profound conjunction through meditative emphasis has once again superbly laid
the foundation for a collective which is irreproachably untouchable with a vision
to present an incomparable form of selflessness to amplify the desires for this decision.

We invocate the higher powers and bow before their godly wonders as we obey
the golden rule to glorify the serendipity of happiness while the seraphim sing a lullaby.
Therefore the iniquitous giant will exit stage left to emancipate us as we joyously cry
convinced of the betterment through a resistance as Mohandas Gandhi disposition
will assure us of triumph through solidarity. Our thoughts cannot be ignored in dismay.

The heterogeneous characteristics of our world
and the loss of faith in the almighty Lord;
has brought the “Prideful Earth” into a disaster.
Gauging wounds do require a big and eternal plaster.
In such a world a big gamut of emotions die
when no one their necessities do supply.

The once maladjusted kids of a rich population
have taken the competency of a powerful nation
called the United States of America; messages sent to sky
by Daniel Smith might be tracked by the perspicacious F.B.I!
On Earth, when he talks, anywhere or any day
he may be exposed to the agents of N.S.A.

The promised liberty, the pledged prosperous life
now was threatened by their sharpened poisonous knife;
Maybe it has always been like this, before and after us
everywhere in the world though this seems precarious.
There has been some sort of dubiously treacherous cruelty
like Rosemary’s baby. These people stood against the beauty.

This is the story of our pilot, James the boy
from Illinois, who saw his life being destroyed.
In front of his own unblemished green eyes
was the trickery of propaganda and their imperialistic lies.
Nonetheless he never became irascible and uselessly angry
since his masters were Captain Orion and Samuel Langley.

The pedagogues of Earth were to some extent spoiled
thinking with good science however quite embroiled!
Notwithstanding they were teaching ludicrously foolish stuff
to students. All they learned were fallacies and utter bluffs.
James Turrell was aware of the hypocrisy and wished to convalesce
the metaphysical landscape to flourish and effloresce.

He decided to confess the corruption of the empowered people
whose sins, lying and destruction stunk to the highest steeple.
Turrell decided to fabricate a wonder called the Roden Crater.
“In this stage set of geologic time, I wanted to make spaces which later
engaged celestial events in light to perform a ‘music of the spheres.”
In this illumination the human perception will be captivated endeared
to invocate our Creator to ensure the fire of life as our originator.


Yimina, Orion and Captain A were now constantly in touch with Hector.
The master plan would commence as Ysá Land’s radio telescopic park
was in total synchronization with Ardean. Inclusive would be a visual projector
transmitting the images of each spaceship’s approach to the Solar System.
Each sympathetic culture knew through parameters their time had come to embark.

Hector and King Burnett had an impeccable surveillance which held the Dorsay victim
to holograms and other optical illusions to distract their outdated detector.
Yimina and Protégé A held fort protected from the Elves’ walls of Ardean
with the same devices of visual irritation which frustrated the Dries as they left Ysá Land.
The fleets from all corners of three universes were conveyed on the projector to be seen.

The advanced extraterrestrials were all adept to adapt and fully understand
quantum leaps through black holes and travelling with space loops to dart
light years in seconds of Earthly time transversing to the glorious foreseen
destination where all events of their assemblage would happen in this sector.
All were pledged to the motto of Mahatma Gandi of peaceful resistance.

The light emitted from Ceres reflected from the sun would exceedingly expand
to guide the final arrival of the Emerther and Egarot with the Elfaff and Orela.
The radio telescopic precision of Ardean and Ysá Land was the cosmic umbrella
to reassure the guaranteed environment for the ultimate confrontation to demand
the acquiescence of the opportunistic who held their positions of influence.

With their demonstrative temperaments they could not truly fathom the perseverance
of a wholesome principle which readily dismissed all forms of their selfish dilemma.
These power hungry imbeciles’ karma was their annihilation as they will lose command
of their wealth for the circumstances conducted dissolved their world into a reliance
upon the brokers and gamblers who disappeared with a malicious mafia’s tarantella.

