Causing an uproar until he becomes rudely ostracized
because his sense of justice is pitiful and politicized.
Twisting legitimacy while searching through Italy
earning no respect with his tidbits so unwittingly.
Pushing the Kremlin’s language of ruthless division
squeezing his glasses with a formal lack of vision.
Despicably grinning with an unmistakable exoneration
from obvious collusion with Putin who’s thrilled in exaltation.
Although a bipartisan conclusion indicated foreign involvement
the conspiracy was given a thorough partisan endorsement.
Trying to reiterate a Wallace state of distorted law and order
the cages still are thriving across the southern border.
Acting like a front man in the depths of Australia
discovering evidence to support his Russian regalia.
Billy’s reputation was known as a manipulative apparatus.
The cover-up general was the name of his infamous status.
Now true to form he has destroyed the rule of law
Although many others saw it fit to simply withdraw.
Screwed to the wall with many counts of horrific crimes
our Prez’s friends have been excused of serving due time.
The exceptionalism is a slap in the face to all defendants
who receive no equity just calloused chastisement.
Then the latest of his most deplorable misbehavior
ordering the military police to deliver an atrocious favor.
Spewing teargas and pepper spray while shooting pellets
into peaceful protesters not fanatically monstrous zealots.
Our baseless Prez hence proudly raised his sacrilegious Bible
stinking of insincerity while his AG was being held totally liable.
Eleven thousand former DOJ officials want his resignation
nonetheless the insensitive infidel continues his stagnation.
Lastly his attempts at saving the former NYC basket case
“Rootie Kazootie” has resulted in an abominable disgrace.
He received a disgruntled rebuttal with a resounding denial
throwing our grizzly out of hibernation into a wintry trial.
Consequently the U.S. Attorney refused to retreat from his holy post
setting off a string of events where the congress is now residing host.
Since then he has a horrendous state of an incessant insomnia
unable to digest for he is plagued with a constant form of nausea.
His Alma Mater has come to the rescue asking for exactly the same
stating he has damaged public confidence with his guttural game.
Although his brutal logic provokes climates of presidential stress
he protects Humpty’s image not matter what he does heartlessly repress.
Nevertheless his day of reckoning is coming with which he’s surely petrified.
He must succumb to questioning exposing the criminal he has personified.
He has been turning the pages of our ambassador’s damning book
helping to excel the process for the extermination of this common crook.