Pointing the finger through a labyrinth of misunderstandings
brings about residual consequences.

Nevertheless the innocence is forgotten
and the rebuttal inevitably through our wailing dissipates
in a reluctant wave of resignation to increase an ever-developing
and augmenting transcendence.

In a silence resistance
we hallow the all-embracing omnipresence
as it protrudes and we anticipate
the evolutionary contrary liberating
our celestial sagacity into realms of ascendance.

In our defiance we inert all forms of humiliation
and anoint the gracious spirits with alleviation
and preservation of propriety
glimmers upon a vision extending in its ominous entirety.

Deepest self-forgiveness inaugurates
the reconciliation of soul and body in deliverance
proposing the initial balance of salvation
resulting lastly in a wholesome culmination.

The creative blessings of selfless intentions
have brought absolution to society
and deeper reflections of higher relevance
into a multitude of brilliant and perpetual reverberations.

Echoing are the Alphorns through the valley of lamentation
uplifting the destitute singing cantos of lilting phrases
melting the calloused warriors extinguishing all anxiety.

Solemnly inducting the wallowing preservers
of the proverbial ceremonial  sensations
we sensually animate the awareness
of our ritualistic symbolic positiveness with our attitude.

Constituting conglomerations we disembark
upon the irrevocably personal independence
to engage a  postulating hypothesis
rationalizing the primal premise of denying negative platitudes.

In assumption of the inner virtues we magnify
the extension of our token piety
in conjunction with a streaming wave of self-recognition
as we evolve our metaphysical orientation.

Mystical alignments of generous connotations deliberate
an exceptional atmosphere of succulence
inducing the summit of tolerance
and good will cherishing the charismatic in all variety.

Unavenged and resolute we engage in revived propositions
relieving the monks of charity
undertaking the soothing of the beast
and introducing our presence with great magnitude.

The ancient legions of centuries past conjure
with pleasantries exhibiting solidarity
with dignified resolutions exceeding our expectations
as we yield to a beauteous remembrance.