Coming of the Revelations

See, the seven-horned devil of Rome
has appeared camouflaged in the shade.
Cosmic streams will hasten us home.
A white horse presents itself
whose crowned rider has a bow with which to conquer.
What can the meaning be?
Will it cease this horrendous iniquity?
Will our savior come to our aid?
The red horse has galloped forth
whose rider carries a blazing sword.
He proclaims the end of peace
The fascistic theory of permanent war
It is the time of revelation
The Antichrists seem to be everywhere one looks
It is written by John of Potmos in our heralded book.
The pale horse warrants fear of famine and death
warning us of our great tribulation.
All the timid and modest will be blessed.
The martyrs with their robes white as fleece
will receive their vengeance as reward.
I fear nothing in time like these
for deep within what will pass is justly done.
With fire and ice all stand in judgement
The revelation has abruptly begun
What one is and how one lived will live again.
From the Holy Spirit we speak a tongue divine.
With His protection are lives are abundant
and heaven’s gates bring the bread and wine.
The motherless children sing a last refrain.
Every day the lantern will light the revelation.
Keep your spirit in godly sights
for the glory is coming soon for all creation
and with it bliss and Paradise.
We will gain with self-sacrifice
Somewhere deep beneath the Earth’s crust
lies the spirits in whom we trust.
I predict the tightening of the noose
while evil rampages on the loose
The faithless will perish
It is life we cherish
Coming is the revelation.
Earthquakes are rumbling and volcanoes erupt.
Goodness is tumbling and all business corrupt.
I keep on believing for I know the chariot’s flying
with Pegasus and a choir of cherub.
We pine for Emmanuel to be returning
He has waited in patience with candles burning.
Blessed Prince of Peace, come to station
The Holy Spirit enunciates the revelations.
In the childhood of mankind
Adam was our first ancestor
Yahweh blessed us with a mystery
Now it is East of Eden.
He gave us through the trinity
much more than the Milky Way and moonbeams.
The dove of creation, the precious Prince of the stars
who has come to us from galaxies afar.
His face is radiantly exuding His dream
of humanism and tenderness.
We stand for your cause of giving and righteousness.
The love of our neighbor and his freedom
Stand by us Prince l swear to retain
your principles of reconciliation
which opens the doors to your kingdom.
Therefore the coming of the revelations
Letting your name be uttered so still
that legions of the holy heal the suffering and ill.
I will wait so patient and clever
Our hopes won’t shatter and do remain.
Jesus my savior, my passion in candor
I wish to see you once and forever
The angels will take me to you in grandeur
We summon your presence with elation
in a flame of galactic splendor.