I AM OF GOD – poem by Alexander Scriabin translated by Paul Amrod

I am of God.

In a light’s effluvium, a transparent vapor
Lost a yonder and yet explicit
there is a star gleaming tenderly.

How splendid, the bluish mystery
of her mystic glow
beckoning me, cradling me.

O transport my essence to thee, far and distant star!
Bathe me with scintillating and trembling rays
Sweet infinity of perfect light!

Intensive desire, voluptuous and crazed yet precious
endlessly with no other goal than longing
I would desire.

Nonetheless I vault in a joyous leap
willingly I take wing
furiously dancing! A godlike play!
Intoxicatingly the radiant one !

It is toward thee, my adored star
My flight will chaperone me

Toward thee, created gratuitously for me
to serve this result.
My flight of liberation!

In this play of
sheer caprice.
In these moments I forsake thee
in the maelstrom that carries me
I veer from thy glimmering rays.

In the insanity of desire
Thou fadest
O distant goal.

Notwithstanding ever thou shinest
as I perpetually desire thee!

Thou expandest, Star!
Now thou art a Sun
A flamboyant Sun! Sun of jubilant Triumph!

Approaching thee by my desire for thee
I lave myself in thy enigmatic waves
O joyous godly source of light.

I swallow thee
my ocean of illumination !

My self-of-light

I engulf Thee!