Relishing the tinctures from the flora of Mother Nature
Stretching your tiny trunk to savor the deliciousness
Darting and weaving your way through the summer breeze
to search for the next captivating flower in the pure
fields of weeds and poppy showing your artistic ease.
Captivating me with your wings of beauty as they flutter
so effortlessly carrying your birdlike body to succulence
divine as the wasps and hornets love your demeanor.
Avoiding swarms as each individual forges its procedure
of an imaginative path to follow while glowworms do sputter.
Late in the midnight moonlight you huddle as auspiciousness
excites your flight to rest on a four-leaf clover under nectar trees.
Emanating your gorgeousness you seem not to gently utter
although your visual appearance glorifies its capriciousness.
Scurrying through the openness to your habitat in candor
seeking your elixirs like the honey bees curiously to discover
a new taste through your funnel which protrudes from your grin.
Your motions are always poetic swerving gently as your manner
fascinates from its inner self to admire each freedom with every gesture.
Silencing this hectic world as we observe your ingenious tranquility
annihilating all penible forms of conformity conjuring useless clamour.
We applaud this wholesome cousin of the butterfly in its chrysalis
approaching the glorification of its adulthood as the lights of vesper
calm all morbidity with the meditative waves it produces with its genesis.
Its flickering movements bring an irreproachable moment when venerability
appears like a colibri or a bluebird zooming through the meadows in glamour.
With each rising sun it persists to return to the summer’s hazy skies with its scepter
bringing joyful percolations within our internal feelings so much serener
than the dreary doldrums of autumn or the days of Jack Frost’s icy colors.
If I could communicate my thrill of viewing this majestic mini wondrous elegance
I would be fulfilled nonetheless I stay empty mesmerized like a redeemer
glancing to the heavens waiting for his prayers to be answered with honor.
Here I am a recluse like a hermit hiding with Henry David Thoreau with radiance
closed off from the hustle and bustle of society waiting for my lovely dreamer.
This tiny flirtatious hawk moth has captured my attention as its rapture
has transfigured my reality selecting creativity as my chosen teacher and mentor.
So fly as if you scamper like a bunny through the atmosphere with a vagarious
rapidity as you secretly land upon a violet to nurture yourself with blessedness.