Aggressively blowing your racist dog-whistle
lost somewhere in an Evangelist’s epistle.
Laughing at an obvious newly fashioned truth
leaving without a mask from your voting booth.
Believing the hogwash from a pathological liar
who contradicts himself grabbing crooks to conspire.
Infecting the environment by calling out the left
and now claiming he has been victimized by theft.
Pulling down his imaginative zipper for sweet Lisa Page
being caught as a charlatan with Bob Woodward’s Rage.
I cannot fathom the words of his morbid followers
repeating the misinformation like infantile toddlers.
Please inform yourselves better than biting the bullet
for self-thinking is a prerequisite before a world summit.
The brainwash machine has been perfected by social media
for the erroneous can only be found in this encyclopedia.
The Qanon has propagated the baseless to swallow its prey
while Waiting for Godot is Vladimir turning the Yankees array.
Wait a minute there are nine professional judges in Scotus
who in plain sight have overturned this silly rotten raucous.
Sacrifice the Senate as 126 Representatives have simple lost it
screwing up the run-off’s chances trying so hard to cross it.
The great Gods are beckoning to bathe in the great Savannah
with a banjo on your knee while singing Stevie’s “Oh Susanna”
Read please through the annals of McSweeney’s scandals
depicting our Prez’s horrors as in Mar-a-Lago he wears sandals.
Even Fox News has thrown in the towel saving us from shenanigans.
Living is our Prez in his cellar with his corpses and his sexy manikins.
Perverting fatherhood criminalizing his poor black-eyed offsprings
training them like minor birds to reiterate his lies as they all take wing.
Standing like an Emperor without clothes at the local Laundromat
forcing his aimless will on his base like a despicably deranged autocrat.
My lovely redneck cowboys terrorized the Democratic Campaign
by running them off the highway slurping wildly their champagne.
I am an Appalachian native with my dreams from Woodstock High
confused by this process overridden until I’m absolutely mummified.
Still like a Friar on the marketplace I ask a simple basic question
why this bizarre state of affairs makes me burp and have indigestion.
Please see the light as it shines from the firmament so high above
giving heed to rationality as intelligence’s thumb begins to shove.
Have an open mind to your compatriots who pray for possible unity
as they abide with open hearts giving empathy and profound dignity.
Around the corner is a Golden Age filled with honest reconciliation
healing our wounds with compassion to uplift our divided nation.