Reappearing at the portal of Peter who provided sweet life’s breath
since we were sent to a pulsar through our parent’s breathless passion.
Now we’ve completed the cycle of birth, existence and the redemption of death
and have uncovered the dulcified release much like conception in compassion.
Through the exchange of emotions we witness an ardent profundity
which transports expressiveness in its fullness and entirety.
After life’s challenges and natural processes we will have expanded
beyond our earlier state before the humble journey to our society
assimilating our affairs to harmonize with Nature fervid and candid.
Inspiring our fellow members grappling with their problems with propriety
we attempt to elevate unselfishly the foundation of our humanity.
Uplifting each other presenting an encouraging emergence of an ambiance
which shepherds the arrival of opportunistic chances warding off anxiety.
Never shying away from developing one’s capabilities we have disbanded
the ambiguous, spawning an imaginative landscape for undivided consonance.
We achieve our individuality through compromise and create the variety
necessary for the satisfaction of each personal subjective view accepted or branded.
Reaching the summit pursuing a dreamlike vision will shower lotus blossoms
upon the chakras of the worthy reaching further into their boundless infinity
where we identity our purpose through this collective while capturing wisdom.
The warmhearted intentions of goodly spirits will accompany our relevance
enabling our ingenuity to surface prompting acclamations and sincerity.
With the accentuation of worldliness we convince the mistrusting of particularity
binding our family tree with togetherness relieving us from the pandemonium
which we won’t adopt as we progress in phases of this remarkable continuance.
Exercising the principles of exoneration we only desire the absolution and clarity
of all supposed enemies hoping for the contagiousness of our token generosity.
Incessant is our self-determination to proceed with our philosophy of the inheritance
of reconciliation, tolerance and brotherhood with the welcoming of our latitude.
We have been presented with the conclusive gift of being chosen for the inhabitance
amongst this paradisal environment being awesomely overwhelmed with gratitude.
The furtherance of our appreciation is not an impossibility because of our prosperity
which is to be recognized within our inner circles of this soulfully heartfelt collective.
We needn’t be irritated with the doldrums of despair when we find the attitude
to rise above our tribulations as we regain through communion our superb prospective.
Having the guidance from an enlightened disposition will awaken humanistic solidarity
conjoining our wishes to be shared amongst us as we continue to invariably include
a rapturous consensus as our consistency ushers our path to unspoken beatitudes.
An emotional state where feelings can be touched is the passageway to singularity
which defines the uniqueness of our ardour which vibrates in supreme radiancy.
The purification of thought and action can assist us to honour and rectitude
conveying our earnestness as we depart up the starlit staircase crowned with divinity.