Attempting to utilize a dire situation by reverting to his sycophants
griping over opposites projecting his grievances he has fabricated.
Crippling free speech by manipulating nonthinkers to be his disciples
complaining incessantly over his rigged election like an elephant.
Inciting a mob to molest innocent police leaving them mutilated
for their service of protecting his lawmakers disrespecting people
who were following the Prez’s orders like brainwashed combatants.
Declaring our humanistic leprechaun a radical left-wing divider
although he has invited non-MAGA Reps to rebuild our unity.
The approach to stiffening laws for voting rights is for deniers
of a free democratic election scaring election workers with threats.
These tactics are not few and far between and are not an impunity.
Decency reigns over barbarism and we can live without regrets
as we implore for normalcy instead of craziness from our provider.
Avoiding his treasonous behaviour warming up his Willard war room
as Bannon and Rootie are licking their wounds like wounded wolves.
Sitting negligently watching his riot for 3 hours hoping Mike Pence
would bend to his will while our police fought his tin soldiers doom.
DJ gave his radical rascals a speech declaring his magical Qanon love
asking them to leave and disperse because the nets would commence
to drag them all to prison while the 3 Kings cried in their gloom.
There is a testament from our Counselor from the clouds above
who asks us to forgive our enemies and this is his only defense.
His flexibility is nonexistent leaving us all to simply assume
his pathological lying ruins trust when it comes to push and shove.
Hence we all wonder what was in the empty folders we discovered
in the FBI Photo. This remains a closed case for him a fantasy
of declassifying unravelling nothing obscuring all valid truths.
Wearing a Giorgio Armani trying to appear more than buttered
creaming the housewives avoiding his oblivious functional fallacy.
This attire still cannot disguise how disgustingly obvious and uncouth
you truly are, hiding everything in your closets unclean and cluttered.
Don’t you remember the lawmakers who are suing you for the coup
like Swalwell and your faithful men in blue you despised with irreverence?
Then there is your lifelong chum Weisselberg who pleaded guilty.
We also have Miss Fani Willis in Fulton County whose rendezvous
with Lindsey is cooking up the stew for your terrible disobedience.
Now the Crown Jewels of classified documents stolen like a filthy
thief in broad daylight, from the White House NARA, won’t subdue
the DOJ because you have broken three statues as your preference.
Everyone is asking why because the Party you have brutally betrayed
craves for your cult-like anti-charisma for your rallies and hullabaloo.
Your newest lawyers Corocran und Bobb will have to flip disarrayed
from signing your testament of falsehoods trying to help your innocence.
Perhaps you will find a mirage like a luminous lighthouse blinking to portray
yourself as a saint of rationality, honesty, and a quixotic quintessence.