Standing amidst a barrage of incongruences she articulates impeccably
“Half-heartedly delegitimizing an election is like going through a red light”
Also she finds this act violates the principles of conservative thinking
The rule of law is our constitutional system to resolve claims of election fraud
Many secretaries of state profoundly determined this proposed plight.
Therefore convincing the majority of the minority is indefensibly
inacceptable preparing the quicksand in which the GOP party is sinking.
Liz Betty is taking charge regardless of the consequences of Donny’s façade
In many autocracies power change is only through brainwashed parasites.
We as true Americans have established an inauguration to respectably
exchange our presidents peacefully. Oddly #45 didn’t gratefully applaud
his voters yet instead incited an insurrection for his pompous acolytes.
Hence her courage was expressed to open up a commission unregrettably.
This holy process is at the heart of our republic’s survival with foresight
keeping democracy achievable through insight avoiding this demigod.
Certainty of purpose is her mantelpiece warranting an ineffably
dignified silence and reflection which Abraham felt in candlelight.
The absolute absurdity of ignoring this racketeer will come to haunt
this soulless band of representatives who aren’t through with hoodwinking.
Representing our former concept of republicanism she can delight
in her position for speaking her peace about the ex-Prez’s confidants.
History will not be kind to this complicit gang who could’ve preventably
rigorously replaced the horror with decisiveness against their commandant.
Now DJ sits in Mar a Lago with his Boston Crème Pie starting a blight
in the everglades lunching with alligators trying to obviously flaunt
like a chumsy sifaka in his banana tree panting and heaving so incredibly.
We pray to dear Demeter and Persephone to alleviate the fright
of a possible Grover Cleveland pausing to be reelected to taunt
us with left-wing fascism or radical agitators so very skeptically.
Returning to the ingenuity of a bad tactician with her veracity
to offer an example of steadfastness to the constitution to excite
the enthusiasts of the Gettysburg Address as we didn’t for naught
save this nation to bear a new birth of freedom and prosperity.
Our government is of, by and for the people and will shine like a bright
lighthouse heeding to the basic ethics of a historic collective who sought
to cherish upright maxims sharing life’s glory without dismal disparity.
The dynamics of her challenges must capture us in solemn sincerity
as her words move our minds and spirits like those who bravely fought
to enable our emancipation from monarchs with emboldened sympathy.
So in this moment there is no reason in heaven we should be so distraught.
We take our hats off to the protector of our viability with devoted integrity!
Our deepest thanks to you Elizabeth! May our God shed Grace on thee.