“I am waiting only for recognition and absolute acceptance
although I am a Daddy with a Golden Spoon and an inheritance.
I suffer under a syndrome of a disturbing form of jealousy
upstaging constantly my henchman at the Turkish embassy.
I am secretly envious of comrades complaining with a pout
consequently I am ready to commence an appalling rout.
As a persnickety punk I used to run home to my parents
asking them what they thought of my tantrums so apparent.
They then instilled quite clearly an unmistakably winning attitude
destroying my sensitivity and my emotionally successful latitude.
Hence I became unloved, dejected searching for some prowess
biting my lips in frustration until they looked quite leprous.”
Now he has taken upon himself to read from a teleprompter
discussing his lost election asking for a proud boy’s slaughter.
Evoking the fears of Gabriel has him asking for a Georgian Halt
while the POTUS is inciting his base to purge an asinine assault.
Paradoxically his Attorney General has recently denied his wishes
as Miss Jenna Ellis supports Rootie Kazootie as he blindly fishes.
Ronna the chief of the RNC claims the results will never be finished
as our whiner will lie through his teeth even after he is relinquished.
Impenetrable with a stoic opinion which he bought at Woolworths
cursing all with alternatives since his screaming Mother gave birth.
Pardoning a proclaimed felonist Flynn to speak out for Martial Law
annihilating the election as he scratches wildly with his Tiger claws.
We have other complicit destabilizers like Little Carl Mister Rubio
who in 2016 called Don a con but now he sputters like a Duke Dubio.
However wait a minute; we have a Senator playing Santa Cruz
who got laughed out of a Tex-Mex club for trying to sing the blues.
Miss McDaniel has lost her touch for the devil has gone to Georgia
with Purdue, Loeffler and Sidney saying “no go” to pomp and regalia.
Our Prez repeatedly orates narcissistically attempting to degrade democracy
while stinking like an onion avoiding his improperness pushing fallacies.
McDonnell is starving America with his impervious style of grieving grumble
shedding a tear for the resignation of Lamar as Kentucky starts to crumble.
So Mary tells her gruesome stories about her egocentric, egotistical Uncle
warning the nation of this perilous trip so please sit and wear your buckle.
David Duke is pondering the correct moment to set his KKK in motion
with his supremacist ideology ready to burn the Cross for Satan’s devotion.
The paranoid driving Q of black and red has been ready for the big arrest
as the Latin children are confined while the cabal theories are assessed.
Freedom of speech and worship with the lack of detrimental want and fear
will guide us with cognizance as empathy returns to forgo these racketeers.
We hope fealty will not be awarded to the whimpering spoilsport’s crew
as we pray for a keen solution for rationality will reign and is long overdue.