Our compassionate grinning mishap is quite the opposite.
Our first Irish-Catholic since JFK has established records.
Sadly his NATO alliance has disturbed the beast Vladimir
who sits at distance in his Kremlin as an absolute prerequisite.
In Wilmington the chances for recognition is an award
nonetheless the news has ignored how Joe has persevered.
Our water will be cleansed with no lead reaching our faucets.
The situation with new employment quarterly is up to half a million
which is a token reality since his first successful rookie yesteryear.
His Build Back Better program has been greeted with smirks and smears
from across the aisle and with silly Kristen Sinema and her gold bullion.
Witnessing quite clearly there are slimy billionaires with deposits
filling up her bank account being disloyal to her party like a rotten onion.
Then we have the West Virginian Manchin who hides in his closet
with his daughter selling Mylan like a black coal activist auctioneer.
These are the two who block the filibuster reform in their dungeon
of no bad conscious as the Bernie fans stand without accord.
Our visionary has been disdained with false interests in child care.
Joe’s concepts are to be financed by our upper class and affluent
who wish to save us hopefully from the acts of a rabid racketeer.
This concept of our dedicated warm-hearted man is to gladfully share
our wealth for the common good as the truly beneficial benevolent
shield us from greediness to save us from regret or being deplored.
Offering tax cuts to assist the upbringing of each offspring not to impair
the God-given right to restore the luminous life which has been so adored.
Our planet called the Big Blue Ball needs our tenacious assistance
with the awareness of our youth pleading for an unpolluted air.
Sending the message with Greta Thunberg’s honesty and courage
will assure our coming ancestry to exceed the great challenges
guaranteeing our Foliage and Animalia future and continuance.
The blinded brainwashed media doesn’t applaud the efforts
of the homosapiens who understand our rightful patronage.
They do not endorse this gentleman who labored forty years
to become president with a surprising vision showing his true heritage.
Open the doors for the treasonous right-wing monstrous lance
which will pierce our democratic system to gain ground with turbulence.
McConnell and Gang wish only to exhibit their lust for sabotage.
Our man on the throne has shown his values in defying their fears.
His infrastructure bill and over a trillion for the economy won’t disappear
and he has established his political capabilities. The horrendous espionage
must cease for the sake of the majority of us heralding basic commonsense.
Our laudable leprechaun has deserved a four-leaf clover and a dance
from a fairy to commend him for his humanity, a true solace sincere.