Interstellar Choirs

Interstellar choirs
singing with desire
Create a mystic form
Drifting through a galaxy on fire
A blazing quasar will echo past
The big bang will storm
Every atom transforms at last.
Interstellar choirs
Incantations they will acquire
Shiva’s hidden wisdom
comes through a parallel
with a bursting thrust
and a shining prism.
Her mystic visions
appear within a citadel
and a nebula of crystal dust.
Our anima won’t expire
But once again it joins
the star stuff in a pulsar
to reincarnate somewhere
in another universe.
With a rhythm and harmony
the choir begins a verse.
Through a cosmic thoroughfare
we relive our mythology.
Interstellar choirs
Are singing with a lyre
We breathe are eternal peace
as a token sanctimony.
A meditative transience
is Nature’s matrimony.
The amazing thought of permanence
will fade and disappear
Many eras will transpire
before the Brahma year
finished its lengthy cycle
or starts a new ascendance.
In our astral projection
a secret is hidden here
Our aura will feel acceptance
and a solace sweet and dear
The provenance of the creative
has perplexed many a thinker.
As the clairvoyant aspires
to find a thought inventive
we listen for the whisper.
In the lost dimension
we seek our resurrection
As the higher science
resounds through every ear
We elevate our transcendence
and timelessness we will admire.