Drinking a daiquiri with her Mafia Boss Rootie Kazootie
Flirting her charms while sleazily shaking her booty
Glancing in her make-up mirror powdering her nose
being totally convinced of the conviction she chose.
Improvising her fairy tales of electronic misdirection
concluding massive fraud corrupted the 2020 election.
Saying we need paper ballots to avoid this coercion
although through her teeth came pompous perversion.
Standing with two Uncle Tom’s shouting to stop the steal
hence Uncle Remus with Br’er Rabbit soon will loudly squeal.
The white supremacy brewed underneath the bloody curtain
while the KKK stood waiting for this we could be surely certain.
Knowing complicity was easy because of her dimpled Dixie Dregs
Kentucky Whiskey was then served with bacon and scrambled eggs.
Rising all kinds of hoopla with her jovial judicial talk
putting the man on second because of her obvious balk.
Causing a wicked brunt while her broom was parked in the closet
stinking like old perfume while slurping from a funky faucet.
Now she claims reasoning would have unraveled her illusion
bizarrely denying her actions trying to avoid her prosecution.
Maybe the Oath Keepers were fooled by her shabby shenanigans
smoking no sensimilla with any jesting Jamaican Rastafarians.
Rather posing as body guards for Roger Stone and Michael Flynn
while blowing away Capitol officers with a shaman in bearskin.
She is now riding her apocalyptic horse screwing the rightists’ dream
exposing their falsehoods while cooking up her dilapidated schemes.
Meanwhile Ronnie is deliberating his conspiracy theories with Cruz
while Hawley’s, Lee’s and Graham’s faces turn pale and chartreuse.
Filibusters are necessary to derail the American’s public interests
while the GOP plots voter suppression as hell is what they manifest.
The 74 Million Voters have all been taken for a ride off to the moon
ripped off by the Big Lie featuring Princess Sydney for the big baboon.
I would be pissed as hell if someone played with my innocent gullibility
so now it is time for Mutiny on the Bounty for their crumby culpability.
We don’t need to throw the 200 derelicts in Congress under the bus
for their days are numbered with Marjorie heading the big folly and fuss.
If I had my way I would call out the rednecks to take a well-needed revenge
for they believed the deception. The story was a hoax and stinks with a stench.
The ghosts of soldiers who were ambushed will stand after their resurrection
pointing at the culprits who deserve to be trampled with a just insurrection.