Hence with the newer constellation only the ability to exercise equity would withstand.
The repercussions of the coming eventualities will transform the necessity of resilience.
The social conscience of the future is resounding with logic, endearment and compassion
echoing through an interuniversal quasar rebounding as gracefully as a saraband.
The entourage is congregating with an expectation of furthering the conversance
of Yimina and Orion’s philosophical deliverance as each culture will be impassioned
to proliferate the beauty of skyspaces to enthrall each race encompassed by radiance.

The needlessness of their hideous contortions will dissipate into thin air
as the angelic Lioness culture ameliorates our condition to refashion
the boundless likelihood of the reappearance of the eloquent and debonair.
The restoration of virtuality and enlightenment will reign in the countenance
of our children. We herald the arts as the inspiration will glister in brilliance
glimmering over all horizons filled with a transcendence so extraordinaire.


This confrontation has always existed between these divergent forces
of light and darkness since they pass through opposing courses
reflecting the cosmos. So it is indeed decidedly important to truly discover
what these malicious forces are contemplating ; a prerogative to undercover.
So Captain Orion and his Protégé asked Hector to probe the tenebrously sinister side
utilizing investigative techniques like a sleuth with the telescopic park as his guide.

The Captains were mustering the ultimately best chances to make the connections
between distant poles to understand how to crack their silence. The intentions
of Yimina and Orion would upset their power ring. For them this can’t happen at all!
They wanted to do whatever they could to find the parameters of the wall
of Ardean. Hence it was essential for the protectors of love and light
to keep their circle of protection secured and impenetrably tight.

Captain “A” provided Hector with some mathematically disguised codes
which would enable him to locate the hidden spots of darkness in different modes.
These sun treading monsters had their schemes of aloofness with a hideous fright.
Their selfish manner only disconcerted honesty, intimacy and naivety
behaving in a separatist’s fashion warranting the destruction of their iniquity.

Master Yimina has already felt the presence of a dreadfully despicable force
and mentioned the ignorance of their actions may result in total remorse!
They surely needed to concentrate and discover the Dark Prince’s plans.
Their enemy’s quietness was a potential irritation too in this short time span.
We must rendezvous thousands of fleets in the asteroid belt to overview
the communication with Daniel Smith and James Turrell which was well overdue.

So Hector with the Greys followed the given algorithmic codes in order
to find the fleets and hiding place of the Dark Prince on some possible boarder
edge perhaps in the vicinity of a microcosmic black hole. They were fresh and readily
conceivably prepared for a probable attack. Therefore they proceeded moving steadily
forward employing an escape and shortcut to another gravity field to a parallel universe
detecting the Prince’s whereabouts as benevolent Burnett chose to pleasantly rehearse.

They were probably on the onset of trouble making planning an ambush or an attack.
Their thirst for war was unquenchable and their villain forces were so wild and black.
Hence in nature and objective they were not to be trusted and had to be stopped.
For their realization of fires which breed hatred Yimina and Orion would not adopt.
Once and for all this Prince must be imprisoned, left powerless and ignobly leashed.
The majority of the extraterrestrials were benign living the mottos of eternal peace.


Lord Listonburg and Semjase notified Yimina and Orion that Queen Brigantia
the Lydians and Johannes with inhabitants of Ysá Land have arrived in the Milky Way.
The synchronization of all arrival times has been masterly handled by Yimina.
With the balance of wormholes and relativity billion of light years can be a crossway
through parallel universes to accomplish travelling through black holes as an extravaganza.

This concept was proposed from Einstein and has been actualized in Ysá Land.
The Holy Map was sealed in a scroll and delivered to King Brett who now was in Ardean.
The benign cultures of extraterrestrials led by Semjase received the command
to rendezvous by Andromeda soon to be depart in unison and fly like a serpentine
to the asteroid of Ceres and then choose the larger asteroids to remain safe and unscanned.

The surveillance of the Dorsay’s whereabouts was undertaken by Hector and Burnett
who sent their whereabouts to the radio telescopic park in Ardean and to Owen Valley.
James Turrell sent to Ardean and Ysá Land too the newest techniques of making Holograms
which would break the third dimension and irritate the Indugutlzs preparing a finale
of indirection and optical illusions to define the defensive warfare of the benevolent.

