Jury selection is an integral nonpartisan process coveted by all free societies.
The defendant and the prosecution are equally tasked with this ultimate decision.
The behaviour in the courtroom is filled with mutual respect and human dignity.
Attacking a jury as rigged is like a 3 year old in the sandbox without supervision.
It is as well a call for anarchy with an intolerant blindsided form of impropriety
resembling a moblike atmosphere with fascistic innuendos devoid of divinity.
We are chosen for the gift of life with prophets and philosophers with no schism
necessary and given a conscious which guides us to exist freely without anxiety.
Hence we must master any irrational approach to solve differences and a vision
for our humanity to exercise patience which accentuates our fortuitous piety.
The almighty powers above us realize our possible instability and have risen
to facilitate us with reconciliation to expedite forgiveness with charm and elegance.
If any wrongdoing even with an insidious premeditation has occurred showing grief
will awake a decent judge to become more lenient with the sentence of prison.
Nevertheless the opposite showing no shame or self-rebuke with an ugly vengeance
is self-destructive and a woebegone situation where there is next to no relief.
Being stubborn about a very resolute and a nonbiased jury brings only inconsonance
dismantling the oversight of evidence and facts bringing a tumultuous collision.
Transcending this problem merits realizing the proper avenues and consequence
to ascend above the defendant’s frustrations with a logical appeal to interweave
attestations which can unravel the claims of injustice and if needed a revision.
Regardless the relentless finger-pointing is purposeless for this clown’s masquerade
while lying and whining . Defying the democracy which precipitated the charges
will not result in a resolution as his lemons are squeezed into an undrinkable lemonade.
I wished to be of assistance to Lincoln’s Party who tolerated the incredible barges
up the Chesapeake to heal our divided nation with compassion excluding separatism.
The influence of extremities is a true peril to the essence of our constitution on the eve
of your up and coming convention which should reveal your concern of a possible cataclysm.
The insistence of your impervious position with Comer and Jordan running the charade
will bring MTG to the vice-presidency and Donnie will pass into the arms of total disbelief.
We needn’t forget Three Kings Day of twenty-one. Also the stolen documents and his bargains
with Stone, Manafort, Meadows, and Rudy as we say farewell to this unhealthy renegade.