Succeeding reverberations are echoing through valleys
of exceedingly halcyon and luminous days.
Approaching the sensors of emotional prerequisites
our perception envelops our inductive intuitions.

The precedence of progressing golden sections
proceeding in equal sequences
resolves a sublime and quiescent submission.

In luscious abundance we recall our origins
and heed to a prodigious and illuminating devotion
with our selfless disposition.

We witness through our third eye
spectral visions as deliverance
transports us engendering
a multitude of enticing beatitudes.

The internal meditative crystalline
images weave through my memory
evoking a cherished remembrance
as life embryonically began its motion.

Receptive to the gifts of Nature our next to kin
emulate a dedication as if to include
the opening of an ancestral treasury
holding the secrets of existence.

Exploring therefore a rapturous gratitude
as we enter the beautified otherworldly
adventure which is hidden therein.

The augmenting adornments awaken our primeval instincts
demonstrating our indebtedness
in awe of the flourishing propriety of attitude.

Anointed we are revering our gorgeous
indigenous environment showing reverence
to Nature’s altar with cantos of magnificence.

Encompassing our cherished abode we marvel
in wonderment at our sacred surroundings.

Light years of spiraling dust
will never reveal the bounty and abundance
of our gifts and graces
as angelic chants continue to be sounding.

Retrospective reflections while in meditation
enlighten the silver lining as accumulative entities
ensue the brilliance of our inner self profoundly.

The paramount contemplation illustriously
transpires arousing the exposition of excellence
rediscovering the wonders which deliberate
the manifold of variations of the powers of creation.

Our inherent awareness conveys our expectations
and proceeds to differentiate between subsidence
and consequence resulting in an elegant aptitude.

We experience the exquisiteness of our planet
as we whistle through our incumbent universe
in perfect balance as its orbit
and axis palpitate in syncopation.