We the three Kings of Orient are
Smoking cannabis and exploding cigars
Insurrectionist fools did twist and tango
Procol Harum sang about the light fandango
The barriers they shook against the men in blue
Not knowing exactly what they did misconstrue
Never fact checking they stood dumb and gullible
With the Shaman from Arizona they were untouchable
With his Raccoon tails and Water Buffalo Horns
He inspired the masses who were so forlorn
They were a mixture of Rednecks and Racists
Thinking all Mexicans were misfits and rapists.
Building a guillotine that looked like a gallow
with pea brained idiocy with eyes so shallow.
Vegetating in cells are 1200 victims strong
Misnamed as hostages held for a life long
Now a peach is blooming is sweet Atlanta, Georgia
Waiting for the 11th Court to dispose of the Senora
She is sleeping in her bedroom with secret documents
Stalling the process for her DJ playing so autonomous
Now we wish do celebrate the day of Epiphany
When our Counselor was baptized without tyranny
Donnie did a blasphemous act not relinquishing power
leaving his plunderers ransacking for nearly 3 hours.
Where are the records from the Holy Secret Service?
Tony Ornato has the answer and his poor soul is nervous.
Since the Select Committee resolved this obvious crime
The Federalist and textualist have found a certain rhyme.
William Baude and Michael Stokes Paulsen have truly sent
a resounding claim of the Clause 3 of the 14th Amendment.
Colorado and Maine have agreed to ascertain disqualification
from the Voter’s Ballot in the coming election for our nation.
Oops-sa-la the disgraced court is compelled to decide
whether the rule of law which they protect will abide.
An entire month they will mull over the adjudication
whether the loser will be slammed with a revocation.
He fears as they rats all leave the ship with 4 indictments
whether Mar-o-Lago must be sold without excitement.
Senselessly insulting every judge from here to China
he will be gagged with duct tape next to the local diner.
After the 3 hours break he told his gang to go home
Saying he loved them and the election was a catacomb.
As was stated from SCOTUS they will be clear and decisive
Analyzing the papers of Maine and Denver to be incisive
Prof. Laurence Tribe and Judge Michael Luttig have all agreed
the text is inarguable at it stands in our Constitution.
This will be viable for an absolutely vivid resolution.
Sadly for the brainwashed they will all need a thorough therapy
Poor Harriet from Wyoming won’t be amused with the sincerity.
The greedy will be licking their wounds like hungry hyenas
as Jack Smith and Fani Willis will be raining their subpoenas.
Irrationality with crazies in the House of Representatives
will ruin their thin Majority which is tediously tentative.
The Angels of our Baptismal Holiday with sing and rejoice
as neighborly charity will reign as we all raise our voice.
Chanting in unison with authority and singular unity
DJ will never receive a ticket of lifetime immunity.