Looking in the mirror until your ears are profusely bleeding
Forthcoming is denunciation with some horrific proceedings
Avoiding condemnation is a pipe-dream left in your pageants
There will be little doubt of your contrition or congress’ malcontents
Lost in the clouds with your undeviatingly hideous fascistic remarks
Never perturbing the party’s base while leaving them in the dark
Completely illogically twisting reality with a grimace and a frown
Laughing like a scarecrow, your profession should have been a clown
Nonetheless your rhetoric elicits only a sarcastically somber laugh
Teaching your brainless simpletons to worship the golden calf
Sneering at all decency and conjuring up an unbelievable fable
Bringing the buffoons and oligarchs all to your impious table
Laundering your exchanges with your hotels at the Red Square
Infiltrating for personal gains while hiding in Ben Hur’s underwear
Surrounding your borders with the National Guard hiding your guilt
Monstrously plundering niceties ranting madly with dirt and filth
Consumed by adolescence in your behavioral style of lawlessness
However there is no principle to whack your buttocks of worthlessness
Screaming about noncitizens although your wife is a Slavic queen
Your color is a rosy pink like a piggish self-centered swine who’d intervene
It has been proclaimed essentially you are an unindicted coconspirator
Culpable of abuse of your campaign as your lawyer sits in an incubator
Fantasizing while counting sugar plums inaccurately claiming exoneration
It is only a question of endurance before your ultimate total damnation
Perhaps it would behoove you to discontinue your ghastly rude harassment
Reflecting on Moses’ tablets with the burning bush and the Ten Commandments
Redemption is retrieval which no hound barking, like your repulsively evil crowds,
ever will reach because your conceited attitude will remain till you’re disavowed.
Hence your theater is a Class Z show angering the house to breach a disagreement
furthering a unanimous decision resulting in your well-deserved impeachment.
A breakdown is not foreseen for your emotions are calloused and nonexistent
as you will be asked to leave willingly proudly marching into imprisonment.
Playing chess with the inmates listening to Elvis like the adorable Juliet Jake
Claiming as always the reports were falsified taking the tag of news which was fake
Still he walks staggering as a free man into his twilight after a Waterloo Sunset
Soaking my pen in ink and dabbing it lightly on the page of this soothing couplet.
Stealthily whispering to Melania about his blunders which are suddenly tumbling
he sits alone and stares at the wall awkwardly fumbling while his world is crumbling.