These techniques were given to all participants assisting their journey unhindered
by attacks like Princess Anne experienced in Xavica suffering under this brutal attacks.
With Daniel Smith’s ingenuity he kept the NASA and Roscosmos in the ultimate black
unaware of the coming assemblage of the hundreds of thousands of cosmic sprinters
who enthusiastically wished for Yimina and Orion’s philosophy of peaceful coexistence.

The hideous ruination of self-esteem through an egotistical nationalism left disarray
and lack of fulfillment as the metaphysical spiritual was left to a pack of dogs.
Orion had decided to abandon his earthly quarters to bring back the halcyon days
of an ameliorating atmosphere freeing each individual to flourish with a dialogue.
The ultimate reciprocity would be a natural phenomenon creating a marvelous interplay.

The irreproachable sanctity of life would be finally expressed in a fabulous eloquence
as a golden era would surface to accompany the emotions of all cosmic beings.
Therefore Orion’s mission will warrant culmination of a peaceful equivalence
securing the individuality of every mode of creativity and we will be foreseeing
a dreamlike perfection and hence this gathering of spaceships as a consequence.


The same efforts were being handled on Earth by Daniel Smith
posing against the deadly imperialist’s forces and their deathly scythe.
Daniel had to deal with so many vicious agencies and malicious men.
So not for a moment did he stop working and planning with his diligent pen.
His friend James Turrell with the help of optical illusions and skyspace light
stood next to him in this extraordinarily historical moment and celestial fight.

The gamut of evilness of the corrupted selfishly villainous powerful people
has destroyed every subtle sensitive nuance of life similarly small to a sepal.
Like a cancer which spreads like a wildfire metastasizing with a merciless kill
it seemed that nothing could truly prevail against their diabolically satanic will.
The summit of Yimina and Orion’s assemblage of the guardians of light
by Ceres would beckon the higher spirits to usurp the legion of heartless fright.

King Brett was amazed when he found out the true capacity of the telescopic park
for he could now extend the existence of the Holy Map with many an eloquent remark.
Also he could learn more from Yimina and the Yesian philosophy and metaphysical art.
He was a King of wisdom and chivalry and gifted with the compassion of a lion’s heart.
This union from Ysá Land and Ardean would be bigger than anything of its kind
for the great people involved had greater ideas in their souls and mind!

Mr. Turrell could make inordinate light patterns with his LEDs and thus
help distract the attention of the Dark Prince. Hence he did fervently discuss
this matter with his friend Daniel Smith; since he was not an introspective
person he believed in the joint actions of the beings; such unions were more effective
against the morbid forces of the universe. Truly the essence of Yimina and our sage
Orion was meant to advance the history of mankind by illustrating on a greater stage.

So like Hallelujah the minors have to fall and the majors must joyously lift
the powers from the slovenly wicked and the despicable. We must shift
the axis of power to the peace seekers; to the beings of love, peace and light.
They have undividedly devoted their lives for what is righteous and forthright
and giving hope to all leaving the ruthless grappling for straws consumed in rage.

May everything continue this process of good will and may the truth reveal
to the Earthlings as well the hidden truth what the war mongers once did conceal.
Now is about to be exposed to the whole eyes of those who conjure charity and believe
and the shame will exist forever for those lousy scoundrels who cheat and deceive.
They took upon the sinister attitude of the Dorsay bringing senseless war and disasters.
Notwithstanding the exclusive theories of reciprocation held in the hands of our masters.


Semjase was well aware of the historical significance of this mysterious asteroid belt.
Her coveted wish was to assist the peacekeepers avoiding another reoccurrence
of massive cultural disturbances resulting in the most futile era of her race’s existence.
A freedom loving entourage was successful in escaping to Taurus with unparalleled
courage and reestablished their colony while living as loyal cousins of the Earthlings.

The entire regression in the recent period on Earth is known to many who are concerned.
Relieving the global fascism is a monumental task which will be taken on by our Sages.
Orion and his Protégé along with Yimina will send through radio telescopic messages
an ultimatum over the assemblage of hundreds of thousands of spaceships sojourned
threatening the power hungry with an overwhelming majority and an imposing presence.

