Quotes of Paul Amrod


For a moment thinking of nothing is highly healthy. However thinking for yourself is a prerequisite of sanity.
Hapless ventures will proceed into futility Courageous adventures succeed with humility
Each of us should scream with joy that we were given the gift of life. Why then do we toil and fret with worries and wicked strife?
The ingenious can never approve of cynicism. One must always leave the door open for exceptionalism.
Two dangers are looming. The damnation of our cherished environment through climate change or the futility of a brainless nuclear war.
Scratch your head and twiddle your thumbs nevertheless love your neighbor with a complement on your tongue.
Hideous attitudes will devour your good nature. Smiling through a day will only bring rapture.
Hidden in our inner self is the key of perfection. Like the wonders of our solar system’s golden section and our lover’s tender affection.
Simplicity is concrete as complication brings retreat. Reflecting on a sensitive mode frees our passions, well bestowed.
God blessed us with resiliency. Hence we can combat mediocrity while abolishing hypocrisy.
In the heat of the moment we needn’t fret as our guardian angel our fate begets.
Like a slovenly aardvark sniffing through the desert searching for some prey without any effort.
Insisting on justice will never approach the higher ups with a sense of equanimity. Hence our example is the result of concrete actions of truly viable authenticity.
Releasing a spontaneous elation will elevate enthusiasm as the sense of the positive becomes contagious.
Why should anyone have fear. One must simply opens one’s ear!
The incredibly obvious perpetration of unrealistic brainwash techniques have left humanity in a shambles. We will rise above this ignoring these absurdities and steal the truth as this degeneration we’ll unscramble.
A broken dream can lead to frustration. Nonetheless the belief in the future is the true realization.
Stubbornness is not a true attribute. It is behind pride and is uncompromisingly resolute.
Are asking me to believe? I think I will decide this for myself!
The absurdity of normalcy is as unimaginative as the status quo itself.
Idiocy is being only an instrument instead of making your own personal universe. This is the gift we have been given at birth to reach forward.
Innovative projection is a contagious entity denying thoughtlessness as a prerequisite.
Military intervention solely for profit? This gaudy shamelessness reeks of defilement. Disrespect for life and happiness from a despot deserves revilement.
The obvious aspiration for eternal war is a fascistic tactic known for the fruition of the weapon’s industry. Can we put a stop to this misuse of human dignity resulting in a remorseful contrition?
My most coveted wish is the usurping of world power in the hands of benevolently generous extraterrestrials; reminding humanity of preferences of a higher quality reflecting our evidently essential potentials.
The procedure of life in the 21st century brings the hyena to laugh. Nonetheless the metaphysical sage is whining in love’s behalf.
Mustering the will to exercise your self-confidence is the key to a charmingly charismatic countenance.
A wondrous gift is selflessness and boundless charity. Believing in the rewards of forgiveness forbids asperity.
Sacrificing the limelight for the profundity of creation will give immortality as one’s soul thrives with liberation.
The burgeoning of a celestial garden is within the third eye Express love to the heart of the lotus and softly mystify.
The plundering of the chances of the salt of the Earth will never bring true happiness or a resplendent mirth.
Our Earth is a Paradise brought forth through the Milky Way We must join this wonderful order and be devoid of disarray.
Authority has failed to discipline itself with character. Hence making your own decision must be something to factor.
Suddenly the rare premiere does awaken the sleeping giant. Hence an inspiration blooms with an expression so vibrant!
Through jealousy an irrational negativity is then born. Take a deeper breath and know under God you are adored.
The audacity of concealment is a secret society. Their defilement of decency furthers our sobriety.
War for profit means the fabrication of an enemy. Actually an innocent thinker of another subjective. We must develop a true pluralism with an alternative and accept the proposition of an another identity.
The fatality of an intolerably fallible deception wreaks to the heavens summoning God for its correction.
The ignorance of avoidance is a total irresponsibility warranting outrage and outbursts for a token clarity. Summoning transparency is within our viable ability. We must persevere accepting no alternative to charity.
The industrialists have distorted the jet stream Ruining the angels of Earth most precious dream What is actually behind their diabolical scheme Let please the moon shine and the golden Sun beam
The vengeance of the children will raise our hopes for their proclamations bring truth which surely shatters the shadow boxer with his whimsical rope a dopes. Their knock out punch will come. This is all that matters.
The absurdity of the whitewashed clean men will rediscover the banality of a screaming hen trying to lay its eggs in the face of false pretenses. Maybe Tom Sawyer will then finish painting his fences.
The outcry of the youth trained from Greta Thunberg is expanding beyond the hypocrites of empty words. Perhaps the illegality of a meaningless futility will enlighten the youth with an ample joviality.
Obstruction of justice means you are concealing evidence with principles of extortion.
Blindsided prejudice is an onslaught against rhyme and reason demanding blind faith and impartial obedience.
Submission to addiction is the path of a devilish self-destruction. Learning to love oneself is the escape from this grip on one’s conscious.