Dialogues of interacting interplay
may dangle for an hour or a day
until the afterthoughts are woven through
together in the dawn’s morning dew.
Stringing couplets flowing in our ears
we will progress through given fears
of losing the band of tattered woes
delightfully free of innuendos.
Ideologies will come and disappear
as if we cherish the tender tear
shed for the shuffled and intangible
diffusing the logic to be plausible.
The infant lifts its pencil to draw
amongst its instincts as it once saw
the waving of the brave baton
which it has held in hand all along.
With an innocent and charming demure
a songstress chants her darling cure
inciting a scintillant scenery
unveiling a luminant mystery.
Deciphering the imminent conclusion
warrants no particular confusion
inviting the wizard of parables
with explanations quite lyrical.
Bechancing a miracle circumstance
the prophets exude their radiance
glistening like comets in constant flight
exuding their tails so incredibly bright.
A visible wisp will soon enlarge
and is resembling a lunar mirage
transforming into a nebulous blur
changing colors to a modest amber.
Distinctions between distant daydreams
enhance a noble and creative stream
pouring luxuriant and vibrant illustrations
into our receptive irradiant imaginations.
Conversant captains of the spoken word
leave us gratified with what we heard
as the dusk moves toward night.
Reappearing is the Milky Way’s light.
Revolving planets around their suns
amaze the observers as day is done
rattling the believable concepts
and creating a scientific intercept.
Incessantly repetitive inoculations
soothe the soul of all creation
resulting in an intergalactic praise
bringing all to joyfully interlace.
In the distance one voice will sing
chanting cantos to our astral king
exiting the weary to overbear
and igniting the dreary to prayer.
In a final burst of willingness
the hermits relieve our stress
with musical and poetic intuitiveness
engendering our ascetic gracefulness.