The first message was sent to Daniel Smith who from Owen Valley relayed the essence
to Houston notifying NASA. This breaking news was suddenly confirmed and the stage
was set for the raising of the white flag. The result was alarmingly effective and immediately
the other space authorities of Russia, China and England then rashly and obediently
followed suit being caught with little knowledge of this incredible development.
Through this ominous and disconcerting irregularity the leaders all feared demolishment.
Donald, Xi, Vladimir, Kim and Recep all prepared themselves for a possibly sly escape.
Instead of activating an atomic attack which had little chance in succeeding they would enter
their monstrous mobile shuttle leaving perhaps lookalike impostors in their place.
This tactic was for only a short time so they could stealthily take off to never-never land.
A power vacuum would then be present and a cumbersome superfluous hapless venture.

The general population up until now knew of course nothing of this red tape.
Only the secret societies and higher ups would be informed and confronted.
Meanwhile the entire Emerther, Orela, Egarot, Ginvo and Redan were on hand
and Queen Brigantia , Queen Dalina and Princess Anne and their fleets were affronted
from the belligerence and ignorance which dominated this gorgeous planet’s lands.

A Paradise of terrestrial beauty was the big blue marble and insulted was its Nature
being mistreated and grossly misused because of greed and an irresponsible rape.
The basic principles of coexistence and a fair allocation was ruined by globalism
disregarding the aspirations of a companionate environment as well as being hunted.
The absurd surveillance of our private intimacy is no better than a peeping Tom’s schism.

Hence the return of Orion with Yimina will be promptly broadcasted like John Houseman.
Daniel Smith and James Turrell, for the Sages, have connected themselves with Internet
for a worldwide transmission of their philosophy presented on You Tube for fellowmen
of a celestially congenial symposium lifting the spirits of the downtrodden with pacifism.
Soon the power structures will be dissolved bringing about a long awaited watershed.


That familiar blue globe Mother Nature was our forgotten love.
Noah was earlier visited after the deluge by a white celestial dove.
Nonetheless our Earth could be viewed now as a tired and weary man
who was inflicted and diseased through a bizarrely sinister plan;
“Home sweet home” with a tear in his eye whimpered Captain A
distraught to witness his birthplace in complete and utter disarray.

Saviours of light, the servants of God do not seek revenge
It’s the darkness which they always seek to brighten and avenge;
O’ darkness! You are a petrified forest, an ugly cold black stone
Let us venture in peace as comrades free of fire and brimstone
Let us love, dance and jubilate again with our faces ashine
Let us capture the forgotten peace and begin an era so divine.

Waiting patiently for a reaction from the heathen and profane
was the assemblage knowing their majority sufficed as they remained.
Daniel reportedly received sporadic reactions from NASA of strong anxiety.
The ineptness of the politicians was evident within their decadent society
who were kept in ignorance over the loomingly dangerous predicament.
Owen Valley was suddenly receiving a speech from Putin to be promptly sent
to Semjase whom he knew to collectively throw up the white flag as propriety.

Donald was suicidal because of his fallacious world simply crumbled.
Xi realized his entire control system became superfluous and would tumble.
Playing games with ISIS and the Holy Land stunk of unfiltered oil
as Recep’s theorems unraveled as useless as Syria bled and toiled.
The young Despot Kim giggled for his games with Alaska were a childhood’s rumble.

Vladimir’s translator was furiously attempting to ward off the interuniversal
gathering lurking behind the meteors with honestly well-thought rhetorical
phrases to assure his willingness to discuss the further developments.
Yimina , Orion, Hector, King Burnett and Semjase acquired congruent
messages from Daniel in regards to Russia’s position and the phenomenal
openness however the assessment would lie in the word’s content.

Meanwhile James Turrell and Daniel had a team of cooperative You Tube engineers
who felt sympathetic toward Orion and Yimina and would love to represent
these philosophers and talented orators presenting their new and incredible frontier.
The advertisement would immediately proceed with ingeniously posed imagination.
James, Black Star’s pilot notified Orion and the crew of this enthralling inspiration.
The Captains and their friends flourished with confidence and charity they surely did bring.
Together with the white doves they again will sing choruses while they’re robustly on wing.


All of the You Tube viewers were fascinated with the Californian enterprise.
Although they were sold out to Google they still maintained various rights.
Inclusive was the decisive ability to choose special guests with interesting topics
and the effectiveness of allowing Orion, an American and a Yesian Sage Yimina
to discuss their eloquence to attract attention as they were highly philanthropic.

