Born through a mystical cosmological liaison the passion
reached further than the thoroughfare of our Milky Way.
As the embryonic phase progressed a multifarious ration
of grandiose proportion captured our infant’s interplay.
The incredible curiosity of a child’s surroundings fashions
an awareness and brings smiles to its face gleaming with naivety.
Furthermore the ascertainment of experiences is manifold
and nonetheless never will it overwhelm but excite like secrecy.
The primal glance into a coniferous forest carries a mysterious scent
which won’t be forgotten. Our infant proclaims Nature should be extolled.
Seeing a dragonfly sprint pass is a supplemental wonder while brilliancy
awakens the wonderment of its earthly environmental ambient
splendor enrapturing its perspective as it enthralls thousandfold.
The boundless variations of deciduous vegetation is a novelty
conveying the woodlands to this toddler as it woos quite content.
Consumed by the outdoors each animal is a common inhabitant.
Each squirrel collecting its wintry nuts is a timeless story of a devotee
reflecting its own behavior narrating a vintage canto so perfectly told.
Then finding a vivid flowerbed symmetrically patterned was an exuberant
adventure astonishing its innocence while its enthusiasm became highly-souled.
Venturing further into the efflorescent display the treasures of botany,
a gorgeous escapade, animated our child to revel in ravishment.
Then after dusk our child glimpsed into the starlit firmament
watching a storm of meteorites identifying its origin and odyssey.
The emotional streams impelled our infant to dream as it foretold
its aspirations inspired from the aesthetics of its empyrean consent.
Blessed from procreation and lovingly conceived our wanderer
has joined life with a wide-eyed wholesomeness and integrity.
Anointed with holy oils it proceeds unscathed from any descent
choosing to be cherished learning to accept the varied and the multifold.
The bounteous landscape and heavens warrant a heavenly embellisher
to describe our multifaceted paradisal surroundings with fantasy.
This phantasmagoria is a perplexing kaleidoscopic abundant reality
which is our God-given terrestrial gardens shared as Earth’s ornament.
The appearance of the primrose, daffodils and tulips is the authenticity
of the vernal equinox as the shy magnolia explodes so elegantly superior.
Eventually the roses fill the air with a sensual aroma in summer so splendidly.
Witnessing the coloristic autumnal pleasures also is a pleasing fulfillment
and the first moment of snowfall which appears accumulating so fancy-free.
The innuendos and nuances of our flora and fauna will pleasantly interfold
as our Counselor overlooks our heaven on Earth while our infant is consoled.
Shown so tenderly its sacred dwelling we attempt to influence what we behold
securing our place of residence which will be inherited from our luxurious ascendant.
Meditating with affectionate wishes we implore our compatriots and humanity
to join in the revival of our planet with compassionate sensitivity and a strong foothold.