This is the trivialization of a brainless aggression
The Reps are possessed by a diabolical obsession
The master of tunnels in his backyard Mister Rhodes
committed seditious conspiracy feeling his wilder oats
with his Oath Keepers smashing down the Capitol Police.
He shouldn’t be offered bail for his restless release
as Pence lost his girlfriend for the jovial Junior Prom.
With a sad fly on his head his noose is in the qualm
waiting to be strung over his neck for his righteousness
as his boss obviously criticizes his spunky spinelessness.
Running for cover as he chose to listen to Dan Quayle
while Mike’s bucket wish changed to simply kicking the pail.
No longer standing weakly next to demure Deborah Birx
as his inaction seemed maskless and cynically perverse.
DJ was there in a blue suit suggesting a poisoned bleach
to ward off the Pandemic with an ultra-violet breach.
Pence didn’t interfere with the DJ’s sense of science
Oh me oh my! Don’t anger this man of complete reliance.
There is now another statement our reality host does endorse
The insurrection was simply a legitimate political recourse.
The heartless racist mob was screaming their profuse profanity
as normal citizens did exhibit their premeditated insidious insanity.
Hence their sentiments are to complete a senseless censure
for true patriots breaking their heads for the truth of offenders.
In this moment we are worried of losing our delicate democracy
I believe here it is lost for the propagators of this hideous hypocrisy.
Manipulating the rights of valid voters with the Grim Reaper
whose sickle is held in the hands of a crumby criminal creeper.
Their behaviour is hostile much like a demon’s discombobulation
blowing up West Virginia’s mines for Manchin’s naughty nation.
Meanwhile the other evils are being totally avoided and ignored
as our lazy golfer counts his cases which are constantly underscored.
The thoughtless meaninglessness of the Senate is a stalemate
however the pressure is mounting for DJ’s newest jail mate.
With a line of felonious idiots staying true to no subtle subpoena
Hu ma num a nam was Jordan’s answer for his obvious amnesia.
Seriously the deficit is a moral issue of immediate concern.
Down to the principal for their unwillingness to someday learn
as the nuns slam their measure smarting their bloody hands
as John Belushi says the penguin is hiding her head in the sand.
The January 6th select committee is waiting for the perfect utterance
asserting the ringleaders who haven’t stopped our right to self-governance.
Nevertheless sycophants are assisting the tyrant requiring complete allegiance
based upon a fallacy of a stolen election and other sorts of banal grievance.
Like a three-year old in the sandbox demanding the toys of the others
disrespectfully demonstrably blowing his narcissistic horn till it ruptures.
Declaring the necessity to stand up against a movement of left-wing fascists
representing a philosophy of chaos and directionless oligarchic anarchists.
Suffering under his illogical sense of reasoning for it is lacking in the ethical
we clamour against this racketeer for his abnormality we called eccentrical.
So we return to inquire the meaning of the RNC claim of malevolence.
Saying Liz Cheney was participating in the persecution of ordinary citizens
engaging in a riotous assemblage named a “legitimate political discourse.”
From this incoherence I must emphatically remain divided and divorced.