Democracy is an elusive concept especially when badgered with liars.
Analysis of reality is a prerequisite for our cherished collective consciousness.
When we observe the neighborliness of Christianity we will acquire
the necessary oversight into tolerance and a generous societal acceptance.
Praying for liberality and awaiting the gift of the heavens will unfurl
like seraphic wings encompassing our spirituality as wonders transpire
within our internal universe evoking our awareness to deliverance.
Our natural sentiments will reveal resolutions and the hidden pearl
of exuberance contagiously spreading the hopes we will inspire.
From the glowing eyes of infants to the enthusiasm of our youth
we can perceive the oncoming surge of a progressively nurtured world.
Being frank and candid the priority is to identify the unstoppable desire
enthralling the masses to observe the innate endowments profoundly
embedded in our human experience. This is the hidden godly truth
benevolently guiding each footstep, each breath we utter so proudly
flabbergasted sharing the mystery of existence as we innocently inquire.
The difference of opinions is no hindrance as positivity can soothe
an atmosphere for possible solutions as reasoning brings us an abundance.
In a ceremonial festivity we share the phantasmal perspective to smooth
our reception of celestial connotations prompting the attitude we require.
Through our collective consciousness we can muster a lasting luxuriance
which sends through parting clouds a resonance for a transcendental sleuth.
This gentle hermit will alleviate doubt amidst our flock taking wing to aspire
our endeavors well beyond all fear achieving the goals for the furtherance
of the procurable. This contentment will ease the sorrows of disappointment.
Uplifting emotional incentives we will shower like manna as we chant loudly
our mantras summoning the muses to appear with an astounding radiance.
Our intrinsic strength will be magnified and the fascists we will rudely stupefy
challenging their ignorance as angelic streams apply their glorious anointment.
Our pleasantries will evince the directionless ragamuffins to stoutly exemplify
their position of righteousness reciting handwritten memos of robust resilience.
Tyranny invariably suffered condemnation as a precipitously pompous cowardly
form of inequality did reach damnation for its impropriety and societal disjointment.
So at this petticoat junction we return to the naïve viewpoints of a rural prescence.
Therefore the gullibility will be discourteously misused as the time moves hourly
counterclockwise confusing our feathered friends. A medicine man’s ointment
has been applied to brainwash and hoodwink the rednecks into indifference.
We wander glancing at shooting stars invocating the Gods while we devoutly
summon the extraterrestrials to soften our dilemma with their idyllic influence.
Fortuitously we venture happily befriended inquisitively curious to enhance
our surroundings with our auspicious ethos and charitable collective consciousness.