The committee of individuals who would arrange the safe transmission from Ardean
was reliant on Daniel who had the secure connection to the radio telescopic
park which had nowadays a visual scanner to emulate the Sages voices and visage
with an elegant resolution and a sparkling high density to perfectly screen
their aura, positivity, and charisma electrifying the Earthlings with their images.

Daniel notified expeditiously the entire entourage in Ardean which went further
to the entire sit in by Ceres, Juno, Hermes, and Eros surrounding Mars as the observers
would receive the entire broadcast through Daniel’s beautifully monitored conveyance.
Soon Yimina and Orion would recite many of their cantos for all and through servers
the link would be sent to billions of others who could enjoy this boisterous extravagance.

These would be the same phrases they stated which raised the Dorsay’s disturbance.
The success of their Ysá Land symposium was enormous so they offered a continuance.
Yimina’s countenance then appeared over You Tube speaking his words of wisdom.
“Welcome to our symposium accompanied by the profound orator Orion.
We are here to communicate the wondrous nature of our Creator’s gateway
encompassing His universes to the further reaches of our cosmos.

Our awe-inspiring galaxies have shed brilliance through the darkness.
Miraculously we are the proprietors and inhabitors of this light so grandiose.

Our earthly companions have ventured to us to magnify our precious light
which is the basis of love and growth and guides us all to harness
its worth as we accentuate its importance for our cherished existence.
Nonetheless many have gone astray forgetting this instinctive purpose.
Our emotional process reminds us of our internal inheritance.
We all possess warmth of soul and blood to comfort and excite
the godliness within us found in meditative moods of quiescence.

May I introduce you to the universe each of us can explore?
It is possible all of us can learn we are from our inception adored?
Enjoy the multifarious eclectic mystery which we all experience
while furthering gratefulness for our consciousness overflowing with buoyance.”
Then Orion spoke clearly as his presentation speech began.
It would possess an untouched puristic ideology and a greater plan
which could surely enlighten, rebuild peace, reconcile and forgive.

“This has motivated my aspirations to covet this moment as imperative.
Occurring more than thirteen billions years ago life,
through pulsars, started to beat without an iota of strife.
At this historic moment, a scintillating cosmic electric spark
brought light into being, illuminating the dark.
Our earthly creation has a long and illustrious history
full of myths and beauty; a truly captivating story.
Nonetheless many have been eaten by greed so nefarious.
Wrongly they thought we could conquer and therewith be victorious.

Let there be a lustrous light to lead us away from this sabotage.
Our race is consumed with an erroneously ghostly mirage.
We need to further Yimina’s Yesian philosophy and creed.
Counseling our principles with the sensitive attention we so direly need.
We shall stretch out with a philosophy of multiculturism as we heed
and harken the concerns of members from a caring entourage.
They behold us as a talented race with very good intentions
gifted from the Muses with our music and poetry, guiding our inventions.

Please unite and persevere the angelic purpose of our existence.
Holding the hands of the fearful as they crave to nurture
the slaves of the elite who dominate our quintessence.
The rebirth of our culture is at hand as we praise our Nature
which holds us in balance perceiving our presence.”

Immediately thereafter the demand for Yimina and Orion
was gigantic breaking all You Tube records and tilting the charts.
The two producers were flabbergasted and James Turrell roared like a lion.
Daniel had once again faith, hope and charity bursting in his heart.


Demonstrations for freedom broke out in every city.
The forlorn urchins were decorated and given love and pity.
The long story of the Captain’s adventures is revealed.
The enlightenment of all these trips for these men could yield
wonders after visiting many worlds which they joyfully did explore.
It was time to now return to where they dwelled before;
time to recite cantos to the whole world about what was lost.
The words of Orion and Yimina had the same effect as Pentecost.

Captain A besides Daniel Smith remembered the Sages’ Ode.
Such a historical moment was an extraordinarily epic episode.
You Tube presented the Sages’ speech and has posted the symposium;
talking about the truth which was all being kept hidden in the kingdom
of villains. Their modern slavery and the postmodern separatism and segregation
was excluding the poor third-world countries. Equity would now return to all nations.

