The world prognosis and the Patriot Act have attempted to annihilate every form of intelligent resistance bringing us, in a very short time, once again into an age of ignorance and remorse. The juxtaposition of two arguments is the basis of the theory of inoculation. William McGuire explained in 1961 how attitudes and beliefs can be influenced through persuasion but more importantly how a prognosis can remain intact by presenting a consistency to support the original prognosis. Also in reverse through logic the daily prognosis can be discovered as a form of propaganda and the rebuttal can through its lucidity clear the cobwebs and reveal a greater truth and return us to a more vivid reality.


The constant barraging of an infected media
spurring rarely resistance, insults the higher wisdom.

The insistence of impressive persuasion underlies
immeasurable barriers of an eminent authenticity.

The supposed whole and worthy charisma of a wolf in sheep’s clothing
has misshaped a poor lamb’s perspective resulting in an ineffectual,
irrelative,  nonsensical and ludicrous stupidity.

Reflective moments of sobriety have reinstated intelligent
cogitation enveloping each autumn
as their fantasia kindles creative thinking
and recognizes the exquisite phantom.

As he slithers incoherently through our thought processes
we instill our complexity and decipher obviously
our steadfast deductive powers and harmonize our opinionative operatives
in conjunction with the sixth sense of human awareness in our personal kingdom.

Uncalloused we value through our tribulations
without affectations the profound virtues
of each individual’s aspiration comprising
intimate expressiveness and eclecticism.

Superimposing the simulation of prosperous attitudes
we concur to develop a precedence in appropriation
anointed with the oils of spiritual resolution and a transparent sincerity.

With our fugal poesies we interpolate the overwhelming potency of our presence
and through correlated improvisation and innocuous proclamations
we abolish self-centered eccentricity.

Condensation of gaseous vapors actuates the elimination
of psychological correlations
inducing the proper prognosis of deliberation
emancipating freedom of speech as an essence
of impartiality with integrity abandoning the indoctrination
and all forms of inhuman attrition.

Indignant passages of fear-ridden presentations will wither
and essentially disengage in the presence of a value system
reiterating the golden years of enlightenment, excellence and nobility.

The potential of a personal and universal expressiveness
will ring truly like the prophetic bells in tune
with the Vishnu in us all to recall our invariable nature
and our significant individual features.

With our newly aroused aptitudes we elevate through galactic gardens
in possession of great bounties and plenitudes in astral flight
welcoming the elders as they bless our ability.