This very special solstice has always fascinated me. As of the 21st of December Capricorn enters as the sun sign and brings with it the fervor of exceeding light. Each evening the sunset is later and slowly each morning the sunrise earlier. This event of course exited the human race very early on and the origins of Capricorn as a fatherly sea-goat stretch back to Mesopotamia. These verses glorify the ancient festival of light and the return of the sun which has been celebrated long before the birth of Christ. The birth of many Sun-gods came also on the 25th of December. With this archaic admiration we rejoin our forefathers and emanate our spirituality and thankfulness with the dawning of Capricorn.


Entering the realm of buoyant longevity
we burst into an effervescent chimera
accentuating the impulses of an Enkian intellect
electrifying the ever-expanding twilight.

With our gallant artistry we demarcate
the precise conceptions of an imaginary sierra.

The sea-goat awakens a patriarchic indulgence
asserting the wisdom of Nabu in sight
of the adoration of Persephone
and her interstellar sonorities of an exceeding brilliance.

As the rising artisanship ignites
the creative passions of unraveled incongruities we envelop
the repercussions blandishing the blushing vestal virgins
to assert their homogenous coherence.

The sickle moon in alignment with Venus
will beckon the optimistic coalitions in partnership
with altruistic recognition positioning each counterpoint
in antithesis as we cure their reluctance
triggering an everlasting echo of harmonious bewitchment
inciting an unambiguous abundance.

Weaving an embroidery implying the enrichment
of our mortal fervor we develop
trends of fraternal choreographies titillating
the wearied masses to grasp their endeavors.

Evincing masterfully the inceptive sketches
of ingenious dimensions the Capricorn soars
with the tails of a dolphin escalating perceptions
conducting a colossal and universal resonance.

Appellations from Godly quarters interpret each halcyon chorus
arousing an angelic antiphony
coalescing each precious canto
emulating the heightening of our clemency as we reunite.

The greater elaboration will innovate
a kaleidoscopic luminescence exuding exuberance
perfectly situated amongst heavenly bodies
through its multifarious and luscious delight.

Incomprehensibly engaging the ensuing precipitations
as deluging torrents pour
toward an Aquarian excitation
entreating a paternal and guiding impetus toward a symphony
of accordance and reconciliation
while we cherish the solstice with its animation forevermore.

The blossoming of each sunset is the oasis
amid the snows of winter, accumulating aesthetic
as each glimmer emanates the reappearance
of proliferating gardens and the aromas we adore.

The Sirius of night wanders continually nocturnally
enchanted in its luminous path consistently
emerging avidly beaming and waiting
for the rising of our fatherly guidance we humbly anticipate.

Prolonging the pictorial excellence we meditate
for the resurgence of our sea-goat as he explores
ancient adorations and proclamations
prospering through his zodiacal journey as he illuminates.

We encounter affirmative reactions and initiate
a nonresistant atmosphere of congeniality
acquiring a bounteous voice to extol the wonders of Nature
as its horizons glimmer through our newly found origins as the radiance
submerges each following evening in spirituality.