Many individuals were fed up with the double standards of a murderous status quo.
Insensitively the elite ignored the tribulations of the common man and their daily woes.
The hapless UN’s Security Council called for a spontaneous emergency meeting
though they already knew the governments were escaping or erratically fleeting.
The people protested rigorously against their summits which were all fake
believing that obeying their patterns of propaganda was a humongous mistake.

The Earthlings now were coming to comprehend and know
all the ruthless imperialists told them was a Wizard of Oz show.
They must be forever kept in the wastelands indignantly dumped.
All the liars must be banished; specifically Uncle Sam’s hilarious chump
who was loathed the most amongst the truth seekers and peace keepers.
He egotistically utilized his inherited wealth to rise to the Ku Klux Klan’s reaper.

The United Nations could not come close to any culmination or relevant conclusion
They were in a sheer state of discombobulation, disgruntled and in total confusion.
Those in power, those old-dirty feudal Lords of the Bilderberg could ultimately flee
and take refuge in the mercy of the Dark Prince selling their souls for free.
“We will remain the men of light” echoed Orion’s voice in Red Square Moscow.
His voice was heard too by the people of all nationalities, in China and Morocco.

The human eyes could see the certitude of us; the reality of humanity.
People who bred the imbalance of greed and worldly vanity,
people like Recep and Kim, injected selfishness into their feeble minds.
No longer was mankind hoodwinked; no longer would they wear blinds.
Truth was being recited by Yimina, Captain Orion and Captain A.
Finally, the light could find it’s divinely magnificent interplay.

Thousands of spaceships and hundreds of celestial races
were called to protect the light and lost divinity; glowing faces
showed them all insistent and full of love. Wishing to be instructors
of a new creation disemboweling the hideous corrupted vultures.
This era will bring a mixture of noble and peaceful cultures
manifesting this into practice with equivalence as the infrastructure.


The Council of Five oversaw the document of Vladimir with great scrutiny
As well Semjase who travelled to Switzerland and Russia glanced scrupulously.
Prepared would be a diligent response reflecting the power structures at hand.
The general tone of Vladimir was pacifistic with a surrendering to Ysá Land.
Of course he did not wish to relinquish his power which sat very cumbersomely.

The extraterrestrial committee dismissed his attempt as inserious
and discussed overviewing Earth for the time being realizing continuity.
They believed a process had commenced with a successful broadcast
which should flourish organically. The many discrepancies Vladimir’s career
must come back to haunt him and he will need to relinquish his tasks
because of a collection of incidences which led him not to adhere
to humanistic practices obscuring his wrong doings with complete ambiguity.

“Our attention is now on Earth’s new golden era with the reception of Yimina
and Orion with his Protégé” proclaimed Semjase. She contacted Ardean and assessed
plans with King Brett and Daniel to organize a landing enclosed by an arena
where the gentle revolutionaries could congratulate the threesome for their success.
The power vacuum was immense and humanity would be involved in a big transition.

NASA oversaw the problematic und FEMA was disengaged because the majority
of people tasted their emancipation and believed in the omnipotent authority
of the words of these two prophets who cared so dearly for magnanimity.
The essence of their philanthropy hasn’t been found since early Greece
and the Lioness culture of Egypt. Many other extraterrestrials craved for peace
and would love to interact with the Earthlings to assure love for metaphysicians.

The war mongers game of slovenly money has been halted and freedom bells do ring.
The one-sided attitude of grievous separatists has been dismantled as the underlying
inequality is of the past. Our Sages will create a benevolent creative atmosphere
giving birth to a burgeoning era of the arts from poet, dancer, actor, painter and musician.
The destruction of our magical crafts will cease as all curious beings will lend an ear.

James the trusty pilot of Black Star has been given the honors to secure the transport
of our altruistic orators to share their caressing lines warming with their sonority.
King Brett has set the platform for take-off and Arizona is their goal and destiny.
The homosapien has survived two decades of horrific fallacy and must not resort
to cynicism and can believe in miracles like an babbling babe in its serenity.

Soon the Earth will encompass the philosophy of two men with heartfelt dispositions
to guide our aspirations to fulfillment devoid of false promises. We will stand superior
as celestial beings warranted to realize our dreams and conceive with ascendency
letting our imagination expand to heights never reached with an exhilarated rapport.